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Meng Qingwu being put on the butchering table during the discussions made Meng Yingying so angry that she almost jumped through the roof. How could these fellows be this excessive? They were simply bullying people! This was. .h.i.tting someone when they were down and taking advantage of them!

These people were cooperating with Miracle Commerce and when had Miracle Commerce treated them wrongly? They gave them Transport Towers, s.p.a.ce Warehouses, and communication systems, as well as helping them make quite a bit of source stones. Now that Miracle City was in danger, not only did these fellows not help, they were asking for an outrageous price.

“Young miss, Yingying, are you there?”

Chu Tian was holding a bunch of fresh flowers, elegantly appearing through the door. He saw that the two sisters didn't have normal expressions and immediately came over with a smile, putting the flowers he had picked from the Miracle Gardens into a vase.

“What is with you sisters today, why do you look so unhappy? Is there something you're unhappy with?!”

Meng Yingying said, “Elder sister was bullied by others for us!”

Chu Tian was a bit surprised, “Was bullied?”

Meng Yingying gestured and explained everything that had happened, “Are you angry or not?”

Chu Tian knit his brows when he heard this, “There was such a thing that occurred? Then we'll go see them! Come, let's discuss it with them?”

Meng Yingying doubtfully ask, “Will discussing work?”

Chu Tian then changed his words, “Then let's go fight them.”

Meng Yingying looked at him with large eyes, “Are you crazy? They are empires!”

Chu Tian had an indignant look, “We can't discuss or fight, what should we do? I must vent your anger for you, let me think about it.”

Meng Yingying was a bit worried, she was afraid Chu Tian would do something shocking again, “This…..A gentleman getting revenge ten years later isn't late. Anyway, we've already suffered a loss, so we just need to endure. Let them help us now and when we become stronger, we'll teach them a fierce lesson.”

Chu Tian knew that Meng Yingying would respond like this.

On one hand, Miracle City didn't have the confidence. On the other hand, Miracle City didn't have to do this.

Chu Tian had already heard about this matter. The worries of the emperors were completely reasonable from their point of view and if Chu Tian was in their position, he would have been even more ruthless. After all, Miracle City was begging the other side and how many good people were there in this world who didn't want benefits?

“Yingying, forget it. We might have suffered a bit of losses this time, but this loss is just a bit of source stones, it cannot affect our overall plan. Our Miracle Commerce doesn't lack channels for gathering source stones, so just let them go.” Meng Qingwu's mood was relatively good, since this matter was already over. She wouldn't waste time complaining about it, “Since they have taken the benefits, we will also receive the protection we deserve and they will cooperate even better with Miracle Commerce, so this is not considered a loss for Miracle City.”

Meng Yingying couldn't swallow her anger.

But it was too hard to resist the giant tyrants, she didn't have that kind of courage yet. There was plenty of time in the future, she would forget it this time.

At this time, Zero suddenly said, “Based on the information sent by the Wild Beast Empire, an initial report on the movements and arrangement of the enemy has been formulated. The information accuracy pa.s.ses 80%. Do you want to take a look?”

Meng Qingwu was surprised, “Quickly send it over.”

A piece of projection equipment showed the information.

The report had very clear information on the Big Dry Empire, the Highland Alliance, and the Howling Sky Empire. Looking at the current situation, the three powers had gathered their armies in the Big Dry Empire, having around a million soldiers. They had a focus mainly on mobile and airborne units.

Chu Tian and Miracle City didn't dare be negligent this time.

An entire million soldiers, this was not a small number.

Meng Yingying was also stunned, “Why did they send out all these soldiers?”

“I believe most of them are camouflage.” Meng Qingwu gave a calm a.n.a.lysis, “This is after all not a country destroying war, the three empire level powers would not use most of their trump card soldiers to attack a West Sea City. If my guesses aren't wrong, over 60% of this million army are normal elites and around a third of them are trump cards like the ones that attacked Miracle City last time.”

Even like this, it was very shocking.

Miracle City had been attacked by eighty thousand Dragon Hawk Cavalry. If it wasn't for the Tree of Life's barrier, the Treants led by Cenarius, and the various reinforcements from the alliance, it was a question if Miracle City could have fought them off.

There was no defensive position in this battle, they could only fight in open land, so the difficulty was completely different.

Since they had already obtained this information.

Meng Qingwu quickly called the six alliance heads over and she started an urgent conference. She first explained the situation, “The Big Dry Empire has bad intentions, our alliance will certainly have to deal with trouble over the next few days. We definitely cannot lose West Sea City, we can't even take an attack to avoid creating chaos and panic. Our task is very large this time, which is to deal with the other side's attack outside the Forest of Chaos.”

The Dragon Lord said with a frown, “It would be hard to guard inside the city, not to mention outside the city? Our battle strength has a large difference from that of an empire.”

“I have already negotiated with the six empire level power we're cooperating with, they will support us in this battle.”

“Even with six powerful countries helping, there already isn't enough time.” Lancelot said, “The West Sea City wedding will begin in a few days, it would be hard for the armies of the six coutries to gather in time, not to mention they have to rush over to the far Forest of Chaos. The Transport Towers can't transport all these people at all.”

Meng Qingwu answered this question, “It's actually very simple, the s.p.a.ce Gate has already been prepared. The armies of the six countries need to gather at the closest point to their country and we will send them over to Miracle City first with the s.p.a.ce Gate. They can transport to any battlefield from Miracle City, we just need to open the transport line in the city.”

This would be much easier.

“We won't let everyone gain nothing this time.” Meng Qingwu gave another good matter, “Miracle City will no longer produce Miracle Helmets, but we will give our helmet factories and relating technology to everyone. This will be your reward for helping us.”

Everyone revealed looks of joy.

This Miracle Helmet was a very large market, if they could get a part, it would be a large amount. Meng Qingwu really did have her ways. She promised the emperors that she wouldn't produce helmets, but she gave the helmet factory and technology to the alliance members. This didn't violate the agreement and created value for the alliance, as well as helping their partners gain some benefits.

This fat piece of meat was given to them, how could they not go all out this time?

Meng Qingwu said, “Actually, everyone doesn't need to be pessimistic about the alliance's power. Miracle City has started invested large amounts into our military and with everyone's help, we will not lose to an empire level power in a fair situation.”

Everyone half doubted these words.

Miracle City had indeed defeated the Big Dry Empire before, but that victory was mainly because the Big Dry Empire attacked despite having a lack of information. Other than that, Miracle City had an advantage as the defenders. Not long after, the second fight was about to begin and in the second fight, whether it was battle strength or actual strength, there was a basic difference.

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