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Meng Qingwu sent an urgent spiritual conference request to the six empire level powers. The so called spiritual conference was using the Spiritual Helmet to connect to a conference hall. After all, the six were famous characters on the continent, so if they were casually called over, where would their prestige be? If they weren't given any prestige, Miracle Commerce wouldn't have a good future.

The spiritual conference could solve that problem.

The six forces had been watching the ranking at the Miracle Shopping Center all day, so they had realized the power of the Miracle Shopping Center. Meng Qingwu had called this spiritual conference at this crucial moment, so they definitely would not reject. Therefore, at around the right time, they put on their helmets.

The Burning Heaven Emperor came in laughing, “The Miracle Shopping Center's earning power truly makes one envious. With Miracle City holding this money tree in hand, they won't have to worry about lacking money in the future.”

The Wind Moon Empress elegantly drank a cup of tea, which was naturally formed from spiritual energy. She casually said, “Miracle Commerce can earn money even lying down, it would be good if we could even have a bit of that soup.”

The dragon race's great elder and the Nether King all agreed to this.

Meng Qingwu felt the situation wasn't right as soon as she came in.

These fellows were the peak existences on the continent, they weren't simple being able to sit in these positions. Their current display made it hard for people not to be confused. Meng Qingwu looked over the Dark Night Elven King and she picked up a few clues from his eyes.

So it was like this.

The Big Dry Empire colluding with the Howling Sky Empire and the Highland Alliance, even West Sea City could pick up a few clues on this, so how could these peak existences of the continent not know a single thing? This was clearly not realistic!

They came out praising Miracle Commerce, Meng Qingwu could only think of one possibility. These fellows had some other plans.

Meng Qingwu knew she couldn't avoid this, so she wasn't polite with them and didn't beat around the bush, as she directly said, “I think everyone knows Miracle City's current situation. Our enemy, the Big Dry Empire has colluded with two other powers to attack West Sea City on the day of the wedding. Everyone should know that the day of the West Sea City wedding will be the day the Miracle Continent opens. The opening of the Miracle Continent is an important function of the helmets and everyone will earn profits from the helmets. In the future, we can rely on the helmets to earn billions, so during Miracle City's time of difficulty, I ask everyone to lend us a bit of power.”

The rulers were all a bit stunned.

Meng Qingwu directly throwing out the problem and asking for help was not something they had thought would happen.

“It isn't that we can't help!” A wild voice sounded out, which was the Wild Beast Empire's Wild Beast Emperor. This spirit beast emperor loudly said, “Only the spirit beast race is very poor, the military expenses are not a small figure.”

Military expenses? If you can't even take out the military expenses, you might as well destroy your Wild Beast Empire!

Meng Qingwu knew that it was impossible to avoid shearing some meat, she had been prepared for this since the beginning. After all, Miracle City was only cooperating with them and they didn't have an alliance. They didn't have any obligations to send soldiers for Miracle City, therefore they wanted to earn as much benefits as possible.

Miracle City was unlikely to perish from this disaster because the Big Dry Empire's troops only wanted the disrupt the wedding the people of the continent had been looking forward to, and they wanted to delay the opening of the Miracle Continent. It would cause Miracle Commerce's fame on the continent to fall greatly and once West Sea City fell, Miracle City would lose the entire Western Sea which was a giant loss for them.

Meng Qingwu said without even thinking, “For the profit from the sale of the helmets, Miracle City will only take 10% and the rest will be given to everyone else.”

This was worth at least several hundred thousand source stones.

What concept was several hundred thousand source stones?

For a poor place like the Wild Beast Empire, a spirit beast country where each person had low income, their monthly tax revenue was only a few hundred million. This was an empire with a population of over ten billion and their annual income was this pitiful. Meng Qingwu didn't even blink to give away several hundred million.

Do they not want source stones?

Do they not want military expenses?

I don't believe several hundred million source stones isn't enough.

“Vice City Lord Meng mustn't think that we're trying to gain benefits during troubled times, actually we want to help you very much.” The Burning Heaven Empire said with a troubled look at this time, “Once we start fighting, we will be offending three powers of the same level. We have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages within, so source stones are not an important matter.”

Meng Qingwu directly said, “Everyone, don't forget, we are in a cooperation. If Miracle Commerce encounters any accidents, you will all be affected. Once the Miracle Continent is delayed, the Miracle Helmet's popularity will greatly decrease. Other than that, the cooperations we have planned for the future will all go to waste, which will be a great loss to everyone! I'm afraid this cannot be simply measured with source stones!”

The Burning Heaven Emperor shook his head and said, “Vice City Lord Meng's words are reasonable, but even with this, there is something that makes it hard for us to make this decision.”

Meng Qingwu asked, “What does everyone want?”

The Wild Beast Emperor seemed like a hungry wolf that had smelled blood and immediately stood up. He said with glowing eyes, “How about this, you give us some stock from the Miracle Shopping Center and we'll become partners. Everyone will be one family and we can help each other!”

They're demanding stocks from the Shopping Center?

The Shopping Center was one of the most important income channels for Miracle Commerce and Miracle Commerce's longest lasting platform, its value couldn't be estimated at all and it could generate infinite value in the future. The Miracle Shopping Center was completely controlled by Miracle Commerce, so even if a single bit was transferred out, it would be shearing meat from Miracle Commerce.

The Wild Beast Emperor was too wild.

He actually had this kind of idea!

Meng Qingwu knit her brows and firmly said, “The Miracle Shopping Center is our foundation, doesn't the Wild Beast Emperor feel that this request is a bit overboard?”

The dragon race great elder couldn't help interrupting, “The Miracle Shopping Center's value is hard to estimate, but that is because the platform is just too big. In the future, Miracle Commerce will monopolize trade on the continent, so wouldn't we have to beg Miracle City for any food to eat? Even from a strategic standpoint, Miracle City shouldn't completely control the Miracle Shopping Center. It will only make the other powers fear you and Miracle City.”

These words were much more reasonable compared to the Wild Beast Emperor's.

If the Miracle Shopping Center covered the entire continent, the entire market would be controlled by Miracle City. If someone had some conflict with Miracle City, wouldn't they be put to death with just a Miracle Shopping Center? This kind of situation was not something any ruler wanted to see.

Meng Qingwu didn't yield an inch as she said, “Other than only taking 10% from the Miracle Helmets this time, Miracle City and Miracle Commerce can release the rights to produce the helmets and let you all enjoy the benefits of producing the Miracle Helmets.”

This was a large piece of cake given to them.

Miracle Commerce wouldn't produce any helmets in the future. This meant that after Miracle Commerce made any development on this technology, they would subcontract the work to the six powers, allowing the six powers to earn a large amount!

The Wind Moon Empress couldn't help saying, “We could develop to this point today because our ancestors from thousands of years ago left behind our starting capital. Even at worst, we still have several billion source stones stored. What we're aiming for is comfort. You have to know how hard it is to guard one's territory, we can't let what our predecessors established degrade in our generation.”

The Nether King never said a thing.

But he basically had the same meaning.

This kind of back and forth went one for another two hours.

The rulers were set on eating Miracle City and they knew that Miracle City didn't have that much time because the West Sea City marriage was in just a few days. How was there time to slowly discuss this, this was a pressing matter!

Meng Qingwu never thought that these fellows were so vicious.

No matter what sophistry they used, it was all airtight.

Meng Qingwu vaguely recognized that this kind of butchering was already planned. It was possible that they already knew the Big Dry Empire had contacted the two empire level powers, they knew when they would make a move, and they even leaked this information to West Sea City.

The most important thing was.

With the ability of the rulers, it wasn't hard to investigate the relationship inside Miracle Commerce.

This wedding involved Meng Yingying and Chu Tian who were Meng Qingwu's most important people.

Each person had a soft spot, even an astute person like Meng Qingwu was not an exception. So as long as they grabbed this, they were confident in ruthlessly stealing profit.

Meng Qingwu knew that she was being pa.s.sive.

And she knew how important it was to increase their strength!

If Miracle City was strong enough, would she have to waste time arguing with them? Investing a large amount in military strength was correct, but now it seemed like it wasn't enough! She needed to increase it again!

Meng Qingwu wasted two hours and she didn't want to waste more time, so she gave her bottom line, “Other than the 10% profit promise and Miracle Commerce no longer manufacturing helmets, I can give you the power to manage the Miracle Shopping Centers in your area, letting you manage your own trade network. Miracle Commerce will not meddle, you just have to hand over a commission relative to your profits each year to Miracle City.”

The Wild Beast Empire was not happy, “We still need to pay?”

“Everyone, this is Miracle City's final line!” Meng Qingwu's expression was very serious, “Like this, since the Shopping Centers are managed by you, your so called worries will not exist. If everyone cannot accept this, please excuse this Meng Qingwu for not being able to discuss any further.”

Meng Qingwu looked at the Dark Night Elven King when she said this.

The Dark Night Elven King cleared his throat twice before saying, “Everyone, let's take a step back, this kind of result is good for all of us. I don't care what you all think, the Dark Night Forest will agree.”

West Sea City was very important to Miracle City.

But they could still keep going if they lost it.

Meng Qingwu was not joking, this really was the bottom line. If this wasn't Chu Tian and her most beloved little sister getting married, she wouldn't have made all these concessions with her personality.

The others all looked at each other.

It was about enough.

They would have to cooperate with Miracle City for a long time, so creating a stiff relation while fighting for benefits did not have any advantages for anyone.

“Vice City Lord Meng truly is a hero among women, this kind of courage fills one with admiration.” The Wind Moon Empress stood up to signify her support, “As women, this one will naturally help. The Wind Moon Empire agrees.”

The Nether King said in a cold voice, “Agree!”

With three of the six powers agreeing, what could the other three still say? They had to give some respect to Miracle City, so they announced their agreement on the spot.

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