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Chapter 599 - Chapter 599: Si Fan Was Pleased

Chapter 599: Si Fan Was Pleased

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What is it?” Wen Yi asked.

Yin Xun extracted a doc.u.ment from her bag and handed it to Wen Yi. “You’ve just worked with Lin Zhu, so you should know he’s the blogger contracted to me. Other than him, 1 am working with another blogger. I’m sure you know her. Her name is Tian Chu.”

Hearing the name, Wen Yo’s pupils constricted. She said in surprise, “The Tian Chu who left the industry right after she became popular? When she hit it big, I was still a n.o.body. But why did she give up on being a big star and come here to be an inconspicuous blogger?”

After she finished speaking, she realized that her words sounded inappropriate. Wen Yi immediately covered her mouth and quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, President Yin. 1 didn’t mean to look down on your company. 1 just meant that, with such a small platform, being a video blogger does not seem to offer any way out…”

The more she explained, the worse it sounded. Wen Yi quickly stopped talking. She was not good at communicating with people and was regularly scolded by her manager for lacking common sense and EQ. Now that her manager was not around, she finally realized her problems.

Seeing the fl.u.s.tered state of Wen Yi, Yin Xun paid it no attention. She smiled and said, “It’s okay. You’re correct. Rhythm is just a small platform. It’s indeed not very helpful for her to develop. Therefore, 1 would like you to help Tian Chu put on the image of a loving sister. 1 want her to return to the entertainment industry. In return, Rhythm will help promote all your work for free in the future. In addition, we will suppress any negative news about you.”

Yin Xun had already discussed this with Tian Chu.

Tian Chu actually loved performing, but because she was targeted in the past, she had to give up on her enthusiasm.

Yin Xun agreed to help her return to the entertainment industry on the condition that she sign a lifetime contract with her. Tian Chu agreed readily.

This was equivalent to Yin Xun nurturing a celebrity for herself. In the future, this will be a great a.s.set, be it for Xintao’s publicity or continuing to sell goods live.

After all, this was not the only project she wanted to do. She would need to find someone to endorse her in the future. Of course, it was safest to find her own artiste.

Yin Xun’s offer was very enticing. Wen Yi was tempted, but she could not make the decision to agree. No matter what it was, she had to listen to her agent.

Hence, she called her manager to ask about it. To her surprise, her manager agreed without any hesitation.

“That’s the daughter of the Yin family. There’s no harm in being on good terms with her!” the manager said over the phone.

After getting permission, Weny Yi agreed to Yin Xun’s request. When they were done discussing things, Wen Yi said goodbye to Yin Xun and left.

As for the rest of the matter, Yin Xun gave Mary full authority to handle it. Mary had more experience in this area than she did. After all, Mary was the one who interacted with Tian Chu the most.

It was their first time selling goods live, and the result was very good. In order to compensate the employees for their recent hard work, Yin Xun directly gave them two days of paid leave. She also gave them overtime pay.

While some people celebrated, some people elsewhere were upset. Xintao was raking in great results, but Blue Fox’s side was not doing well.

They had invested a lot of resources into this event and even invited a top actress to be their spokesperson. After doing so much, they lost to Yin Xun’s live broadcast.

Seeing that Xintao had made a lot of money and even won a good reputation, Le An vented his anger on Cheng She.

“1 told you to keep an eye on Xintao. Why didn’t you report such important news?” Le An called Cheng She over and scolded him.

Cheng She said aggrievedly, “I’ve already reminded you many times, but you didn’t listen…”

Le An was suddenly speechless.

Cheng She added, “President Le, 1 suggest that you hold a board meeting to discuss with everyone how to deal with Xintao.”

Le An listened to Cheng She’s suggestion this time and immediately held a board meeting. At the same time, he also called Si Fan over.

When all the directors had arrived, Si Fan showed up.

Previously, he could not attend the board meetings. This time, he was actually requested to come over. His vision must have succeeded.

Recently, Yin Mo and Si Xia have been causing a lot of ruckus. He did not have the time or energy to focus on other things, so he naturally did not hear about the live broadcast.

Thinking of the promise between him and Le An, Si Fan could not help but feel a little smug. The first step to regaining power had already been cleared.

When he arrived at the meeting room, he saw everyone staring at him. He said proudly, “How is it? Was my method useful this time? You’ve been on guard with me in the past. Now you realize that I’m Blue Fox’s backbone.”

Le An sneered. “Backbone? It’s lucky that you’re not in charge of Blue Fox now. Or the company will collapse sooner or later. I called you over today to tell you something.. In the future, just stay in your position obediently, and don’t think about getting back your power!”

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