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Lower Grade Arc: Summer Festival and Choco Banana Summer Festival. I pull my brother’s hand as we walk. I will buy anything you want. I will also teach you anything that is fun. .

That’s why, please go on a date with me, instead of with your friends.

I am glad that you chose to go to the summer festival with me instead of your school friends. I’m currently on cloud nine.
Well, first graders aren’t allowed to walk with friends at night yet. This world belongs to me.
「What do you want to eat?」
「Choco banana!¹」 That is too much stimulation for your brother…… What am I going to do if I am carelessly rendered into a state where I cannot walk.
Even though it’s already kind of dangerous because you look so cute in a yukata². 「How about takoyaki³ or cotton candy? 」
「I want choco banana!」 My brother. Why are you so persistent on bananas.
If so, why not my banana……it cant be helped that I really felt like saying that at that point of time.
「Then, let’s eat after having lots of fun, like scooping goldfish⁴ and shooting targets, okay」
I decided to play a lot first in case it really comes to a situation where I have to go home immediately.
We scooped goldfish together, and returned the scooped goldfish to the seller.
I supported him from behind while he was shooting targets. We didn’t get a single prize. 「Onii-chan, get that?」 Tilting his head, he begged me with a cute expression on his face.
Leave it to me! If you beg Onii-chan with such a face, even if you don’t ask me I will aim for your heart⁵!   As a result of my enthusiasm, I didn’t get a single prize. 「Cheer up, there’s just those days」 I was consoled. My brother is really kind. I just felt all the more miserable though.
Maybe I looked too depressed because the uncle who owned the shooting target gave me one box of caramel candy as a consolation prize. We shared it together. It was very sweet.

「Then, choco banana!」
「Yes, yes.」

I pull my high-spirited brother along to buy choco banana. Not in a lewd way but, I actually love bananas. That’s why I actually wanted to eat some.
I’m the strange one to be seeing this as something obscene……

Seeing my brother put it inside his small mouth…… I just can’t help but see it in a s.e.xual way.

We went to buy one each and headed towards the shrine to have a seat and eat there.
It would be inconvenient to stand up and eat so I lead him there. I can at least avoid the worst case scenario if we are sitting down.

「It’s delicious」

My brother stuffs his mouth gleefully with the choco banana. There’s chocolate around his mouth. My heart is pounding.
And as expected, it is very……lewd.

I stuffed my mouth with the choco banana too while chanting Buddhist prayers inside my head.
My brother is staring at me. Don’t tell me he’s thinking the same thing as me…… Nah, that’s impossible for a first grader.

Maybe I also have something around my mouth? I gently tried to wipe it off.

「Is it good?」
「Yup. It’s good……」
「That’s good. Onii-chan loves bananas after all. That’s why, I thought I wanted to eat it with you today」

……I’m sorry for being a bad brother.
I was ashamed of myself after hearing my brother’s cute words.

Even though my brother is innocently attached to me.
I am really, really sorry. From now on, I will do my best so that I won’t look at you with such eyes even just for a moment. That’s why……

Please overlook today’s blunder, because in the end, I was unable to stand up.

「Onii-chan, are you tired?」

I could only nod as my brother asked me with an innocent expression on his face.

¹Choco Banana ²Yukata ³ Takoyaki ⁴Goldfish Scooping (KIngyo Sukui)

⁵He said it literally, “Iwarenakutemo, kimi no heart wo nerai uchi” onii-sama you’re h.e.l.la creep, maji hiku wa XD

Shizu: and if you read it  out of context it sounds like he wants to murder his bro (before the edit it was: aiming at your heart) because he’s also holding a gun… oniichan is actually Yandere??!? OAO
Chisa: QUICK WRITE A FANFIC oniichan couldnt take it anymore and kills his bro so that he will be his forever lolol.. a shooting target gun can’t kill tho XD

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