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Chapter 27 [Returning From Water and Moon Labyrinth, Afterward]

TL : Cnine

ED : Tofu

Part 1

「……..This is my store, master.  How about having a little bite? 」

After returning to the city from the labyrinth, the man brought me to his shop.

The place is questionable for this kind of shop to be there, if I must say, even I who lived in Malt city for more than 10 years had never gone to this place even once.

Well, frontier aside, the Malt city is quite vast itself.

Thanks to the fact that there are two labyrinths nearby, adventurers also gather in this city, it’s influence is not that bad.

The mans shop is, as he said before, not too bad looking.

It's an elegant stone shop, and didn't give off a feeling that would make people not enter it to this extent.

I thought it wasn’t a bad shop. I’ll try to come once in a while if I know the place and if the flavor is okay.

Could it be that the taste is bad to the point that the business is dying?

It is a mystery that management has stalled at this shop so much that such a question arises.

As the man is opened the door and then entered the shop, I followed behind.

「……… Dear! You’re safe and sound………! 」

The one who embraced the man while shouting as we entered the shop was a beautiful woman.

She’s a slender woman, with flaxen colored hair, who gave off the feeling of a hard worker.

In one word, she’s a beauty.

But, I roughly understand their history when the woman addressed the man with “dear”.

The man is addressing to the woman.

「Isabel! Don’t say such worrying words………… See, I’m still lively」

「But………. Doing something like going to labyrinth…….. Dear. Didn’t I say so many times that it’s impossible for you who does nothing but cook! 」

「Oi Oi, I’m a man you know? Something like labyrinth is ea-………….. is what I want to say but, now I've realized that it’s as you say.  As a matter of fact, I was saved when I was almost killed by a demon. It’s thanks to this master that I’m able to return to this house safely」

「……? A, Ara. What have I been doing. Despite that there was a guest………… Who just saved my husband, this situation is really……」

The wife of the man bowed deeply while blushing when she finally noticed me due to her husband words, Isabel is lovely on top of being a beauty. Just how she become the wife of this man………. Her charm almost made me curse him.

But, I couldn’t say it honestly.

I bowed slightly to Isabel as I spoke.

「It’s NoThING…… Don’T MInD IT…… I JUSt HAppENED To Pa.s.sinG By」

To which Isabel showed a slightly puzzled face, the man began explaining to her.

Part 2

「Master is a powerful adventurer but, it seems he fell prey to various demons.  It seems that talking isn’t his strong point. But, he really is a good person. He saved me………. Ah, and gave the magic stone too.」

As he said so, the man took out the magic stone of  the Bone Giant(Giant Skeleton) from his bosom pocket and showed it to Isabel.

Isabel stared at it with her eyes opened wide,

「T-This is…… Uhm, what actually happened!? Why  is such a thing………..」

「If I have to say, it was beaten by master and then he gave me this……….」

Most likely, that man tried to explain various things after that but, unfortunately he couldn’t continue his words.

Isabel spoke out,

「You can’t you know! This is……….. You shouldn’t receive something as expensive as this! ? You can’t bring trouble to someone who was just pa.s.sing by! Having him save your life, moreover, this………….」

Yelling at him.

It doesn’t seems like she hates the fact that he received that from me, it’s more like that she doesn’t want for him to cause more trouble than this on top of me saving his life.

But, it’s not like I've given it away free of charge.

I’m looking at the man and urging him to explain to her.

「It’s not free of charge, Isabel. Though my portion is definitely too much…….. And in exchange for receiving this, I’ll be working for master after this. And, an agreement to have a free of charge meal in this place」

「…….. Is that to do something dangerous again?」

「No, it’s nothing like that………. Right?」

When the man also seemingly don’t have any confidence in himself, he began asking me.

I simply nodded to him.

「See, it wasn’t dangerous. Basically, I just replacing master to deliver raw material and reports to the Adventurer Guild」

「Something like that, couldn’t it be done by yourself……….」

Since Isabel said those words with a curious expression, I’ll speak for myself on this point.

「…… I cOUlDN’T Go To THE GUiLd………… DuE TO THiS APPearANce……………」

Saying so, I showed my arm a bit.

Though I’ve showed the man before, from my hand to my arms, I judged that it might be too much for this lady.

Sure enough, despite gulping for her breath, it seems that Isabel understood the situation by seeing this.

And then spoke to me while bowing her head.

Part 3  

「My deepest apology, I've asked for something very difficult for you to tell…… I’m worried since this person is really naive………… At the very least, if it’s okay with you, may I………..?」

This case might be referring to magic stone.

Which means that she is requesting for it again properly.

I’ve no objection to it of course.

So I nodded.

「I’ve SAid It FrOm THe VErY BEGInnING……… COnTRACT COMpleTEd………..」

After I say so, Isabel offered her hand.

「Yes, best regards!」

And then said that.

COuld it be that she’s not scared to do a handshake…………. after seeing my arms a while ago.

When I’m looking at the man who’s behind Isabel while pondering “what’s up with her?”, her her jaw tensed as she extended her hand.

Maybe she’s just this kind of woman.

If that’s the case, I offered my hand to Isabel.


We did a handshake as we say so.

「ComE tO THInK of IT………… I DIDn’T HAve THE CHAnCE TO AsK YOuR NAme…….」

The man showed a surprised expression, when I asked him that question as I'm about to leave the shop.

「Now that you mention it…… Well, master didn’t seem like he wanted to introduce himself, so I failed to notice that…….. Let me to introduce myself again. My name is Loris. Loris Cariello. I’m the owner of this “Red Dragon Pavilion”. What’s your name, master? 」

「My NaMe Is…….. It MIGhT BE BeTTer If YOu DIDn’t KNOW of It……..」

Accurately, my situation is the so called “An unpleasant problem will happen by me using my own name”.

However―― It seemed that Loris was unconvinced.

「Why!Why I can’t know the name of the person who saved my life……. why can’t I? 」

He made a request.

Even for me, it really can’t be helped in this matter, just as I think so, I say this while reminding him.


「What promise?」

「NEveR………. MeNtIon My NAme…….. To OthEr PeoPle………」

Part 4

「Though I don’t know why you want to keep this as a secret….. I understand.  The matter about master, I’ll only refer to you with “Master”.  I won’t tell anyone even if they ask about your name. Is this alright? 」

「Yeah……. WeLl thEn. My naMe Is……… LeNt. LeNT FAyNA………」

When he heard my name Loris was a bit surprised, but soon,

「I understand. Master.  Thank you very much. Well then, please come again to have a meal in our place. I’ll welcome you at that time」

Following his promise from before, he spoke to me without saying my name.

I nodded to that then turned on my heel and began walking back to the city.

To be honest it was a pity that Loris had a family.

I thought that he might be trying to cheat me, by telling a lie when he didn't actually have family or a debt.

If that was really the case,

It's better this way(・・・・・・).

I thought so.

Why you say, it’s because my instinct is telling me that.

To eat a human.

If I’m going to try it, it’s better if it’s a villain right?

There’s no problem if it’s a guy who’s deceiving people right?

But, Loris was a nice guy.

That’s why I can’t bring myself to eat him.

Although I thought that it would be better not to know his name if I was going to eat him, I thought that my mind was prepared enough that I didn't listen to my initial thoughts.

That really was too bad……….

Suddenly, I noticed that I had that kind of thought deep down.

"Ah, I’m in deep s.h.i.t now” is what I thought.

I begin to walk while thinking so.

Toward Lorraine's house.

Part 5

If I’m going to eat, human flesh might be delicious right?

Their blood definitely will appease my thirst, it’s rich in flavor like a wine.

No, that’s not it right.

I, can’t do that……….

My head isn’t functioning very well.

Yeah, Lorraine………. To Lorraine house.


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