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Chapter 1863: Found No One

Folesve had another reason to want to find the twins and their sect. As seen before, other powers of the humanoid race had come to see him after they witnessed what happened during the war. It wasn't something that would benefit the Rambram Sect but the entire humanoid races' territory. He was being watched by pretty much everyone there.

While everyone looked for the twins, Folesve finally came out to talk with the partic.i.p.ants of the compet.i.tion. "As you all know, the Jamai Sect won this compet.i.tion, so they will get the Free Continent. For those who failed, I can only say better luck next time. I don't know when something like a continent will be available again in the center of the Realm of G.o.ds, but you never know what'll happen next, so thank you for coming."

After that, he looked at Ross, the Sect Leader of the Jamai Sect. "Can I talk to you and your partic.i.p.ants? There's something I want to discuss."

Ross and the others could already guess what it was, the twins' disappearance. "Su-sure, we're right after you."

While Folesve talked with the Jamai Sect's members, Rean was making his way through the Sahara Continent's teleport formations. The travel through that continent was very quick, thanks to their finances. It only took Rean a single week and something to arrive at the northwest side of the continent.

Once there, Rean could finally ask Sister Orb. "How is it, Sister Orb? Can you feel the presence of some formation in the continental barrier?"

[Not really. This continent doesn't seem to be connected to any protection formation. The only part that had a formation was the border with the Free Continent. But then again, it was the Free Continent's formation and not Sahara's.]

"Really?" Rean was surprised to hear that. "I thought all continents in the center of the Realm of G.o.ds would be protected by formations. I only came here to make sure that was the case. Aren't they afraid of the experts from outside the center barging in?"

Roan, who was listening to the conversation through the Soul Connection, had an idea. "Perhaps that's not necessary. The powers outside know what to expect if they invade the center, so they never try. It's a simple question of strength. The Free Continent was only protected because of the compet.i.tion, or so I think. We need to check the other continents to know if this trend continues."

Rean pondered over it for a bit before saying, "If that's the case, we'll probably only find Continental Barrier Formations in the borders with the other territories."

[Indeed.] Sister Orb agreed. [They don't need to protect themselves against other humanoid races, but they definitely wouldn't let their guard down against the demon beasts, spirits, and especially demons.]

Rean then took the opportunity to bring Luan out of the Dimensional Realm once again. Naturally, Fluki came out of Luan's forehead just after. "Another continental barrier? That was definitely fast. However, are you sure you want to go through this place?"

Fluki's words took Rean's group aback, prompting Rean to ask, "Is there something wrong with it? We have already confirmed that there are no formations protecting the continental barrier inside."

Fluki shook his head, replying, "The continental barrier is completely fine. However, there are quite a few Spirits living inside it. I don't think I can pa.s.s through this barrier without being caught."

"Oh!" Rean finally understood. "As expected of the center of the Realm of G.o.ds, I guess? We could barely find any Continental Barrier Spirits back in Jhiod and the surrounding continents. But now, we b.u.mped into them without even trying to find one."

Rean found it weird, though. "Wait! How come there are these many spirits living inside the continental barriers? Wouldn't it give the spirit races and their territory a huge advantage over the others?"

Fluki nodded in response. "Probably. However, it's not like they can do much about it. The continental barrier is a harsh place to live in if you haven't adapted to it. With that being said, trying to hunt all the spirits inside all barriers separating continents wouldn't be realistic. Of course, this is just a guess. I haven't been here before, so I might be wrong. Who knows? Perhaps we were just unlucky and arrived in the exact place where a lot of Continental Barrier Spirits like me live."


As soon as Fluki said that, Rean brought Kentucky out of the continental barrier. "Kentucky, we'll have to fly. Follow the barrier for some time to check some things."

Kentucky didn't mind. "No problem. Just keep the Light and Divine Sense bending on, and let's get over with it."

Rean quickly jumped on Kentucky's back once again before calling Luan and Fluki. "Come up! We need Fluki to check whether the barrier has spirits everywhere or not."

Luan and Fluki nodded in response and jumped on Kentucky's back as well. With that, Kentucky shot through the skies and followed the continental barrier that was on their right.

Meanwhile, the Rambram Sect, as well as Himaria Clan, Jakarta Sect, and Drugo Organization had already given up their search in the Free Continent. As mentioned before, those were the four biggest powers of the humanoid races in the center of the Realm of G.o.ds.

The Himaria Clan Elder, Kifo, the same who talked with Folesve before, was fuming at the moment. "How the h.e.l.l did your Rambram Sect allow those twins to escape the Free Continent? Do you know how important their knowledge is?! That's why I said you should have taken them and simply ignored this compet.i.tion."

Folesve's mouth could not help but twitch after hearing that. "When the h.e.l.l did you say that? You were very happy to comply and watch the compet.i.tion unfold so you could check how good those Circuitry Formations are. You also believed there's no way for them to leave our sight. If you're that good, then tell me. How did they escape?"

"That's your problem to resolve!" Kifo didn't care, though.

Zasgian, the elder of the Jakarta Sect, immediately intervened. "Stop with this bulls.h.i.t! It doesn't matter how they escaped. Instead, we need to find them! You know very well how bad it would turn out if the demons get their hands on those twins and their sect."

Vanos from Drugo Organization agreed. "We need to find a way to locate them first. But above all, we need to keep this information hidden."

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