The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful Chapter 565 - Chapter 565: Is There a Problem with Growing Well?

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Chapter 565 - Chapter 565: Is There a Problem with Growing Well?

Chapter 565: Is There a Problem with Growing Well?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Yun Ran put away her knife and scanned the area, but she did not see the King of Ghouls.

She asked curiously, “Why don’t I see the ghoul king with his broken arm? Is he hiding like a scaredy cat?”

The secret guards also found it strange. They had already killed their way to the ghouls’ nest. Where was the King of the Ghouls? Did he really think he was a turtle that could hide under its shall?

The secret guards went to ask around and found out from a blood slave that the King of Ghouls had gone to the forbidden area deep in the forest and was not in Black City at all.

“The so-called forbidden area is a place that only the kings and elders of the ghoul clan can enter. The blood slaves and blood servants don’t know what’s there because no blood slave or blood servant can come out alive after entering. It’s said that there are secrets of the ghoul clan there.”

“Secret?” Yun Ran narrowed her eyes, and a trace of cunning flashed across them. “Then we should go over and take a look.”

“Mother, Sweetcake likes to see big secrets too.”

The little packrat had good hearing. She would definitely be involved in this kind of commotion.

Everyone understood the principle of capturing the leader before capturing

the bandits.

If they wanted the ghouls to submit, they had to find the King of the Ghouls.

The group bypa.s.sed the Black City and continued deeper into the forest.

Under the guidance of the blood servant, they gradually entered the forbidden area in the dense forest.

Yun Ran moved her neck uncomfortably. For some reason, the deeper she went, the more she felt that this forest was indescribably strange.

In the end, she could not help but mutter in her heart. She turned to MO Beiyuan behind her and asked, “Do you feel that this forest gives people an indescribable strange feeling?”

“Anomalies?” MO Beiyuan understood that anomalies were dangerous, but he did not sense any danger. “No.”

On the other hand, the Sweetcake in MO Beiyuan’s arms pondered seriously for a moment and said in a childish voice, “Mother, ask Sweetcake! Sweetcake knows!”

With a smile, Yun Ran asked her little packrat again, “Okay, did Sweet Cake feel anything strange in this forest?”

The little packrat’s eyes lit up as it nodded its little head. “Yes! Sweetcake found it. There aren’t any buggies here…”


Yun Ran froze for a moment and glanced around at the dense forest. She didn’t see a single bug on the trees or in the gra.s.s on the ground.

Although the little packrat’s point was a little off, this was indeed quite strange.

Just as Yun Ran was about to continue forward, Bun said, “Other than no insects and no smaller birds and beasts, all the trees and vegetation are growing better than the trees and vegetation outside.”

“Growing well? Is there a problem with growing well?” The Bai Family soldiers at the side still didn’t understand Bun’s ability. They were puzzled by Bun’s words.

However, Yun Ran immediately understood what her Bun was trying to say. “If this was other places, the soil would be fertile, the water would be abundant, and it would be normal for the trees and vegetation to grow well. However, this place is surrounded by the Great Desert. The trees and vegetation can’t grow so well! ”

It was even more impossible for such a large forest to form.

This might be related to the secrets of the ghouls.

In the depths of the dense forest, it was silent and deep.

There was no movement at all.

It was this that made Yun Ran feel that this place was abnormally strange.

Every breath was clearly transmitted to her ears.

As far as the eye could see, there were only trees.

This was until a large pitch-black cave appeared in front of them.

The cave door was made of pure black rocks. It didn’t look like it was naturally formed. The style was similar to the Black City of the Ghouls..

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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful Chapter 565 - Chapter 565: Is There a Problem with Growing Well? summary

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