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Chapter https://updatenovel.com/book/2980/3306938.html?c=The-Probable-Barriers: The Probable Barriers' Problem

Yes, that was the problem. Sister Orb had the years to work on the formations. That's why she could take control over them. Before the system got an upgrade to its processing power, Sister Orb took over a decade to take control of the Cultivation Suppression Formation. After the system's processing power increased three times, it took only four years to take control over the Continental Barrier Protection Formation to open the tunnel.

    However, if each continent in the center of the Realm of G.o.ds was protected by a similar formation, Sister Orb would take years to open a tunnel for each of them. 

    Thanks to the twins' newfound wealth, they could totally use the Formation Guild's teleport formations to traverse the continents quickly. A few weeks would be enough as long as the formations were available for use, and it would barely affect their finances. Yet, the Continental Barrier Formations were another story.

    "No point in thinking about it right now," Rean couldn't only stop there. "This side obviously has a protection formation because it's the continent we came from. However, it's not guaranteed that the other continental barriers will have formations protecting them. Let's go to the northwest side of the Sahara Continent first."

    Luan nodded before Rean sent him back into the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm. Following that, Rean brought Kentucky out, telling him, "Alright, Kentucky. You're the fastest flyer among us, so I'm counting on you."

    Kentucky puffed out his chest with pride, saying, "Obviously. Now, jump on my back and let's go. I'll leave the Divine Sense and Light bending skill for you to control."

    In response, Rean quickly hopped on Kentucky's back as his Light and Divine Sense bending skill covered the two. Following that, Kentucky shot into the skies and disappeared into the distance. Then again, he wasn't planning to fly all the way to the other side. Instead, he just wanted to find any city in the vicinities. 

    With Kentucky's speed, it didn't take long before they found a demon beast forest. There, Rean and Kentucky looked for a demon beast in the Transition Realm or above. After all, only at the Transition Realm would a demon beast gain sentience in the Realm of G.o.ds. A sentient demon beast in this place was bound to know the region, after all.

    Unfortunately, there was no demon beast in that forest in the Transition Realm. Rean and Kentucky weren't surprised, though. Transition Realm was still a high realm when one excluded the top powers. These demon beasts just happened to not be strong enough. The highest cultivation they found was only Stage Seven, showing that the place was quite backwatered.

    Fortunately, Rean and Kentucky didn't need to look for too long. A few hours later, they finally b.u.mped into a humanoid race cultivator battling a few demon beasts. Or, to be more specific, several cultivators.

    Rean didn't want to catch unnecessary attention, so he told Kentucky to hide while he went to talk with the cultivators. Rean didn't want to leave clues behind, so he didn't use his cultivation to catch the cultivators' attention. Instead, he appeared on the battlefield pretending to be someone at the same level as the ones fighting.

    Since Rean was using a different appearance, he didn't look like the real Rean at all. Obviously, Rean didn't use Light Element either. His Fire Element wasn't as good as Light, but it wasn't that far since he was the epitome of Yang Energy. "Brothers, let me help you out."

    However, the leader of the group immediately refused. "Stay away! The materials from these demon beasts and their demon cores are ours!"

    Rean didn't mind, though. "No problem. You can have all the items here. I'll help you fight them since you seem to be having quite a hard time. In exchange, I just need some information. How about that?"

    The leader of the group knew that Rean was right. They had the advantage against the demon beasts, but it wasn't anything that substantial. Some of them might even die there. "Fine! Help Rubaro on your left and finish it quickly. Then, come and help me against these ones."

    Rubaro was obviously the name of one of the cultivators there. He was also the one closest to Rean, so it was easy for Rean to understand who the leader of the group was talking about. 

    In response, Rean brought out a simple sword from the Dimensional Realm as Fire Element and Yang Energy covered it. Right after, he charged against the demon beasts. Rean controlled his strength to look like he was stronger than the cultivators present, but not by that much. It was just enough for the cultivator to not have second ideas once the fight was over.

    The battle against the demon beasts quickly turned in the cultivators' favor. In the end, the demon beasts saw that they couldn't win and began to disperse. Of course, the cultivators blocked the path of a few of them as they came here for their demon cores and materials. Not long after, there were no more living demon beasts in their surroundings.

    Yet, the cultivators looked at Rean with suspicion. After all, he might decide to do something to them.

    Rean felt like laughing after seeing that. Those demon beasts' cores and their materials weren't worth anything in his eyes at all. "Great! Now go ahead and take the materials and demon cores for yourselves. I just want to know where I can find a city with a Formations Guild here."

    "A city?" The leader was surprised to hear such a question. "Are you not from our Hima City?"

    "I am," Rean quickly answered. "However, what is this Hima City you're talking about? I don't remember any city around here with such a name." In the end, Rean noticed that the leader was just testing him, so he struck back.

    Hearing Rean's answer, the cultivator seemed to sigh in relief. "Sorry, sorry. It was just a joke. You can take this with you as payment for helping us with the demon beasts." Following that, the leader threw a jade slip at Rean with a map inside. 

    Rean was obviously happy to receive that. "Great! Won't you need it, though?"

    "I have a few more of those, so just leave already," the leader answered.

    Rean nodded in response as he didn't need a second one. He quickly headed in the nearest city's direction shown on the map and disappeared into the forest once again, much to the cultivator's relief. Of course, Rean met up with Kentucky, and the two flew away.


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