The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful Chapter 566 - Chapter 566: What is the King of Ghouls Doing?

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Chapter 566 - Chapter 566: What is the King of Ghouls Doing?

Chapter 566: What is the King of Ghouls Doing?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The secret guards lit their torches, raised them, and walked at the front.

Yun Ran didn’t know how others were feeling, but her little packrat was definitely happy now.

Her little voice was filled with unconcealable joy.

She even took out the fist-sized Night-Luminescent Pearl from her storage ring.

“Look, Sweetcake has a glowing ball.”

The soldiers of the Bai Army had learned something new. What glowing ball? It was clearly a priceless night pearl.

Unlike the soldiers of the Bai Army, the secret guards had already learned how to support the little packrat. “Little Master Sweetcake’s ball is really beautiful.’

“Big, round, like the moon.”

The little packrat blinked her big black eyes happily. “This is a gift from my maternal grandfather to Sweetcake. Sweetcake has even bigger ones. They’re brighter than this ball, but they’re too heavy…”

The little packrat was not bragging. She did have larger ones.

As a mother, Yun Ran could not even count how many priceless treasures the little packrat had received.

Under the glow of the little packrat’s luminous pearl and the light of the torch, the group continued forward.

Yun Ran held the Bun’s hand and followed MO Beiyuan.

After all, no one knew what was hidden in this dark cave.

If there was any danger, the two of them naturally had to protect the two children immediately.

After walking for a long time, some rustling sounds came from the cave.

Yun Ran asked the secret guards to hold their torches and walk in the direction of the sound, but the secret guards did not hear anything at all.

They were all at a loss.

“Over there? Over there? We didn’t hear anything!’

Yun Ran nodded. “Perhaps my spiritual power cultivation is slightly higher than yours, so I heard the sound earlier than you.”

The secret guard scratched his head and smiled foolishly. “Miss Yun Ran, don’t be humble. When it comes to you and Sweetcake, your cultivation levels are not just slightly higher than ours, but miles higher.”

Yunran laughed with them, took a torch from them, and led the way. “I’ll lead the way.”

This dark cave was similar to the cave where the zombies were hiding in the apocalypse. It was dark, and one could only determine which path to take based on sound.

However, Yun Ran relied on her experience to lead everyone to the depths of the cave.

What greeted her eyes was an ancient altar with a black stone erected on it. The King of Ghouls was currently sitting cross-legged in front of the black stone, raising his good arm and pressing it against the black stone.

Bai Wan immediately recognized the black stone. “It’s a Heavenly Stone!” Unexpectedly, there was a Heavenly Stone hidden in the nest of the ghouls.

“Heavenly Stone?” Yun Ran and MO Beiyuan looked over.

They had never seen a complete Heavenly Stone before, but they had seen fragments of Heavenly Stone. It turned out that the entire Heavenly Stone tone looked like this!

“What’s King of Ghouls doing? Working on a rite?” Yun Ran blinked and her gaze landed on the ghoul king.

Bai Wan’s expression darkened. “No, he’s absorbing the divine power from the Heavenly Stone.”

The divine power of the Heavenly Stone?

The emotions in MO Beiyuan’s eyes fluctuated violently. He had another purpose in coming to the Great Desolate Prison, a purpose that only he knew. That was to find the Heavenly Stone and use its ability to become stronger.

This was so he could Yun Ran and the children.

At this moment, the Heavenly Stone was right in front of him..

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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful Chapter 566 - Chapter 566: What is the King of Ghouls Doing? summary

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