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Translator: Re

Editor: Mims



It has been calm these past few days. In the morning, the male G.o.d and I chewed on meat buns while watching the news as usual. The male G.o.d reached over to take the remote control and changed it to the financial channel.

“Look! The rumors that Chief An is no longer renewing the contract with the company seem to have reached their ears.”


Hehe, their stock price has plummeted. I snuggled deeper into the quilt that I had brought from my bedroom and tightened it around myself. Then I was drawn to the date shown on the TV screen.

December 23rd.


“What should be our next step?”

The male G.o.d pulled the quilt down to uncover my head, and took a paper towel on the table to slowly wipe his mouth. I could feel the cold air seeping into my bones from the sudden loss.


“Look at their reactions first, and then find someone to acquire stocks for us at a low price.”

“Oh.” I stared at him.


The male G.o.d cleared his throat and, unable to avoid my sharp and mournful eyes, asked:

“What do you want to say? Just say it.”


I replied softly, “BOSS, you don't like the bear hair clip ma?”



“Why don't you wear it? If you don't like the bear, should I buy a small crown next time?”

“……No need to.”


That night, I bought half a dozen beers on the way home to celebrate, but because I had to work later, I didn't drink too much. I just concentrated on BOSS.

Surprisingly, BOSS didn't behave in a crazy way even though he was drunk. The sight of him obediently curled up in a corner of the bed with his red cheeks was very cute. For a grown man, especially someone like BOSS who is big and tall, “cute” may not be appropriate, but this is just what I feel.


Before going out, I put on my Shanghai blue scarf and gave his high nose a pinch. I heard him mutter unclearly, “Don't make trouble, *Xiao Qian.” [T/N: the scheming ex]

… I felt very depressed and patted his head a little too hard. “Forget that bad woman.”


Recovering a little bit of wisdom, the male G.o.d squinted at me for a good while, then murmured righteously, “Kangyan, I don't want a hair clip.”



I looked at the clock on the wall. I was going to be late. Before leaving, I didn't forget to pinch his flushed cheeks and said happily, “I'll bring back a small flower pattern one for you!”



I slept for four or five hours when I got home and clearly felt that my condition was not very good. This weather is especially dangerous for my chills. My thinking is slower than usual, and the specific consequences that can arise from an aching head can be very severe.

When I saw the male G.o.d coming out of the bathroom early in the morning, I blurted out, “Seeing with my own eyes that BOSS is peeing in the toilet of my house feels very unreal ah hahaha!”


When I realized what I had said, I didn't dare look at the expression on his face!  

In the morning sun, I sat under the light that was coming in from the window and was pleased to find that this piece of the floor had been warmed up so I sat there while hugging my blanket for a long time.


I feel that even my bones are becoming lazy…

I didn't wake up until I was hungry. The male G.o.d kneeled down and handed me a piece of bread, his expression too complicated for me to read.


I subconsciously caught hold of the hand that was offering me bread, and pulled it under the warm light, “This position is very cozy, I will move for you and we can have a picnic together?”

… I immediately regretted it after I asked, because the male G.o.d really did move to sit down next to me while barefooted.


I panicked, not knowing where to put my hands and feet, my mind went blank and I sputtered, “You, wait! I will cut the lettuce into minced meat and put two slices of cheese and ham to make a sandwich.”

The male G.o.d stretched his long legs out on the floor and repeated with a smile, “Oh… cut the lettuce into minced meat.”


This picture is not right!

I silently lifted the quilt and stood up, went to toast bread in the kitchen, and made six simple sandwiches for breakfast plus lunch. [T/N: so brunch]


We really sat side by side on that warm piece of the floor, enjoying the sun while eating.

In the afternoon when I saw that the male G.o.d was busy, I thought about it for a moment and only planned to bring my wallet to go out. Every time I go out, I always have to wrap myself up like a ball.


While squatting down to put on my boots, the male G.o.d came out from who knows where to pull on my arm.

“Where to?”


“Buy an apple.”

Píng ān yè ma… apples should always be sent on Christmas Eve however it is said. Plus, with everything that's happened, just buy an apple to get rid of any bad omens and for peace of mind.


[T/N: 平安夜嘛- in China there is a tradition of giving apples on Christmas Eve since in Chinese 平安夜 translates literally to "peaceful night" or Christmas Eve]

“I'll go with you.”


My eyes went wide, “What?”

The male G.o.d pulled on a black and white plaid woolen coat from the hanger and said helplessly, “I am afraid that if you go out like this, you will get abducted.”



Today, the apples in the supermarket are very red and big, each one looked crisp and attractive. I see an uncle that had the conscience to price five red apples at 10 yuan as well as gift wrapped apples being sold by a young girl.


Around the waist of a particularly fat apple was a blue ribbon which made it rise a notch! Unfortunately, the price was more than double.

The male G.o.d also knows the tradition of sending apples on Christmas Eve. While I was picking and choosing from the uncle's stall, he stood behind me and suggested, “If it's a gift, it's better to buy the packaged ones from the opposite stall.”


Without turning around, I answered, “This is for you, why do you need to be so picky?”

Only silence followed. I guess BOSS must be thinking things like why are you so stingy with me? and so on. The thought made me happy enough to smirk constantly on the way home.


The winter sun is quite strong, and the bricks on the ground reflect the heat. I ripped off my dark blue scarf, snuck a pear out from the green shopping bag, and sneakily ate it.

On a Monday, the streets were spa.r.s.e. The running and jumping children are attending school while the adults should be working at this time. At about sunset, the streets will come back to life.


Thinking of this, I took out a green apple and turned to give it to the male G.o.d. How is wonderful is a world with only two people!

The sun shone on a man wearing a brown cap. His whole face was masked by a shadow, and he rushed behind us with a red plastic bucket.


How did this happen?


[T/N: "砰" – supposed to be a crashing sound]

At that moment, I lost all feeling, and the world suddenly plunged into a very strange silence. Well, maybe not completely silent, the sloshing sound of water in the eardrum is quite deafening.

Then I heard the man shout while escaping,”If you don't stop, the next time you get splashed will be when you're drowning!”

My center of gravity became unstable, and the palms of my hands sc.r.a.ped painfully against the rough ground. In addition to the incredulous face of the male G.o.d under me, there is also a little confusion.

My first reaction was, “Adding ice in the water is too cruel…”

The second thought that followed is, “…I actually pushed down the male G.o.d!”


We did not call the police. Anyone can tell that there is a black hand is behind the scenes, and it's clear that the chances of filing a lawsuit are slim. *They only splashed us with cold water this time instead of drowning us in it. Presumably, they are also afraid that making things big will become more troublesome.

[T/N: this part here is sort of a play on words since in Chinese it literally said "they only used cold water (冷水- leng shui) instead of drowning (鏹水- qiang shui) ]

Or did that person still hold a few heartfelt feelings for BOSS?

I touched my chin and thought about discussing it with the male G.o.d but the atmosphere around him was too cold, so I had no choice but to obediently close my mouth and follow him.

My coat was wet enough to pinch out water, dripping regularly along the way, like a water ghost forming a watermark on the ground. Fortunately, the vigorous sun was shining right on my head so it was not too uncomfortable.

The tremors started by the time we reached home, and I tried to insert the apartment key several times but had trouble finding the correct position.

Finally inside, I felt really dizzy. I just wanted to take off my wet coat, find a spot with the sun shining on me and sit down.

It's so cold yet also so warm…

Sneakily peaking at the male G.o.d, I saw that he was looking at me with a bad expression.

I don't know why I haha'd twice. I intended to sit down for a while longer and then rush to take a hot water bath. While I was immersed in the fantasy of a hot bath, BOSS suddenly opened:

“Do you think you're the Virgin Mary and need to protect me in that kind of circ.u.mstance?”

The male G.o.d's tone was very serious. Astonished, fiddled with my fingers.


“Or do you think you have a dharma body and you'll be safe and sound even when having been splashed with a few drops of strong acid?”

[T/N: a diamond, impenetrable body in Buddism]


After being scolded until I was speechless, I stood up and tried to defend myself but didn't know where to start. The wind blew in from the window and brushed against the exposed skin of my neck, clearing my mind a little.

Water droplets slid down along the contours of BOSS's face and fell from his chin. He looked  very serious. “Don't let there be another time.”


Therefore, I felt that all my troubles were for the sake of hearing this sentence.

Are you worried about me?


I tried to make a guilty expression but in my heart I was happy.

BOSS closed his eyes and tightened his thin lips. It was a while before he whispered, “Kang Yan, you are so good to me, what is your intention? Just what do you want?”



I was stunned in place and suddenly found that all my energy was sapped from my body.


Yes, it's a very good question to ask, just what is my intention? I am willing to support him, cook vegetables for him, and block water for him. I even gave him a worthless apple.

I had figured that a straight man can do this much because despite my small unruly actions, I sincerely hope that the other can live in good health.


Squinting my eyes, I sat back on the floor and held my knees and tilted my head:


[T/N: equivalent to 30,000 USD if you convert]

He doesn't have to use feelings to calculate. Using money is better, at least it's all black and white.

BOSS seems to hold back whatever he wanted to say. There are too many emotions in his eyes, and perhaps there is also disappointment and indifference within them. He only spoke after a length of time.

“I will give you two million.”

I laughed, “200,000 is enough.”

Just think of it as a college tuition fee for my younger brother. Then I can be carefree at that time and can go wherever I want to go. Maybe there will still be money left for me to take a trip to Shenzhen. Going to the Taiwan night market to eat would not bad either.



After a long time ago, even a certain person's appearance was also blurred by the years. Yet I vaguely remembered what he said to me:

“Kang Yan. Remember to love yourself. Even if you love someone to the point of it being bone crushing, don't expect anything in return, don't let yourself cry, and don't trample on yourself.”

After growing up, I forced myself to quietly draw a long, invisible line in my heart.

I don't blame BOSS, I am not qualified to blame him, he is not wrong.

This will be the only time, and perhaps there will also be a separation after the grace is broken.

When I was working late at night, the store manager called me to arrange a box of frozen beer in the freezer. I was so cold that I was shivering and suddenly wondered, “Manager, when you look at me do you think I am monk material?”

The manager looked at me impatiently and said, “Even if I turned you around three hundred and sixty degrees, you won't look like you have any *Huigen, alright?”

[T/N: 慧根- it's related to Buddhism and is supposedly "the ability to understand the truth" ]


I shrugged and glanced at the palm of my hand:

“Speaking of Huigen, the sanitary napkins on the shelves are out of stock, do you want to order more?”

The manager, *hating iron for not becoming steel, stared at me for a while and couldn't help but laugh, “Ah Yan, is your head broken?”

T/N: to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations

…Yes, it's definitely broken.


Little Corner:

Re: this chapter hit me in the feels… ;w;

On a happier note, I got (abducted) an editor! Please welcome Mims! Mims has kindly helped edit chapters 1-10 and made them infinitely more readable. After some discussion, we were also able to figure out and rewrite certain parts that were confusing so it is highly recommended that you go back and reread since it might give you a better grasp of the story and maybe make it more enjoyable for you ?

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