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Chapter 547: Idols

Chu Tian returned to where the trap was set.  There were currently seven-eight h.e.l.l Fire Demons and several hundred flaming demons wandering around.  The ground had Green Abyss Flame burning on it and it was like a green forest. This was the Green Abyss Flame that leaked out when the h.e.l.l Fire Demons were fighting.

Mei Ji said to Chu Tian, "The h.e.l.l Fire Demons are very hard to deal with.   Since they have already been lured out, we can skip over them and head directly to the  Demon Burial Cave temple."

"No, giving it up for nothing is too wasteful, I won't do something like that."  Chu Tian didn't explain as he directly spoke to the little fox, "You know what to do, right?"

The little fox didn't say a single thing


With a flash of grey fog.

The little fox appeared in the center of the demons.

Mei Ji and Shadow's expressions changed.  The h.e.l.l Fire Demons were all in the 9th True Spirit Layer and they were half elemental demons, having no weaknesses and being hard to kill.  Otherwise, how could Kildan's group be forced back that tragically? The green flaming demons had been born for over a thousand years, so they were at least in the 1st-2nd True Spirit Layer, they were not that easy to deal with.  Now there was no need to provoke them, so why did Chu Tian insist on causing trouble! This was simply illogical!

These h.e.l.l Fire Demons noticed the little fox appear at the same time and quickly charged over like wave.

Shadow's eyes popped wide open as he said, "That spirit beast is in danger!"

Chu Tian smiled and said nothing.

This scene made the little fox feel no threat at all, as it calmly breathed out.  There was a faint purple wave that came from its little body, instantly spreading around it, trapping all the demons inside.  In this strange energy bubble, the demons became much weaker, with each one moving much slower.

It's about time!

The little fox stopped breathing out and began to suck in.  The surrounding purple wave came back and it was like a wave raised by a mighty storm.  The green flaming demons received a strong magnetic pull and they were instantly shattered, being sucked into the little fox.

A single inhale killed several dozen green flaming demons!

The other green flaming demons and the h.e.l.l Fire Demons were seriously injured!

This not only shocked Mei Ji and Shadow, even Chu Tian was surprised by the little fox.

Back in Thunder State, when the little fox faced the weakened h.e.l.l Fire Demon who had just pa.s.sed through planes, it could only slightly control it.  He never thought that in just a year, the little fox would progress this much. It already had the ability to completely suck in this kind of powerful h.e.l.l Fire Demon!

The h.e.l.l Fire Demons did have the ability to thing.

When the little fox used its powerful technique, the h.e.l.l Fire Demons felt an intense worry and fear, so they had a certain amount of intelligence.  Not to mention when facing the little fox, it was like a rabbit faced with a hawk, as the threat of facing a natural enemy appeared in their hearts, making them lose the courage to even fight back.

Mei Ji watched this unbelievable scene.

These h.e.l.l Fire Demons that were known for being crazy and brutal were all preparing to run away.

"Don't let them run!"  Chu Tian raised his sword and shouted, "Quickly move and destroy them all!"

The little fox wouldn't let these demons go that easily.  It kept sucking in, causing the green flaming demons to be destroyed and weakening the h.e.l.l Fire Demons.  In the domain of the little fox, it was like they were standing it water, making it very hard for them to move.

Shadow pulled back his bow.


The flames surrounding the h.e.l.l Fire Demons had mostly been sucked in by the little fox, so they were very weak right now, with their attack and defense dropping greatly.  Shadow's arrow actually shattered the body of a h.e.l.l Fire Demon. How was this like shooting a powerful demon? This was just like shattering porcelain, being destroyed with a single hit!

Shadow's power was already enough to kill these powerful beings from afar, not to mention the more powerful Mei Ji and Chu Tian?  The three of them didn't spend much effort to clear out the h.e.l.l Fire Demons, this was completely different from Kildan's encounter.

After the h.e.l.l Fire Demons were taken care of, other than the jade like fragments on the ground, each h.e.l.l Fire Demon also left a source flame behind.

This was what Chu Tian wanted!

Chu Tian released several Netherworld Flames and each one surrounded a Green Abyss Flame, bringing it back into Chu Tian's body.  These powerful Green Abyss Flame could turn any True Spirit Cultivator's body into ashes. Chu Tian had brought them all into his body, what kind of dangerous and wild thing was that!

If bred under the same conditions, the Green Abyss Flame was not inferior to the Netherworld Flame, but this was a flame Chu Tian carefully nurtured.  Not only did he consume large amounts of energy and resources, he had swallowed many spirit seeds, including the precious and rare Ice Spirit Flame. In terms of grade, Chu Tian had raised his Netherworld Flame to the Immortal Grade while these Green Abyss Flames were in the Sacred Grade, so the Netherworld Flame could suppress and swallow these Green Abyss Flames.

Even if the Netherworld Flame had a high affinity for evolution and even if it refined these Green Abyss Flames, it couldn't change its quality by much, but still it greatly increased its strength.  If it was said that the Netherworld Flame's strength was in the 7th True Spirit Layer before, it suddenly reached the 9th True Spirit Layer!

Chu Tian was most satisfied with the fact that when he refined the Green Abyss Flame, it was like taking several high level Sacred Pills, giving a clear increase to his cultivation.  He was already close to the peak 5th True Spirit Layer!


And increased again!

In this Purgatory trip, he didn't obtain many benefits for now, but his strength had increased quite a bit.

"That's enough!"  Mei Ji indignantly arrived in front of Chu Tian, she already couldn't take this human, "We knew that you are resourceful and you have great abilities, but can you tell us first before you use anything crazy next time?  Let us prepare our hearts!"

"Sorry, sorry, I like to create pleasant surprises."  Chu Tian was not ashamed at all, rather he grinned as he said, "You'll be working for me in the future, so you should adapt to this soon."

Mei Ji glared at him, "You have to take back Darkness City first!"

Was this something hard to do?

Once Chu Tian linked the Purgatory World to Miracle City, with Miracle City's power, how hard was it to take back Darkness City?

Speaking of this.

Chu Tian had already left Miracle City for several days, he really didn't know what the situation over there was now.

There was no doubt of the young miss' ability and Miracle Commerce was filled with capable people.  Chu Tian was most worried about the giants of the forest, especially terrifying existences like Death Wing.  If they wanted to move against Miracle City, anything could happen.


Miracle City was their headquarters, things could happen anywhere else but Miracle City.

Chu Tian couldn't keep wasting time in the Purgatory World.  He had to obtain the Eyes of the Star and mine the spatial crystals to create a Transport Tower!

"Stop talking, we're leaving!"

Chu Tian didn't have the heart to keep joking.  There wasn't only a single temple near the Demon Burial Cave and the little fox found quite a few good things in them.  Of course, places with good things was normally filled with danger. Chu Tian didn't want to cause trouble for now, he would talk about it after obtaining the Eyes of the Star.

The Demon Burial Cave's forbidden area was filled with various ancient traps and arrays.

With Chu Tian's powerful Divine Sense and the little fox's vigilance, they didn't trigger any of the traps and smoothly entered into the ancient and mysterious temple.

A restrictive aura was released from in front of them.

The temple was in the center of the Devil's Gate, it was like it was constructed to seal the Demon Burial Cave.  The temple's altar and statues all seemed like they were made of very precious metals. Even after all these years, although they had been weathered down, the temple itself looked like it was brand new!

Mei Ji felt her heart beating uncontrollably fast.  This was the most dangerous place in the Devil's Gate because there was the Demon Burial Cave made by countless ancient demons underneath their feet.  No one knows what kind of things have happened in their over billions of years.

Shadow took out a little knife and said, "You want the idols' eyes?"

"That's right, these eyes are good quality Eyes of the Star."  Chu Tian paused before saying, "With these Eyes of the Star, there is hope for Darkness City."

Mei Ji didn't waste words as her wings flapped.  She was preparing to fly up and touch a statue.

Chu Tian found the situation strange, "Be careful!"

When Mei Ji touched the statue, what people wouldn't have thought was that there would be a sound that came from within the statue.  It sounded like metal clashing and nothing seemed wrong with it, but this sound was like needles drilling into a person's brain.


Shadow directly vomited a mouthful of blood.

Mei Ji's spiritual energy was stronger and didn't suffer heavy injuries.  She however felt a sharp pain and returned to her original spot with a pale look.

"What is going on here?"

"Each idol seems to have a strong restriction on it."  Chu Tian used his Divine Sense to investigate the statues, "No matter what type of energy we use to destroy them with, the restriction within will activate and release a sound like a copper bell.  These idols will release deadly spiritual waves and if it wasn't because your movement was light, I'm afraid we would lose our battle strength even if we didn't die."

Shadow wiped the blood from his mouth and felt dizzy, "This power is too strong, what should we do?"

"There is no truly perfect restriction in this world."  Chu Tian's brows furrowed, "There must be a way to break it."

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