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In this regard, Xia Rou had nothing much to say, and didn't need to think further.

There was always a difference in intimacy between humans.

If one day Xia Rou had to choose between other people and the Cao Family, she thought no matter what she wouldn't hesitate to choose the Cao FAmily.

Because with her chance to rebirth, she must not stupidly repeat the same mistakes once again.

It was quite a hot day, the cicadas chirping endlessly on the trees. It was somehow annoying.

Xia Rou had been reading a book for the entire afternoon and started to feel sleepy. She wasn't aware of when, but the book fell to the floor and she fell to sleep while curling up on the bed.

By the time she woke the sky had already begun turning dark. She yawned and opened the window, stretching her hand out to test the temperature outside. It was still boiling hot. She lowered her head and saw two people standing under a tree in the courtyard.

The person facing her direction was Cao Yang, and the person with her back to her was… He Lili?

Cao Yang had both his hands in his pockets. She couldn't see his expression very clearly, but his stance was relaxed. He Lili had both hands held in front of her, her head slightly lowered.

Xia Rou took a few glances and wanted to pull her head back in – being outside the window was too hot!

But Cao Yang had already seen her and even waved at her. So she had no choice but to wave back at him and then withdraw from her position at the window.

This saunlike weather made her fretful. But because her body ran cold and she was on her period, she didn't dare turn on the air-con too cold, scared that her stomach might cramp.

Closing the window, she leaned on the table for a while. Then she couldn't resist stretching out her neck again and taking another look.

It was just when they had finished their conversation. He Lili turned around and walked away toward Xia Rou's direction. She raised her head on her way and glanced at Xia Rou's window.

Obviously, He Lili noticed her. Translated by The Novelst

It was like she was spying on them. Xia Rou felt a little wronged.

She took another look, and this time Cao Yang was raising his head and staring in her direction. He even took out his phone. Her own phone, thrown carelessly on the bed, began to ring, so she ran to her bed and answered the call.

"It's time to eat." Cao Yang said.

"I don't feel like eating." Xia Rou collapsed onto the bed. "I don't have any appet.i.te."

"Hurry and come down!" Cao Yang ignored her complaints and ordered her, "You're so skinny already and you still don't want to eat!"

Xia Rou, crestfallen, emerged from her room.

She ran into He Lili in the corridor. Her face didn't look too good; she brushed against Xia Rou's shoulder and left without greeting her.

Xia Rou also didn't bother to greet her, obediently heading down the stairs like a tamed wife. After leaving the building, she felt like she was pushed into a hot steamer.

Cao Yang was still waiting for her under that tree. She didn't pay attention to him and instead trotted right to the main building. She turned around and shouted at him on her way: "Why are you still standing there! It's so hot! Come faster!"

Cao Yang: "…" You little girl!

Cao Yang followed her with big steps to the dining room and said: "This hot and you're still wearing long sleeves?"

"My body is averse to the cold." Xia Rou said weakly.

Cao Yang remembered that Xia Rou's face was always pale, then asked: "Do you have anemia?"

"Mn." Xia Rou nodded. She didn't have much of an appet.i.te.

Cao Yang saw her picking at her food and furrowed his brows. Then he placed a whole clump of spinach into her bowl. "Not enough blood yet you still pick at your food! Eat the spinach!"

Not enough blood yet you still pick at your food! Eat the spinach!

Xia Rou paused with her chopsticks in her hand.

This sentence, she'd heard it from big brother before, but it was now… much earlier than compared to the past.

Xia Rou stared at that pile of dark green, finishing it all up at once.

Just like a squirrel!

Cao Yang looked at her and couldn't help his smile.

"These few days have been like a sauna outside. Don't go running anymore. I'll bring you to the underground swimming pool after we finish eating," he said.

"I don't want to go," Xia Rou shook her head.

"Don't be lazy," Cao Yang replied.

Xia Rou had no other way to explain to him, so with a deadpan face she said: "It's inconvenient for me today."

Cao Yang wanted to ask how swimming was inconvenient, then seemed to become enlightened. A woman's inconvenience of course was because of their period.

Xia Rou… was already 15 this year, right? Don't tell him…

Cao Yang struggled for a long while, but thinking that there wasn't a female elder by her side, he was worried that no one had taught her about those things. In the end, he remained stoic and said with a solemn face: "You… this is not your first time right?"

Xia Rou was shocked as if by lightning!

Even in the past, Cao Yang had never asked here these things! What was the difference now?

She struggled inwardly for a long time, before replying with an equally stoic and solemn face: "No, I got it last year."

Then she noticed Cao Yang exhale a long, relieved sigh, touching his nose and decisively ending the awkward topic: "My fourth little brother is coming back soon."

"Brother Cao An?" Xia Rou was happy to change the topic, and even more excited to hear news about Cao An. Because she had only met Cao An in this life when they were young, they were completely like strangers. So these last few days she resisted the urge and tried not to ask about Cao An.

But she couldn't hide her joy at learning that Cao An was coming back. That happiness written in her eyes overflowed, and stunned Cao Yang.

He felt it a little strange. Translated by The Novelst

This little girl seemed to be affectionate to every member of the Cao Family, and it seemed like a natural closeness.

Really strange.

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