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T/N: This translation is a celebration coz….

Harada-sensei’s Nii-chan got a drama CD to be released on Aug 30!! >.
Cast is: Katou Masayuki × Saitou Souma~

Lower Grade Arc: Playing with my Brother 2

。I used to pick him up when he was in kindergarten.
。That’s why I knew most of the people around my brother then.
。In elementary school, however, a special community forms. In short, it’s a world of its own.
。My brother is leading a life in a world that I do not know of.

。Is he as popular as usual? He’s not being bullied, is he? Does he have certain number of close friends?

。I can’t help but be worried. He doesn’t really bring friends home. Rather, if he did bring them, it would be emotionally strenuous for me.

。In the first place, both our parents aren’t home at day and it’s just us kids at home so we are prohibited to do so.
。I try to return home as soon as possible to take care of my brother. Since I don’t do part time jobs, they give me a lot of pocket money instead.

。I didn’t enter any clubs either, it seems like my “hobby” is my brother, so I just told our parents that it’s fine since I also want to study at home.

。But even so, I come home more or less later than my brother. There are also times when I come home but my brother is gone. My brother went to his friend’s house to play during that time.

。I feel really lonely every time I’m home alone. I wonder if my brother also experiences this kind of feeling……If he really felt that way, it feels painful but there is also the feeling of happiness if he really did feel lonely without me.

。I don’t hang out with my friends much and just go home immediately.
。I occasionally wonder whether I’m really fine with this.
。But…… I love him, I love him so much and it can’t be helped.
。If you’re with me, I don’t need anyone else.

。A cluttering sound came from the front door. I bolted there just like a loyal dog.

「Welcome back, Ritsu!」
「I’m backー…… Really, Onii-chan mostly just cares about me」

。An exasperated glance. Even though he’s normally very cute, sometimes he’s cheeky.
。Rather, once he entered elementary school, he should have realized  that this clinginess isn’t normal.

。Please, I hope you just think that I just have a brother complex.
。That l.u.s.t does not exist in it.

「That’s because Onii-chan loves Ritsu」
「I also love Onii-chan but…… Don’t you have other things to do?」

。Just now something pierced my chest. I know that kids do not choose their words well but still. Saying it bluntly and frankly without any sugarcoating is too much for me……

「Can’t be helped then, so I’ll play with you」

。Ritsu says as he take my hand.
。I am happy just because of that. I feel extremely overjoyed.

「Mhm, play with me. Play with me a lot」
「In exchange, listen to all my orders!」

。Your tyrant-pretence is also adorable, my younger brother.
。Now then, what kind of play are we doing today, My lord?

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