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Chapter 567 - Chapter 567: Believe in Him

Chapter 567: Believe in Him

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“MO Beiyuan…”

Yun Ran saw that he was staring at the Heavenly Stone in a daze and gently pushed him.

MO Beiyuan walked out of his thoughts and looked at her. “Ranran, what do you want to tell me?”

Yun Ran pointed at the Heavenly Stone and said, “That thing is quite evil. Let’s not let Sweetcake and Bun get close.”

Previously, at the Imperial Tombs of the East Continent, they had all been affected by the Heavenlstone. Sweetcake’s condition was the most serious. The little packrat’s entire body was burning hot and it was extremely uncomfortable.

However, the final outcome was good; the little packrat’s spiritual power had advanced by leaps and bounds, and she had become the number one big boss of the five countries.

However, as a mother, if the sudden increase in spiritual power had to be exchanged with the little packrat’s discomfort, she would rather her little packrat be an ordinary child.

Yun Ran raised her hand and gently rubbed her little packrat’s head. “If Sweetcake feels uncomfortable, you have to tell Mother and Father, understand?”

“Yes, Sweetcake knows.’

The little packrat nodded obediently.

Yun Ran bent down and instructed Bun, “Bun too. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t hold it in. You have to say it. Don’t let Father and Mother worry.”

Bun also agreed.

MO Beiyuan looked at the two children in front of him and his eyes darkened. “If they can’t, then you can’t either.”

“Ranran, take Sweetcake and Bun back the way we came. Wait for me outside, okay?”

Yun Ran looked at Bai Wan and the two children and finally agreed.

“Then I’ll wait for you outside with them. You just have to find this ghoul king.”

Yun Ran was not the kind of person who only knew how to play.

At this time, she had to deal with it in the best way.

“Daddy, aren’t you going with Sweetcake?”

The little packrat’s big black grape-like eyes were filled with confusion. She did not understand why they could not leave together.

“Daddy wants to stay and do something. After he’s done, he’ll go find Sweetcake, okay?”

After MO Beiyuan explained everything to the little packrat in a warm voice,

Yun Ran brought the two little packrats and Bai Wan back the way they came.

From the looks of it, there was nothing wrong with their bodies, but who knew if it would affect them if they stayed too long and got closer?

Yun Ran didn’t mind, but she couldn’t gamble with her two children.

They returned to the entrance of the cave. Yun Ran had wanted to bring the little packrats a little further away from the entrance.

The further away from the Heavenly Stone, the better!

However, her little packrat was unwilling to move forward at all.

“Mother, we have to wait for Father obediently at the entrance of the cave. We can’t run around. Otherwise, Father won’t be able to find us when he comes out.

The packrat refused to leave, so Yun Ran had no choice.

She could only smile and agree. “Then let’s wait at the entrance of the cave.”

With MO Beiyuan’s spiritual power cultivation, it should not be a problem to deal with the injured King of the Ghouls.

Yun Ran believed in him.

Hence, she waited for him at the entrance of the cave with peace of mind.

On the big rock outside the cave, the little packrat held her chubby cheeks and stared at the hole with her big black eyes.

After a while, she puffed up her cheeks and muttered, “Why isn’t Daddy out yet? Sweetcake has been waiting for a long time.”

Yun Ran felt that her dumplings “long time” and her “long time” were not the same algorithm.

It had only been less than half an incense stick of time.

The little packrat was too impatient. In the end, no bun could keep his composure.

She craned her neck and waited for a long time, becoming more and more anxious.

In the end, she stood up and was about to look for her father.

Of course, Yun Ran could not let her return to the cave where the Heavenly


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