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Chapter 597 - Chapter 597: Removing Make-Up Live

Chapter 597: Removing Make-Up Live

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wen Yi walked out with a smile on her face. The audience, who had been looking forward to her appearance, was instantly disappointed. Wen Yi was actually wearing makeup. Everyone thought that Xintao was deceiving people for the sake of popularity. Someone started to flood the screen again.

After greeting everyone, Wenyi took a look at the comments. Her expression was calm as she smiled and said, “Everyone, I know what everyone wants to see. It hasn’t started yet. The reason I came here with makeup is not to deceive everyone, but to give everyone a comparison. 1’11 remove my makeup on the spot later, so please don’t be anxious.”

After greeting Lin Zhu and making a brief self-introduction, the two of them began their main goal for the day—selling products.

The first thing they wanted to recommend was the makeup remover. Lin Zhu first introduced the advantages of this makeup remover and then handed it to Wen Yi under everyone’s antic.i.p.ated gazes.

Wen Yi took the bottle and poured out a little. She said to the camera, “If 1 came here without makeup, I’m sure everyone would think that I’m faking it. They won’t really believe me. Instead of waiting for me to explain myself, it’s better to let everyone watch me remove my makeup. That way, it’ll be more direct.”

As she spoke, she began to remove her makeup.

It was a live broadcast, so Wen Yi could not fake it. As her makeup was slowly removed, her bare face appeared on camera.

The makeup remover was effective. Wen Yi only needed to wipe her face a few times before everything on her face was wiped off. To end it, she used a makeup remover cotton. The tip was clean, and everyone knew that she had finished removing her makeup.

Everyone finally knew what Wen Yi looked like without makeup.

The shape of her face had not changed, but her makeup had been removed. Her eyes looked smaller, her nose was more caved in, and her mouth had become a little bigger. Her skin was not in great condition, and she had a tired look as though she stayed up late all year round.

The comments section was filled with things like,

[Oh my G.o.d, so Wen Yi really relies on makeup to become beautiful. She’s really a G.o.d of makeup. That’s amazing!]

[Previously, the fans kept bragging about how beautiful she was and said that she had natural beauty. Now, she has revealed her true colors. She’s just so-so without makeup. Her skin condition is similar to mine and she looks pretty ordinary. She doesn’t deserve the t.i.tle of a superstar at all.]

[Are the people criticizing Wen Yi jealous? She relied on her makeup skills to become famous. This is her ability. If you don’t like it, you should also think of a way to become famous and become a big star. No one will stop you from doing it. Wen Yi is skilled and a beauty. Eat your heart out.]

There were praises, critiques, defendings, and so on. The comments section exploded.

However, Wen Yi remained calm and maintained her smile. “Everyone has different aesthetics, and everyone has different expectations for me, so 1 accept all kinds of comments. However, the usefulness of this bottle of makeup remover is objective. 1 think everyone has seen how effective it is…”

That was true. Everyone was divided about Wen Yi’s appearance, but no one had any objections about the effectiveness of the makeup remover.

After all, Wen Yi could not fake it in front of the live broadcast camera.

Someone compared the sale to the original price and found that it was indeed much cheaper. There was no need to make a full discount event. This event was a bargain. Later on, under Wen Yi and Lin Zhu’s recommendation, the makeup remover was immediately snapped up.

Everyone was cursing each other and fighting over the products.

Mi Jin, who had been observing the situation from the side, was confused by this scene. He turned his head and softly said to Yin Xun, “President Yin, your idea was great. I finally understand why you insisted on her.”

Back then, when Yin Xun confirmed that she wanted to choose Wen Yi, the employees of Rhythm Short Video all objected.

These people had always been in contact with celebrities and knew how bad Wen Yi’s reputation was. They were afraid that bad rumors would affect Xintao’s reputation.

However, Yin Xun insisted on using Wen Yi, saying that this would be better at producing a contrasting effect.

From the looks of it, the desired effect had indeed been achieved. It was precisely because there was a huge difference between Wen Yi’s bare face and makeup that it could better encourage users to buy cosmetics.

Yin Xun smiled and said, “The haters know better than fans how vulnerable the celebrities are. Fans naturally don’t have to care about this. With their idol taking the lead, fans will definitely spend. The haters and ordinary audiences are the main targets this time. As long as they see how effective the product is, they will surely place orders.”

The makeup remover was just the beginning. The content of today’s live broadcast was all related to cosmetics. There were not many types, but it was just enough to make a complete set..

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