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Chapter 598 - Chapter 598: Great Effect

Chapter 598: Great Effect

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After that, Wen Yi washed her face, did skincare, and applied foundation. She told everyone what to do to stop the powder from getting stuck. After this series of actions, the usually sparkling celebrity appeared in front of the camera again. It was as if the ordinary girl who had just removed her makeup was just an illusion.

To be able to put on such flawless makeup, the prerequisite was that the makeup must be up to par.

Otherwise, no matter how skilled she was, she would not be able to avoid losing fans. With Wen Yi’s “sacrifice”, tonight’s cosmetics inventory had been s.n.a.t.c.hed up. At the same time, Wen Yi’s reputation had even improved.

The audience praised her for her personality. She was not angry even when she was critiqued. In addition, it indirectly proved that she did not have plastic surgery. She only relied on makeup to change her facial features.

What was there to criticize about such a hardworking personality? Even ordinary girls had the right to become beautiful. Who said that celebrities had to be born beautiful? Good skills were also important.

When she saw the audience praising Wen Yi, Yin Xun’s lips curled up slightly. She immediately asked Mi Jin to start putting in a good word for Wen Yi.

Everyone had the mentality of following the crowd. When they saw so many others praising Wen Yi and agreed with the words, they also joined in the praise. The sentiment was that she achieved her fame because of hard work. Many viewers who came to watch the show became Wen Yi’s new fans.

The number of viewers in the livestream kept increasing. During the stream, Yin Xun asked Mi Jin to get the hired keyboard warriors to repost the event every once in a while.

The purpose of the first live broadcast was not to make money but to make themselves known.

Until the goods were sold out and the live broadcast ended, the platform almost collapsed from the sheer number of people. Later on, Mi Jin asked someone to keep an eye on and maintain the broadcast. With that, the stream continued smoothly to the end.

The sales results this time were very great. The cosmetics brands were overjoyed.

After the products were sold, they also gained a good reputation. More importantly, this was equivalent to Wen Yi endorsing the brand. It was a great profit.

In the future, when people mention this cosmetics brand, they will instinctively recall that it was recommended by Wen Yi. They could save on advertising fees like this.

In order to allow other products to be sold like this next time, the owners of multiple brands invited Yin Xun to a meal to get closer to her.

Now, it was Cheng She’s turn to take action. Yin Xun asked Cheng She to help her deal with the invitations from the brand owners. She still had something to ask Wen Yi about.

Wen Yi was resting in the VIP room.

When she saw Yin Xun coming over, she quickly stood up to greet her. “President Yin, 1 am really grateful to you. When I removed my makeup, 1 was so nervous that I almost pa.s.sed out. My body was trembling, but fortunately, I managed to control myself later on. Oh right, 1 apologize to you for what happened before. Please forgive me.”

When Yin Xun was looking for her to discuss a collaboration, she was told that Yin Xun wanted her to remove her makeup on the spot. She felt that Yin Xun wanted to make a fool out of her to gain popularity. Something like this had happened before, as if only by embarra.s.sing herself would they get attention.

No one would want to collaborate with others for such a reason. Wen Yi was strongly against this.

Therefore, although her manager was polite to Yin Xun, she did not plan to entertain her. After all, her name was well-known because of negative news, so she did not care about another bad reputation.

At that time, she did not know Yin Xun’s true ident.i.ty. She only thought that she was the boss of Xintao, a small website that had just started.

As a popular celebrity, she was more than capable of dealing with such a small website.

However, in the end, because of the huge amount of money Yin Xun offered, she could not resist the temptation and reluctantly agreed.

The amount she was offered was equivalent to what she could only get after filming three television dramas. She had entered the entertainment industry to earn more money. How hard was it to film television dramas? She might not even get into the shows if she failed the review. However, she was offered a spot with just a word from Yin Xun.

There was another important reason; Yin Xun had agreed to her request. As long as Wen Yi did as she was asked, Yin Xun gave her word that nothing would happen to her. In addition, her bad reputation might be reversed.

What she said in the livestream was just a script that Yin Xun had written in advance. As Yin Xun had said, not only did her reputation survive, but she even gained a straightforward and magnanimous persona.

In addition, she had just found out about Yin Xun’s true ident.i.ty. She was actually the daughter of the Yin family!

Yin Xun smiled and said, “It’s alright, Miss Wen. Our collaboration this time was great, but 1 need your help with something..”

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