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I remember once when the company’s strong woman, Qiong Jie, led a group of small rookies around my desk and asked me: 

“Kang Yan, why can you stay with BOSS for two years?”

Knowing what she meant, I cleared my throat and smiled widely at this new work force of the company:

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Because I don’t covet the BOSS’s beauty ah.”

Qiong Jie’s mouth dropped open as though she had seen a ghost, and she stared speechlessly.

BOSS, that is, my male G.o.d happened to come out of the back office at that time. Under the bright light, he looked at me teasingly.

The surroundings had been strangely quiet.

At this moment, the male G.o.d who had been my boss for three years is standing in front of the door of the company building with his hands in his pocket, outside was a torrential rain.

If he were to run out uncontrollably with his whole body drenched in the rain and yells on the street: 

“Why are you betraying me!”

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“You people are a bunch of dogs, you’re better off dead!”

That would have been in line with the routine of a dog blood drama.

I don’t think that would be practical. 

Even if he was betrayed by a beloved woman, his face didn’t change when he left the company. It really is my male G.o.d.

There is no fever, my mind was very clear as I ran after Boss like a flattering little eunuch.

I poked his back.

Oh, it feels pretty good. 

“BOSS, come to my house first ba.”

I didn’t notice that this was like the beginning of the invitation to a shotgun relationship. BOSS was using a strange expression to look at me.

I quickly clarified, “That… I am not coveting your beauty.”

Acting as BOSS’s a.s.sistant for the third year, I once again saw that funny look in the face of the male G.o.d. 


Seriously, even though I was the boss’s a.s.sistant for three years, I am not very familiar with the male G.o.d.

I heard that the first female a.s.sistant who was “familiar with him” was dismissed by him in the name of adultery.

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The second male a.s.sistant who wanted to get close to him was transferred to another department by the male G.o.d for s.e.xual hara.s.sment. 

Then came a young talent who the boss righteously scolded in public, “Don’t touch me.” It is really… anyways, as a result, he voluntarily resigned with red eyes.

If it was changed to me, I would touch the boss once, and then sneakily run away.

Far away.

BOSS seems to be reluctant to go home with me. If he had mortgaged the mansion as early as possible and give that woman a “turnaround”, he would not be homeless. 

So when I went home with an unfamiliar male G.o.d, the atmosphere was very strange.

The rain hit the blue umbrella that I was holding. The sounds made by the droplets was not pleasant to hear.

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The area of the umbrella is too small and the male G.o.d was too tall. I practically was raising my right hand above my head to cover two people with it.

If this is a novel, then the sound of *”pitter patter” will enter the next scene and my hands won’t need to feel sore anymore. Moreover, the male G.o.d is drifting farther and farther away from me. 

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

[T/N: *the pinyin for “咻” here was xiū but I decided to go with “pitter patter” here given the context that they’re walking in the rain. I hope this isn’t too inaccurate >~<>

Walking in the rain is very romantic. Gloomy, full of haze, the surrounding noises quietly ebbing away.

It is just that it is not quite suitable for the “storm” situation.

Half of the body and shirt got drenched with water, it is too cold. 

I finally couldn’t help but say to the male G.o.d, “BOSS, can you come closer?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Scared myself, I almost made the sounds of a kiss out of mischief. If the male G.o.d knows that a good young man like me likes to watch idol dramas, he might just immediately flee to the end of the bridge and will not want to go home with me.

Fortunately, BOSS only looked at me and moved a little closer.


My home is in a small old district, an eight-storey *Tong lau, on the third floor.

[T/N: Tong lau refers to tenement buildings -> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tong_lau

None of the old houses in this area have elevators, which gives off quite a nostalgic feeling of the old Hong Kong movies.

The male G.o.d looked up and down the shabby red lacquer door of my house. The paint on the top corner of the door was slightly peeled off, and pieces of wood were exposed. 

The position between the door and the wall has been abraded, and an unpleasant squeak is heard when the door is opened.

BOSS frowned and asked the first question since following me home from the company:

“How do you live in… this place?”

I was busy storing away the wet umbrellas, lest there is complaints of the water seeping down through the floorboards, and smiled gloatingly: 

“Isn’t that because the salary BOSS gives is too low.”

Of course this is not the case, there are some things that are just pointless to say.

The blue umbrella was folded neatly, and when I looked up, BOSS glanced at me and took off his shoes then entered the house.

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The male G.o.d has black eyes that can talk, and I can always read something from it. Just now it seems to say: 

“What’s so funny, this idiot.”

I used my toes to flexibly get off my white socks by the front door, hurriedly pulled open the curtains, and threw a towel on BOSS’s head.

There was some disbelief on BOSS’s face. It seems like I should have respectfully handed over the towel with my hands?

Stealing a look at his eyes, I probably guessed it. 

I didn’t care about him. Touching my chin, I looked at this two bedroom apartment. I was very familiar with this small area, *it was neat and tidy.

[T/N: 方方正正齊齊整整– the first two characters translate to “square” I believe but I thought “neat and tidy” sounded better. If anyone has a better translation, please let me know ^^; ]

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After confirming that there were no “prohibited items”, I hurried to the bathroom to take a shower.

Soaking in the the heat gradually spread from the toes to the cheek, I later thought: 

This seems to be the first time BOSS came to my house?

Fingertips circling the cold tiles next to me, I dipped my head into the hot water and spit a bubble to comfort myself:

At least there is a cup of hot tea for him… and a towel…

Not too bad. 

When I came out of the water, I found a problem.

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Looking at the only clean white shirt in the bathroom, what emerged in my mind was the hem that only covered the important part, showing the thigh of the white flower.

Too indecent, I am not such a casual person…!

After thinking about it, the male G.o.d should not think that since I am dressed like this I will do something to him, right? 

For a moment, I thought of a heroic idea.

Tighten the long sleeves of the shirt to the waist and adjust the hem.

Looking into the mirror, it seems like I was wearing a long skirt.

The top half of the body was exposed, while the bottom half was like a hooligan. 

Opening the door of the bathroom, the mist followed the cold air conditioning into the hall.


The male G.o.d, holding a cup of hot tea, stared at my new look for a long time.


Seeing that the male G.o.d had finished bathing, the gray slacks that belonged to me were worn by him as cropped trousers. I bit the corner of my mouth and almost could not endure from laughing out loud.

Carrying with him body heat and the scent of shower gel, the male G.o.d wiped his dripping black hair and calmly sat down beside me.

Seeing that he put his laptop on his legs and was focused on what he was looking at, I didn’t bother him.

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Sure enough, it’s BOSS, already started planning this quickly. 

The winter night that was ravaged by the rain was particularly cold, and there was no heating at home. I had to close the gla.s.s windows tightly and seamlessly, and with tidied up the rooms with a thick layer of dust.

Wiping the sweat, the body after the physical labor slowly warmed up.

Going to the kitchen again, there is not much left in the refrigerator. I put in two tomatoes to cook with the udon at the bottom of the soup, peeled off the sh.e.l.ls, and throw a few shrimp into the pot.

After being busy for about an hour, I went to the male G.o.d with an att.i.tude of “seeking praise.” 

But I saw the male G.o.d holding the laptop, the brain calmed down a little bit.

The broken hair in front of the forehead covered the handsome eyebrows, and the whole person appeared softer.

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I did something that was particularly regrettable.

I did not carefully appreciate the rare sleeping posture of the male G.o.d but instead directly poked at the head of the male G.o.d and said to him: 


When the male G.o.d was very unceremoniously made to eat Udon across the from me, on one hand I blamed myself for not waking the male G.o.d up in a gentler way. On another hand, I used my eyes to avoid the red fingerprints of his head.

The male G.o.d put down the chopsticks, did not leave his seat, and said thanks to me in a low voice.

I scratched my head, laughed “hehe” twice, and suddenly thought of something… 

“BOSS, you are responsible for washing dishes.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Male G.o.d: “…”


After the male G.o.d “ping ping pang pan” broke a number of utensils in the kitchen, I officially took over the work of washing dishes. 

They all say that boys should be poor and experience life! Otherwise, how would we divide the work with our cohabitant and live together in harmony.

I put on my pink rubber gloves and said to the male G.o.d who was holding his arms and watching:

“BOSS, you can’t count on love to accomplish everything. A relationship… ah… even if you live together, you have to contribute to maintain a home.”

BOSS listened to me silently, probably couldn’t stand it, and said an understatement: 

“En, I will share the housework.”

The male G.o.d also saved a lot of money in recent years, but until this situation turns over, every dollar should be spent wisely.

What’s more, with how expensive the current rent is…

Thinking of this, I focused on the rag and bubbles in my hand and said, “I’ve wronged you, BOSS.” 

… At most I won’t give the job of washing the toilet to you.

The male G.o.d hesitated for a bit. He seemed to have shook his head but I did not see clearly.

After a moment of silence, the male G.o.d said: “… Kang Yan, why did you leave with me?”

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I didn’t stop the wiping action on my hand and smiled. 

I have long expected that BOSS will raise this question.

At that time BOSS had looked around the office and I stared at his straight back. He said to everyone:

“I will be back.”

The sentence did not contain much emotion, nor was there any hesitation. 

So I knew that he will really truly come back and regain all his efforts.

Qiong jie, Li Shu, and the old higher ups did not say anything. I, Xiao Ping, and Ah Li were all brought by BOSS four years ago, working together and producing results.

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Four years ago, we had just graduated from college and had nothing. We were hot blooded and made falls countless times, working overnight on several occasions, even when our idea was rejected by the clients over and over again we did not care.

I am not very business savvy. After a year with BOSS, he said to me: 

“Kang Yan, your heart is fine, come as my a.s.sistant.”

The male G.o.d is more or less unable to get along with me at work. I think it was because I was too useless and not decisive enough. Adding on the fact that he is not familiar with me, he was flattered when I left with him.

During these four years, Xiao Ping raised a family. Ah Li is shouldering *high hopes, and there is a girlfriend to take care of.

[T/N: 高堂– I got “high church” from Google Translate but since it didn’t fit the context I just improvised] 

I believe that the male G.o.d was also aware, so he did not force them, nor did he blame them for not following him.

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As the months and years flow by, some things, when put down, are put down forever.

Thinking of this, I feel quite uncomfortable.

The atmosphere is already full of gloom. “I have nothing now” this kind of miserable line is too embarra.s.sing to say. 

The male G.o.d looked straight at me and waited for my answer.

I set the clean dishes aside and took off my gloves.

Facing the male G.o.d who was very upright, I used both hands to make a heart-shaped gesture in front of my left chest.

And arched toward him. 

The male G.o.d’s face blackened and his eyes seem to complain:

“You’re teasing me.”

Bullying the male G.o.d is quite fun.


Little corner:

Kang Yan is so adorable (*´∀`*ฅ)

Feel free to point out any mistakes! Also, do let me know whether you are fine or bothered with the way I put my translator notes within the chapter instead of at the very end. I just thought it would be easier than having to scroll down and potentially losing your reading spot ^^;

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