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Early the next morning, I peeked through the door of the room to see the male G.o.d wrapped in quilts.

The flower roll BOSS that curled up his tall body…

So cute.

While he was still asleep, I took a photo of my coat and put on a thick brown coat, my hands tightly inserted into the warm pockets.

Send money to the bank first. The dew on the green leaves has not dried up, and the automatic deposit machine is empty.

My brother should go to college this year. He has always been eager to learn and very talented so it is not difficult to get into a good university.

I sighed hot air into the cold air, and the mist was floating.

Looking at the deposit on the bank card, I am depressed… It is time to find a flexible part-time job and start feeding the male G.o.d while living side by side with him.

I bought a meat bun and soy milk. The downstairs store has already been acquired by the real estate company. The community is only full of large chain stores, and the taste of their soy milk is not as good as the previous small shop.

Hehe, the evil real estate hegemony.

Just returning home, the male G.o.d was sitting at the table typing, and I quickly greeted him to have breakfast. Holding a steaming buns together, I fell on the cushions of the wooden chairs and watched the news reports.

“BOSS, what do we do now?” Biting the buns, I asked him vaguely.

The male G.o.d is also eating a steamed bun and looks particularly handsome. The neat teeth printed neatly onto the thin skin of the meat bun, and the juicy meat gave off a shiny sheen.

“In two days, you will help me send a doc.u.ment to An.”

An is a business partner we have been working with for many years who possesses a thick stature. Every time they are socializing, BOSS is always pulled away by him to play cards and drink red wine.

I nodded, poured a bit of soy milk and asked:

“Can I see what's inside?”

The male G.o.d straightforwardly said:

“As long as you can understand it, you can.”


… Is it really ok to despise my IQ this straightforwardly?

I bit the bun as hard as I could to vent, saw the “cropped trousers” of the male G.o.d, and a lightbulb went off in my head.

“Before work, let's go buy one?”

The male G.o.d stared at the gray casual wear and bare ankles, looking at me with suspicion.

I quickly put away my bad smile and said worriedly to him:

“If we don't buy anything, we will soon cut off the water and cut the grain. BOSS, are you really streaking…”

The word “streaking” was too irritating to the male G.o.d, so he nodded without saying anything.

I control my facial expression, and threw the remaining piece of stuffing into my mouth meaningfully.



The sun shines, it's warm ray dispelling a large part of the cold winter air.

After casually shopping for some clothes in the department store, I took the male G.o.d to the only supermarket in the community.

“BOSS, what I said was cuc.u.mbers ah. How did you bring a zucchini over instead?”

The male G.o.d stared at the green skinned melon in his hand, and I pushed the shopping cart over to show him:

“The cuc.u.mber is rather smooth here, there are no b.u.mps.”

The male G.o.d nodded good temperedly, put the melon back to the original place, and went to see the fruits and vegetables.

The supermarket's vegetable stall auntie and I are close. Immediately after seeing me she will use her large, bean-like eyes to pick out small details:

“Xiao Kang, why didn't you come in long pants today? People should not have the same habits as dogs.”

This Auntie's voice is too weak. Not to mention now is winter, what pants to wear in winter!

I was in a fl.u.s.ter to correct that he wore “sports and casual pants” on weekdays and scratched her head:

“It's different today, someone is buying food with me.”

Auntie grinned, revealing a golden tooth:

“Is there a girlfriend to accompany you?”

The air conditioning of the vegetable stall was very big. I pulled up the zipper on the coat, stroked my chin, and hesitated to open:

“It's the type of person who used to be a high-ranking in a company. The kind that you could only watch from afar and dare not approach."

Auntie helped me wrap the vegetable with plastic wrap, and made a sound of surprise:

“Oh! *A flower of Gaoling!”

*[T/N: this is a reference to the TV series Born to Be a Flower (高嶺之花) which translates literally to "a flower on a high peak." I kept the last two characters in pinyin to shorten it and make it sound more natural in the last sentence of ch7 ]

I very much agreed with this one-of-kind description and nodded.

Why does it seem to be a bit cold, could someone turn up the air conditioner?

I pulled the zipper to the top position, and shrunk my neck and half of my head into the thick coat.

Someone patted my shoulder from behind, I looked back —

… Gaoling's flower will pick up the opportunity every time!


Seeing that things have temporarily settled down, I snuck out to look for a job while the male G.o.d was working.

Although it is necessary to work with the male G.o.d once again, it is just that daily life is inseparable from the word “money”. Water bill, electricity, gas, telephone bill, a lot of Internet access fees, every time I receive a bill, I feel like impulsively sealing the mailbox with cowhide tape.

Sitting on a stone bench in the park, I was in front of a large-scale “recruitment” board. The cold wind blew and the paper creaked.

The opposite uncle glanced in my direction from time to time, squinting at a certain page in the newspaper that was not suitable for children.

Holding the pen, I slowly traced along the recruiting list.

Restaurant waiter, with a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan. Working hours are from 6 am to 3 pm.

What should I do for my male G.o.d's breakfast and lunch? Crossed out.

Office clerk, with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan. 9 to 5 hours.

If BOSS were to call me to send doc.u.ments to the bosses, the CEOs who are usually active at night and early in the mornings would have no time.

Make a big red cross.

The uncle lazy folded the newspaper again and again, folded it into a small one and put it in the pocket, and started greeting old men wearing white tank tops to play chess.

“Ah chu”

The cold wind screamed on the cheek, and I let out a small sneeze.

I really don't understand how the protagonists in idol dramas only need to write a novel, and are not even a popular writer at that, just to have “just enough to make ends meet.” The price of property is so high, isn't the second generation of the rich and the old people really able to make a living?

With such a dark thought, I accidentally caught a glimpse of a humble job advertis.e.m.e.nt in the lower right corner.



At midnight that day when I snuck in with my back sore, I found that the floor outside the door of the male G.o.d's room was lit by a faint light.

I lazily stretched my waist, stuffed the trinket I just bought into my pocket, and lightly knocked on the door in high spirits.

Obviously it is not considered a physically demanding job, so how did I become tired to this extent? This has nothing to do with not exercising ordinarily.

The male G.o.d leaning on the bed looked up from the laptop, his hair slightly covering his eyes due to not being erected with hair gel.

Seeing that it was me, he blinked. Probably too sleepy, his voice was faint:

“Where have you been?”

I rolled to the male G.o.d's side, pulling the quilt over my cold body along the way, and thought for a long time before I came up with a sentence:


The male G.o.d nodded, seeming to not care about how I answered, and continued to work on the plan book for Chief An. I didn't dare to be too close to the male G.o.d and only came out after I got enough warmth from the quilt.

I really don't want to go back to my room. Although physically exhausted, I was full of spirit so I brought myself closer to the glowing screen.

There was only a small yellow lamp with  a small aperture left in the darkness and I blinked my dry eyes.

This plan book…

“BOSS, isn't this a little…”

Unscrupulous? Immoral? Taking advantage of loopholes in the law?

I couldn't find a word to say.

The action of the male G.o.d typing stopped, but he did not look away from the laptop and lightly said:

“It will be a lot faster, and you wouldn't want to wait too long either, right?”

The male G.o.d does business well, and he is always a bright and upright person. I have seen his father, when he was a child, his tutor was very strict, and the male G.o.d's sense of right and wrong was very strong.

Some people in the company have ran their mouths, saying that BOSS is too serious and honest, and will take several detours in the business community. When these words reached BOSS's ears, he just smiled and did not say anything.

As an adult, I am not naive enough to think that BOSS never takes shortcuts in business. Sometimes it is necessary to play tricks, however…

“But BOSS, if you choose a road that is too long and rugged, you might get lost.”

But however long it will take, I will wait.

Male G.o.d, just don't go too far, I am afraid I can't keep up.

The man finally turned his head and looked at me.

After a long time, he closed the doc.u.ment and gave a long sigh.

In the quiet night, the male G.o.d squinted without knowing what to think, his expression dignified.

BOSS has his own path he needs to walk and I, this small person, cannot do much. So, what would be within my power?

I took out the hair clip that I just bought from my pocket.

The male G.o.d does not need to use hair gel at home, and the hair hanging in front of his forehead is close to covering his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, I rushed to the male G.o.d, and the brown bear hairpin was inserted into his hair.

“Pa”, pressed down. [T/N: he pressed on the hairpin to clip it close]

The male G.o.d blinked, and looked helplessly at me who was about to start laughing at him.

I really like this *serious for eight hundred years with transcending Three Teachings male G.o.d who, towards my little trick, was feeling both a little helpless and a little bit overwhelmed.

[T/N: "正經八百、三觀超正" – I'm not confident that I translated this correctly but the gist is that our BOSS is very cultured and upright :> Also, the Three Teachings refers to Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism]


Loading is a technical job.

As the sun sets, I put on a straight black suit and carefully put the plan into the briefcase.

BOSS waved his hand in a symbolic manner behind me. It seems that he didn't intend to put too much pressure on the delivery.

When I was away from the male G.o.d, I boldly turned back and pointed weakly at my cheek.

Male G.o.d:

“Rest a.s.sured, there is no dirt on your face.”

I nodded with a wooden face, it was so hard to ask for a lucky kiss this year ah…

I took a taxi to the An company. During this busy hour when everyone is getting off work, the bus was as crowded as a can of sardines. If I showed up at the company all sweaty, it would make a bad impression.

An's office is on the top floor, and the large gla.s.s windows reflect the traffic below in the city. We naturally were not meeting for the first time, and it took less than two hours which made me quite surprised.

Before entering the door, Chief An was carrying his hand to look at the scenery outside the window. His honest back inexplicably carried the momentum of an emperor.

Since it is a cooperation between partner, there is no need to have an att.i.tude of asking for help. He didn't move, I stood still and waited quietly.

As a result, Chief An turned around and saw that my look was unpredictable. The first sentence he said was:

“a.s.sistant Kang, I heard that you are living together with President Fang?”

[T/N: this sentence made me realize that for nine whole mini chapters, we didn't even know BOSS's name… xD ]

…Forgot this person's favorite method of entertainment was gossiping.

I automatically ignored his curious eyes and handed over the leather bag containing the papers. Chief An scanned over the file quickly and roughly, then held his chin to observe me.

Back straight, I calmly look at him. In my heart I couldn't help but tell him to get to the point quickly, don't ask strange questions.

“Yes. There are just some details that I want to talk to Chief An about in person.”

Things went unexpectedly smoothly, and I secretly set off firecrackers in my mind to celebrate. Taking a post-it note from the briefcase, I wrote down the home phone number only because the male G.o.d said that using a mobile phone is “unsafe.”

“BOSS's meaning is don't be discovered by the other party. If Chief An is interested, you can call him.”

An took the post-it note and studied it. As I was wondering what he was trying to see from it, he frowned at me:

“The “2” is the beginning of a home phone number. So you two really are living together?”



Little corner:

I found Kang Yan's thoughts and concerns for Boss really touching :')

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter ? On a side note, most of you guys in the comments section seem to have no problems with how I inserted the translator notes within the chapter so I'll just continue doing it like then ^-^ thank you for the feedback! 

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