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Chapter 546: Eastern Territory King

So what if half his strength was used up?

Wasn't his current battle strength far above Chu Tian's group of three?

Who will die was not certain!

Kildan thought this, the difference in cultivation between both sides was indeed like this.  The person he wanted to kill the most now was not Mei Ji, but rather that human of unknown origin.  It was because of this fellow's interference that this simple task was ruined like this. This would be a heavy loss and a great shame to the various cities!

The Flame Demon's power exploded!

Kildan released his power into the ground.

Chu Tian could clearly see the rich energy spreading in all directions.  Wherever the heat wave spread, the ground was cracked all over and lava wildly poured out.  It turned the area of several kilometers into a cracked battle environment.

An extremely powerful Flame Demon could use their power to create the most suitable fighting environment.

The Devil's Gate area was filled with volcanoes, therefore it was as easy as flipping one's hand to create this environment.  Kildan in this situation, his battle strength would naturally increase by several times!

"Shadow Transformation!"

Zorro's illusory body shook a few times and each shake created a shadow.  Each shadow became a clone of Zorro that was completely alike the original…..This was called a real clone!

Chu Tian's Netherworld Clone was a clone formed from the weapon spirit Netherworld!

Zorro had truly split his body, so they had most of the powers of the original form, but they were just a bit weaker.  Of course, this was an ability unique to the Shadow Demon bloodline, so other people couldn't learn this technique.

"Shadow Fission!"

"Death Shadow!"

The other experts also used their techniques.  Although they were in a very pitiful state after fighting the h.e.l.l Fire Demon, they wouldn't lose all of their battle strength.  They all attacked now because they wanted to catch Chu Tian's group who had set them up into a trap.

Kildan was like a tree inserted into the cracked ground, slowly allowing his body to flow into the earth.  While he was doing this, he said to Chu Tian, "Human, no matter the reason, you won't have a future following Darkness City.  I'll give you a chance, join the Flame Demons. Flame Demon City will ignore everything and you can keep living."

Chu Tian revealed a smile, "I'm truly sorry, I'm someone who pays attention to outer appearance.  You fellows who look like s.h.i.t, I think you should save your breath!"

"You brought this upon yourself!"  Kildan said to Zorro beside him, "Go, kill him!"

Zorro and the other Shadow Demon experts were already prepared.  With several shadow clones, they charged out at Chu Tian.

The little fox took the initiative to jump out, spitting out a puppet.  There was a strong bird cry that filled the air and a large flame cloud appeared.  This strange scene made Zorro hesitate for a second because Zorro could clearly feel that there was a strong energy wave coming from this flame cloud.


With the bird cry, the flaming bird was finally born.  When its flaming body drilled out of the flame cloud, a terrifying aura gave people a feeling of suffocation.

The Shadow Demon experts did not even react yet.

The flame demon bird under the little fox's instructions charged right at them, spitting out a strange golden red flame from its mouth.  The flames instantly pa.s.sed through and swept through everything. Zorro's shadow clones were disintegrated and the Shadow Demon experts entering the flame were all turned into charcoal, even their protective spirit energy was no use.

This…..What technique was this!

Kildan never would have dreamed that before Chu Tian's group made a move, this normal looking little creature would be able to control this kind of powerful beast.  They had once again clearly underestimated Chu Tian's strength!

Zorro avoided the flame demon bird's attack and immediately began to retreat.

"Sir Zorro, we haven't even begun to fight."  Mei Ji deliberately said in a teasing tone, "Could it be you want to retreat?"

As if she was right, a powerful spiritual energy surrounded Zorro!

After Mei Ji's illusion technique hit, Zorro didn't move at all.

Good chance!

Shadow seized this chance to shoot an arrow!

"You guys….."  Zorro looked down at his pierced through chest and his illusory form became even fuzzier.  His vital energy was currently very weak, "You were clearly heavily injured, how could you possibly….."

Mei Ji and Shadow were both heavily injured before entering the Devil's Gate.

Mei Ji was personally wounded by Zorro, so he understood better than anyone how serious it was.  It was already a miracle for Mei Ji to live, but not to mention living, even her power had been restored!

Zorro couldn't understand this.

He would never be able to understand.

After a few seconds, the flame demon bird charged back and flames submerged Zorro, also killing the other normal demons.


They were all dead!

This result was without a doubt like a slap to Kildan.  He was confident in taking care of the other side, but the other side had pretty much taken care of them in two-three moves.  It could be imagined how much of a difference this was.

Who did the Flame Demon Kildan not die.

This was because he was a Flame Demon, so he was immune to flame attacks.  This also made him the only demon that could resist the flame demon bird.

"I'll say the same to you."  Chu Tian directly said to Kildan, "If you promise that Flame Demon City will become my slaves, I can let you not die."

"In your dreams!"

The half melted body of Kildan began to completely melt.  There was bright red liquid dripping down that seeped into the cracks in the ground.  Since he directly merged with the flames, as long as he had this move, Kildan could not be killed.

"I have merged with the flames of the earth, how will you kill me?"  Kildan's voice came from the ground, "Flames have no use to Flame Demons, it would only increase our Flame Demon strength!"

"Is that so?"  Chu Tian gave a cold laugh as a flame lotus appeared in his palm, "Only in my eyes, even flames can be burned."

After saying this.

Chu Tian gave a soft flick of his hand.

This flame lotus fell to the ground and blue and white flames appeared in the cracks.  It spread through the cracks at a fast speed, just like flames touching gasoline, instantly filling the fissures in all directions.

It was a profound array formed by blue and white flames.

"Ah, impossible!"  Kildan sharp voice came from the ground, "What kind of flame is this?  No, impossible, how can Flame Demons be hurt by flames! Impossible, definitely impossible!"

The Netherworld Flame became stronger and it lit up the entire ground.

The cracks reaching several kilometers around Chu Tian released blue and white flames.  Kildan thought that merging with the flames in the ground would make him unkillable, but he never would have thought that doing this would create a crematorium for himself.

"You don't have any chance, you have no hope!"  Kildan's voice fluttered out of the flames, "The new Eastern Territory King has appeared.  Darkness City is the Purgatory World Capital City set by the Eastern Territory King, you cannot escape destruction.  If you dare fight the Eastern Territory King, your fates will be a thousand times more tragic than mine….."

Kildan's voice gradually became weaker.

A Flame Demon immune to flame energy actually died to flames?  This was simply irony!

"Eastern Territory King?"  Mei Ji's face suddenly became very serious, "Could it be the Eastern Territory King really appeared?"

Chu Tian asked in a confused voice, "What is the Eastern Territory King?"

"The large and small forces of the eastern Purgatory World has always been even, therefore there wasn't any chaos.  The eastern region has always hoped for a strong and wise ruler, which is the Eastern Territory King Kildan mentioned.  This is an existence with the qualification to rule, someone who has strength above the True Spirit Realm!"

Above the True Spirit Realm?

Even in a warring kingdom, this was a country protecting expert and it would be considered a first rate expert in an empire.  The eastern region actually gave birth to this kind of expert?

This also explained why the cities joined together to attack Darkness City.

If what Kildan said was true, it was impossible to take back Darkness City!

Chu Tian saw Mei Ji and Shadow's serious expressions and he suddenly said, "This problem isn't hard to solve, let's make a deal!  I will help you steal back Darkness City as soon as possible, but half of Darkness City will belong to me from now on."

"Such big tone."  Mei Ji snorted, "You think you can stop an army?  You think that with your strength alone, you can stop hundreds of experts?  You want to own half of Darkness City just based on yourself? This is not just a random bandit, this is an unknown Eastern Territory King!"

Chu Tian shrugged, "Just like you said, it's impossible for you to steal back the city with your strength.  So, why don't you choose to believe me once and take a gamble?"

Mei Ji and Shadow half believed him.

But the situation couldn't get worse, so there was no harm in agreeing.

"We can give you the agreement you want, but how will you steal the city back?"

"For the first step, we have to enter the Demon Burial Cave."

Mei Ji looked at him like she was looking at a ghost, "The Demon Burial Cave is a very dangerous place.  Once we enter it, we'll face all kinds of fatal situations!"

Chu Tian said, "This is the most essential step in stealing back Darkness City.  I have already observed Eyes of the Star on the temple in the Demon Burial Cave, those Eyes of the Star are the most important materials."

Was there a choice?

Of course not!

There were the armies of several Purgatory cities around the Devil's Gate, Chu Tian couldn't bring the two of them away from here.  Since it was like this, they could only keep exploring. Perhaps they could make other discoveries.

"Let's go!"

Chu Tian directly set off.

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