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Chapter https://updatenovel.com/book/2980/3306933.html?c=Send-Everyone: Send Everyone

"Alright, Kentucky. The closest city is Tumaska, so let's head there," said Rean. "The guy didn't mention anything about a Formation Guild, so I guess there should be one there."

    Kentucky nodded in response. "On it!" 

    With Kentucky's speed, it only took them around forty minutes to arrive in Tumaska. Naturally, Rean sent Kentucky back into the Dimensional Realm and entered the city alone. As for the Formation Guild, it was quite easy to find since it was in the center of the city.

    So far, everything had worked out as planned. Rean took a simple teleport to the next city and then repeated that sequence of actions to traverse the Sahara Continent. 

    Meanwhile, back in the Free Continent, or, to be more specific, the continent located on the east side. There, the partic.i.p.ants of the Jamai Sect, as well as the partic.i.p.ants of other powers, gathered once again. They were there to listen to the announcement of Rambram Sect about the victor of the compet.i.tion.

    However, the Jamai Sect was in quite a dilemma. That's because the spatial gates all closed, but the twins that brought them that victory was nowhere to be found. 

    Ross Bravit, the Jamai Sect Master, immediately went to talk with Luina after that. As Rean and Roan requested, Luina's group only entered the spatial gate at the very last moment, so he couldn't have done that earlier. "Luina, where are Rean and Roan? The Rambram Sect will be asking for them. The spatial gates are already closed, so the Rambram Sect will become quite angry if they need to send people to bring them back here."

    Luina shook her head, telling him, "I don't know, Sect Master. The twins had entered their Pocket Dimensional Realm and haven't left ever since. They even brought their entire System Sect with them. In the end, we couldn't wait anymore and had to enter the spatial gates before it disappeared."

    Ross narrowed his eyes after hearing that. "They didn't come out? What are they doing there?"

    "I wish I knew," Luina answered.

    Of course, if the Jamai Sect noticed the twins' disappearance, so did the Rambram Sect. 

    "They haven't come out of the Dimensional Realm yet?" Folesve asked with an annoyed expression.

    The elder on his side shook his head, replying, "All the spatial gates have just closed, so yeah, they haven't entered their gate. However, we have our experts watch the entrance of their Pocket Dimensional Realm. If necessary, we can try to force them out. It's just that we would rather not attack their Pocket Dimensional Realm as it might break and kill the twins and the others inside."

    It was then that a Thoughts Transmission Talisman activated in that elder's spatial ring. He quickly took it out and put it on his forehead to receive the message. As soon as the words entered his mind, his eyes could only widen in surprise. "What?!"

    Folesve knew that it was definitely not good news. "What is it? It's those twins, isn't it?"

    The elder quickly nodded, saying, "I just received a message saying that the entrance of the Pocket Dimensional Realm completely disappeared from everyone's perceptions!"

    "That's impossible!" Fosleve didn't want to believe that. "If that's true, then that means the twins threw themselves into the spatial storms. No, it would be better to say that their Dimensional Realm broke apart, and everyone inside fell into it."

    None of them knew about the twins' shared Dimensional Realm. Naturally, they didn't know that one twin could come out of the Dimensional Realm as long as the other was outside. Also, there was a limit to the exit of the Dimensional Realm. Once the twins pa.s.sed through the continental barrier, even the Soul Gem System couldn't keep that connection between Roan and the entrance he left in Walfure Region. That's why it disappeared, making it impossible for Roan to come out anywhere else other than Rean's side now. Of course, he could use the Circuitry Teleport Formation as well. It's just that he had no need for it.

    The elder quickly shook his head after hearing Folesve's words. "It was not a destroyed Pocket Dimensional Realm. Sure, the entrance of the Dimensional Realm would disappear if the Dimensional Realm itself was destroyed. However, it would be followed by a distortion in s.p.a.ce-time around the area where the twins left the entrance. As small as it may be, it would still affect the s.p.a.ce there. However, the reports say that absolutely nothing was felt. The entrance really just disappeared without any side effects."

    "You're not telling me that they left the Walfure Region without us even noticing, right? No, wait. Are you saying..." Folesve knew what the elder wanted to say.

    "I believe so," the elder answered. "The only possible answer was that they really threw themselves into the spatial storms."

    As mentioned before, falling into the fabric of s.p.a.ce would most likely get one killed. If not, one would be teleported anywhere else in the universe. However, only someone crazy would try that at the twins' cultivation level. "That's suicide! Why would they do that?! Just what happened inside the Dimensional Realm that forced them to do that? No, I refuse to believe that. There must be another answer."

    The elder sighed, saying, "If that's not the case, then they fooled our experts' senses and created a fake Pocket Dimensional Realm entrance while they escaped elsewhere." Nevertheless, even that elder found that notion ridiculous. "What kind of treasure would you need to achieve that?"

    Folesve pondered over it for a bit before saying, "I do believe it to be the case, though. They created those Circuitry Formations, after all. They definitely understood what kind of repercussions it would bring. Perhaps they thought we would harm them, trying to obtain the secrets behind their projects. Though, for someone to escape under our watch... what about the monitoring formation? It should have detected them somewhere else."

    The elder nodded in response. "I'm going to check it straight away. The Free Continent's continental barrier is covered in the Temporal Distortion Formation. Even the spirits that can live inside it wouldn't be able to traverse from one side of the barrier to the other. At least, not without the necessary strength, and we would have noticed if someone forced their way through. They must be in the Free Continent."

    "Good!" Folesve nodded after hearing that. "Send everyone. We need to find where they are."


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