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Chapter 29 [The Aftermath of Water and Moon Labyrinth, Reconciliation]

TL : Cnine

ED : Tofu

Part 1

Somehow, my body feels heavy.

I’m experiencing this strange feeling………..

No, should I say, what’s happened to me.

When I fell asle-………

When I began pondering that far, my consciousness gradually returned.

I felt light on the back of my eyelids, and I opened my eyes.

「……… are you awake.. Lent」

The first thing that I could see was the familiar ceiling of Lorraine's house.

Following that her voice entered my ears………. Ah, so that was what happened, bits and pieces of the incident were pa.s.sing by in my mind like a flashback.

As I began to slowly understand the situation I opened my mouth to speak.

「Yeah……………… It WaS My fAuLt……………… mY HEad IS TrULy  In CHaOS……………..」

「Why? It’s not something that I care about. But, I’ll accept your apology. Your current condition is more important than that.  Are…………. You currently being controlled by something strange? Don’t you feel some kind of strange impulse? 」

As Lorraine was asking me that I shook my head.

I don’t feel anything out of place.

No, that's not true. There's an intriguing feeling somewhere deep down, something like appet.i.te due to the smell of blood in this room. But, I didn’t feel a strong craving for it to the point that my vision turned red like that time.

Lorraine nodded at me as she placed her hands on my shoulders and began to speak.

「I see…….. In that case, it’s good. Even so, though it seemingly will be recurring again, no need to  worry about it.  That was an unfortunate accident. Thus, I’ll think of a way to deal with that………. So, how far back can you remember it? 」

Lorraine said that while presenting her palm as if to control me who’s trying to apologe to her again.

Maybe she knows that if she’s not saying so, I’ll keep apologizing to her forever.

The meaning behind it is something from a long time ago. It means to give understanding purely with your heart, though it’s slightly embarra.s.sing, I was grateful to her for at this moment.

There’s no need to holding back between Lorraine and I right.

That’s why I received her words at face value, and had no need to worry about it, was what I thought.

Of course, though it doesn’t mean that it’ll be completely forgotten immediately……… Time will settle the matter.

Let’s answer Lorraine's question for the time being.

How far I remember, was it.

I wonder what’s the meaning of that question.

If my memories serve me right, my vision turned red as soon as I saw Lorraine………… After that, I rushed to attack her.

The next thing is………… Uhm, what was it that happened I wonder………….

Part 2

No good.

Various parts of my memories are hazy.

Was it because I’m in daze, or too excited, there’s this feeling like I lost all restraint and did various things.

I couldn’t even make a rational judgement.

When I tell Lorraine about that matter, she’s nodding as if understanding my situation.

「The point is, I think it was THAT……………… It was because you’re different from the normal you. In the first place, I’ve been somehow expecting this to some extent.  I could respond appropriately since I wasn’t that surprised」

Like that, she told me to lie on the sofa, though I roughly understood what whadhappened, I asking Lorraine to explain the situation again and then she responded,

「It’s not that kind of long story. Since you who came back just suddenly rushed to attack me, I just knocked you away with magic. Was that a good target? Though in the first place, I couldn’t even hit you if it was the normal you…….」

Is that so?

To be fair, Lorraine is quite powerful.

I don’t know how it’ll be if it’s the old me but, I can solo labyrinth exploration with ease nowadays.

I don’t think that I can easily avoid her magic.

She's saying so and,

「Maybe that’s the case if I was in perfect condition. I was in a bit of a panic though. The normal me won’t go at such close distance when facing against a demon, since I was the type who thinks about how to crush my opponent from long distance. When the distance is that close……….. It was difficult even for the selection of the magic. The thing that I fired at once is my last resort done by compressing a large quant.i.ty of magical power to raise the power of one attack……….. Well, it seems the result is quite to my liking」

It seems she was pretty upset by the ordeal.

Though I can’t see her shaken on the exterior due to her expression being calm like usual, as her acquaintance, I know that after such a violent encounter she wasn't her normal self.

After that, she anxiously spoke to me.

「……… It’s too late to be asking this now but, are there any problems with your body? I believe that I adjusted the power well enough but since it's rare that I go easy……….. Something like a fatal wound for example……..? 」

As she said so, even when I confirmed the movement of my body again, it seems there wasn’t any problem.

Rather, I feel as if my condition is better.

When I say so, Lorraine is looking relieved and,

「In that case, I’m glad then. Nevertheless even if it so, you surely are still feeling weak huh. Take a day off for today. For the time being, I’ll be tidying up my ro-……..!!!! 」

Lorraine’s tried to stand up while looking at the messy condition of the room which is more disastrous than usual with things like books and furnitures scattered around.

But, she’s staggering with a frown on her face while pressing her shoulder.

Even I who understands almost nothing can easily guessing the reason.

It might be the wound caused by me.

I stood up from the sofa and propped her body.

「………. Oops, don’t, Lent」

To Lorraine who’s trying to separate herself while saying those words, I,

Part 3

「LeT ME See THAt FoR A moMENt…………」

While saying so, I pulled the robe which covered the shoulder that she’s trying to hide.

It was there, that her shoulder, which was roughly wrapped with bandages, that blood was gushing out.

She obviously had not taken proper measures regarding first aid.

It seems that she didn’t go to medical house, when I ask why,

「If I show this kind of wound, they’ll ask where it came from right. Anyway, I’m going to use a Recovery Potion(Potion) later anyway. Though the stock sold by the magic pharmacy ran out yesterday…….. This level of wound will instantly heal after I make one alright…………」

When she said so, I  told her to stop since she would prioritize tidying her room.

「LeT ME TO Do thiS」

What I mean is of course to use recovery magic.

I have reiki.

I feel that I can manage it without a Recovery Potion《Potion》 if it’s only this level of wound.

It seems Lorraine also know about that but she’s telling me as if hesitating with her words.

「But, your, body is……………」

Somehow she was worrying about me since I’m not in my normal condition.

But, that kind of worry isn’t a problem.

Even more important than that is to heal Lorraine's wound.

In the first place, though I say that this wound can be healed with a Recovery Potion《Potion》, it’ll easily become a scar due to the way the wound was inflicted.

There is no doubt that the injury itself will be healed, but if you use a cheap potion, the color of the skin changes subtlely and often stands out, so female adventurers tend to try to use a good and expensive one.

Since Lorraine doesn’t care about such things, if she’s going to make a Recovery Potion《Potion》 by herself, she will make it by mixing the ingredients vaguely or more along the lines of “It’s good as long as it’s healed”.

As a result, maybe it’ll leave a scar.

It’s due to my actions

I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself because of that.

Thinking so, I put my hand on Lorraine's shoulder so she can receive my recovery magic as she give me a face that says “It can’t be helped”.

「…….. Medical treatment using reiki, this is the first time I've received such treatment………. It feels good huh.  And warm……..」

Though I don’t know how it’s feel since I never healed my own wound, it’s good as long as it’s not painful.

When it comes to my teeth mark on Lorraine shoulder, which might be a violent wound left due to me biting off her meat, as expected a scar will remain if she healed this with a Recovery Potion《Potion》.

I who became quite fired up is releasing my reiki, bit by bit, the wound on her shoulder which is being healed rapidly is restored to its smooth state with the same skin tone as the rest.

And then, I confirmed that the wound is perfectly healed by gently brushing on that place, when I asked how she feels, Lorraine spoke,

「………… It’s completely healed. Which means that the healing art of reiki seems to have high efficiency……」 [Lorraine]

Part 4

After saying that, she muttered something,

「Nonetheless, I'm damaged goods now……」

She’s muttering with a sublime disappointed expression.

When I tilted my head, Lorraine shook hers in response,

「No, it’s nothi-………. N?」

She’s looking at my face as if noticing something.

And then, Lorraine said,

「Oi, Lent……………. Don’t you feel that your mask is slightly off?」


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