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Compared to her past, Xia Rou felt that she had improved. At least, looking from the perspective of controlling her emotions, she was much better at it now.

She couldn't help but raise her eyes to look at Cao Yang.

Cao Yang was curious: "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." She chuckled.

To be able to sit in front of big brother and smile leisurely, that was something that she didn't even dare to imagine before her death.

Be satisfied, Xia Rou. Translated by The Novelst

Don't make him angry again, don't cause trouble for him this time. If you listen to his words, he will definitely help you life a peaceful life.

Don't be greedy about those things that don't belong to you anymore. Just like what he said in the past, all those complicated people and things she… couldn't handle it.

Look, wasn't her ending the best proof for her already?

Xia Rou let out a long sigh, then took another glance at Cao Yang. While staring at his handsome profile, she brutally downed a spoonful of rice.

Cao Yang raised his eyebrow.

Just now she was s.p.a.cing out while eating her rice, then she teared up. As he thought she was going to cry, in the end she raised her eyes and stared at him before laughing by herself.

The laugh came out of nowhere, it was as if his existence could cheer her up.

Although it was baffling… at least it was better than crying at the dining table. A lady would of course look prettier when she smiled.

This little girl looked very elegant when she smiled with her lips closed and the corner of her mouth tilted upwards. It reminded him of a milky white cat he saw at someone else's house.

Snowy white, soft, and obedient.

Cao Yang felt that Xia Rou's existence wasn't a bother, but was also super troublesome.

Cao Yang, as a man, clearly knew how adult women thought, and could easily handle them.

However, toward an adolescent like Xia Rou, he couldn't take her as an adult woman, nor could he use a man's perspective to look at her. As an elder of the opposite s.e.x, he really couldn't understand what she was thinking inside.

A 15-year-old girl's worldview was probably in a different dimension to a 29-year-old man's.

Nevermind, who cared about what she was thinking as long as she was happy. That would be enough.

Looking at the smile on this pretty lady, he suddenly felt like his meal was much tastier.

He hadn't really thought of it, but ever since Xia Rou's arrival to the house, he realized that before the house had always been… a little too cold.

"Brother Cao Yang." Xia Rou suddenly spoke up. "When will the renovation be over?"

"Probably before school starts you can move in. After the renovation, you should let it rest for a bit, it's not good to move in immediately," Cao Yang replied. "Why?"

Xia Rou took some vegetables from a dish, and said: "Yesterday Brother Cao Xing had a huge plush rabbit delivered to me, it's super duper big. My room has no more s.p.a.ce already."

Cao Yang: "…"

Cao Yang also felt helpless. "You noticed? He's had this hobby since he was young. Don't tell my father, if he knows Cao Xing will get beaten up again."

Xia Rou then said, her small face very serious: "Why would I? All those were for me."

"… We all know who they're really for." Cao Yang was speechless, even this little girl was defending Cao Xing.

Xia Rou sighed: "Brother Cao Xing is quite pitiful, that's his only hobby."

"This hobby is kind of shameful." Cao Yang hmmphed. Actually he thought along the same lines as Cao Xiong, he couldn't really tolerate Cao Xing being obsessed with those furry, soft plushies.

It was so shameful!

Xia Rou sighed inside, she felt a little sad.

Third brother only had this sort of hobby. Even though it was a little odd, it wasn't really a big deal at all.

Wait until fourth brother came back, that would be the big deal.

In the past ten years, she had to cover for Cao An. Even after her death, the Cao Family father and sons didn't have a hint about Cao An.

Thinking of Cao An, she remembered the room on the second floor. Xia Rou suddenly remembered a question that she had hidden in her heart for a long time, but never had the chance to ask.

"Brother Cao Yang, yesterday I went to look at the room. Who chose the blue wallpaper?" She finally managed to ask.

"Me," Cao Yang replied without any hesitation. "Actually the wallpaper I wanted to choose was the same as the one in my room, but I felt like it might be too manly. So I chose that one with the flower pattern. Do you like it?"


As she expected.

This question had always bothered her in the past, but the truth was really what she's guessed.

The aesthetic judgment of a man and a woman was totally different. In the eyes of Cao Yang, that light blue wallpaper with dark rose patterns on it was probably already very "girly" to him.

Xia Rou blinked her eyes, then suddenly burst into laughter.

There was a part of her heart that became much more relaxed. That self-pity in the past, those worries were like dust being eliminated in the sun in front of her.

Cao Yang was baffled by her laughter. Translated by The Novelst

He really couldn't understand why this young lady, sometimes she teared up and sometimes she laughed so happily.

Although it was really confusing, it… indeed lifted his mood.

The corner of Cao Yang's mouth also tilted up.


The summer was peaceful and full of leisure. Xia Rou read books, revised her studies and exercised every day to spend her time.

Ever since that day she ran into He Lili in the dining room, He Lili never sought her out again. That enthusiasm she had at their first meeting seemed to be gone. Sometimes when they ran into each other, she would just nod her head at her.

Surprisingly He Lili didn't lose her temper at her because Xia Rou had informed Cao Yang about that matter. Instead, Lady Fang's goodwill toward Xia Rou had faded, she didn't seem to like her as much as before.

It looked like the fates couldn't be forced.

In the past, she and Lady Fang hadn't liked each other, but she had liked He Lili. In this life, she had tried to make a good impression on Lady Fang, but because of He Lili, their feelings faded. A person's heart is usually biased. No matter how much Lady Fang liked her, of course it would never surpa.s.s her love for her own daughter.

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