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Chapter 28 [Idle Talk of Water and Moon Labyrinth]

TL : Cnine

ED : Tofu

Part 1

I opened the door.

I’m already familiar with Lorraine house.

It’s currently my nesting place.

Due to Lorraine's good will, since living in the normal inn is just too severe for the current me, she let me to live in her house.

She started living in this place about ten years ago.

It’s truly a long time ago but, I get the feeling that it just happened recently.

You can say that we’ve had an inseparable relationship in these long years we've being acquainted.

She's my best friend. [TL : She’s going to cry you know]

In many cases, she left the key of her house open, and as expected, she left it open too today.

No matter how you put it, it’s the house of a woman of marriageable age.

I can’t help but to think that she’s way too careless.

But, that’s just how she is.

Lorraine is basically a lazy person who lives in depravity.

That’s why she’s so universal in various things, it seems that’s so for keys as well.

But, that’s not only the reason for her who have battle power of silver rank.

If one thinks about it, where will you find anyone dumb enough to a.s.sault a mage who has power equivalent to silver rank.

She knew that fact very clearly.

If a foolish hoodlum were to come to a.s.sault her, it’d be what you call “Acting recklessly“.

So, from that fact she was in turn reckless.

She still thinks that that I’m of no danger to her.

I’ve the power to fight against her.

That’s why…………… That’s why?


She thinks that it’s okay even if a Corpse Eating Demon(Ghoul) is entering her house………

「………. Is that you, Lent? You returned huh」

Maybe she heard the sound of my footsteps when I entered the room.

For some reason, the alluring voice of the intellectual Lorraine is resounding along with rustling clothes.

It sounded sleepy but, not a blunt tone, it’s a gentle and affectionate voice.

Moreover, I’m replied like usual.

「……… Y-yes…………」

「I see. Then, how about telling me what you saw in 《Water and Moon Labyrinth》. Was there a 《Dragon》 in there? 」

「…………. TheRe’S Not………」

I’m slowly approaching Lorraine while replying with the news I got.

As I'm advancing, I saw that Lorraine sat as if leaning against the sofa.

When her eyes meet mine, she put a bulky book on top of the desk, moreover without moving her eyes to that book there, she was looking at me with a gentle look.

It was a strange feeling.

I mean, I am a Corpse Eating Demon《Ghoul》.

Not a human, I’m the opponent of people……..

And yet, she…………

Part 2

「……? Lent.  ……. What’s matter? And here I tthought as if you’re being taciturn. As I thought, are you shocked that the 《Dragon》 wasn’t there? 」

「……… It’S NoT ABoUT ThAT…………… I’M JUsT VErY HaPPy…………」

As I say so, I’m already one step away from Lorraine.

If I stretch my hands out, I’ll touch her.

It’s that kind of distance.

I’m looking at Lorraine's face with my dim vision.

Her hair is put together properly like usual, she was only wearing a robe as her garment.

But, nevertheless, I can feel that it’s still unable to hide her charm………

Charm…………… What kind of charm is it?

That is…………..

Lorraine is asking me.

「Happy? Is there something good happening」

And then, I hug her before she could say the last part of her sentence[i].

「……! ? L-Lent………………… W-What are you…………..? Are you drunk………….? No, there’s no way an undead could get drunk, isn’t there………….」

In a voice that seemed to be more casual than usual, she muttered those words. I couldn't help but find it s.e.xy.

Her skin became slightly red, sweat running on her skin, Lorraine's fragrant and gentle scent filling the dusty room.

While feeling dizzy due to her scent, I say this while still hugging Lorraine…………..

「LoRRAiNe………….. I…………….」

「Y-Yes…………….. What’s matter, Lent」

I noticed that I’m trying to say something.

Something very important.

However, that thought vanished little by little as something else took its place.

As my vision kept turning red, my head was filled with chaos.

And the emotions I felt mixed in with Lorraine's scent,

―― an extremely delicious fragrance.

At the same time as I thought that, I opened my mouth, got rid-off the robe that covered Lorraine's shoulder and sunk my teeth into her white skin[ii].

「……UHN!? 」

Part 3

And yet, Lorraine wasn’t even letting out a scream.

It’s as if she’s holding in a soundless scream inside of her throat.

Her body is stiffening, it was as if she’s trembling due to pain and yet, she didn’t raise a scream at all.

It might be heard outside if she’s screaming.

And then, I expect that someone will come.

The public order of Malt city isn’t bad.

If there’s a sign of some kind of event happening, someone might and intervene.

Maybe she knew what’s that action means.

That’s right, Lorraine endured the pain.

Though regarding that, I noticed that there’s a finer flavor than her meat, so I thrust my teeth even deeper into her shoulder.

Thereupon, her blood seeped bit by bit and appeased my thirst.

Aah, this might be what the delicious thing is.

This kind of beverage is something that I never tasted even once up till now.

Even the sweet sensation I felt when I drink 20 years old sake a long time ago feels like muddy water to me now.

More, I want to drink more.

More, More……………….

I keep sucking Lorraine blood as I think that way.

「………. U~h, Le, nt……………. You……………」

Despite hearing Lorraine voice, I don’t feel like I can stop.

Moreover, I think.

If her blood is so delicious, how about the taste of her meat?

It might be to the degree that it's of out of this world, so.

I put more power into my teeth, and then………


「…….. A~ah!? 」

I bite the meat on Lorraine shoulder.

The amount is just a tiny bit, just about the size of the tip of little finger.

But, this taste is magnificent beyond my imagination………..

I chewed it many times to savor its flavor.

The whole time with just that amount in my mouth.

The flavor was as I expected.

But, since the amount is just a little, that happiness pa.s.sed immediately.

After swallowing it, the thirst of my throat is came again.

I must quench that thirst.

When I turned around as I thought so.

Part 4

「………. Le, nt……………. Are  you, still, in there? 」

Despite the blood spilling from her shoulder, Lorraine asked me while looking straight into my eyes.


That’s my name.

What you mean by “Am I still in there” ?

What do you mean.

I’m right here right.


That’s why give me your blood.

I stopped only for a moment, after that, I rushed again towards Lorraine.

But, Lorraine is nodding to my reaction.

「It seems you’re still in there…………… In that case, please SLEEP FOR NOW………..!」

She’s shouting that while turning her palm towards me.

When I felt the magical power converging on her palm, it was already too late.

After that, the released ball of fire headed toward me.

This power, as expected of a silver rank magician, I was blown away, crashing loudly against the wall.

After that, I slowly fell to the ground……………. My consciousness kept fading away.

Lorraine rushed to my side and placed her hand on my cheek.

「……….. Yosh, you’re still alive. By the way,  I’ll hear your apologies after you wake up」

After saying so, she was reciting “sleep” magic.

My consciousness is quickly fading away.

Before my consciousness is completely vanished, my ears caught Lorraine words.

「………Though there’s no need for you to learn this, please at least take off your mask if you’re going to attack me. Because I’m always ready to be eaten……………[iii]」

Maybe I'm just mishearing this.

I thought about that within my fading consciousness.

While feeling that my body is br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a strange power.

[i] [TL* : Ehm, just reminder……. No R-18 everyone, this is the truth, I’m really not censoring it]

[ii] [TL* : yup, it’s his TOOTH not his d*ck]

[iii] [TL* : This sentence can be taken as in s.e.xual meaning if you read Lorraine back story, or Lent description about HOW SHE DRESSED SO SLOVENLY, Maybe, it’s just my speculation]


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