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After Xia Rou heard about Cao An, she went back in excitement to the side building. In a great mood, the boiling hot weather didn't seem so annoying to her any longer.

When she got upstairs and pa.s.sed Lady Fang's room, she heard an argument coming from the door that was cracked open.

"You wanted to enter a large company, and Cao Yang arranged it for you. What are you dissatisfied for? What are you trying to do!"

"B-but, I don't want to go to Fen City! I want to stay here!"

"Here is the provincial capital, the headquarters of the provincial capital. Do you think you can get in so easily?"

"I know it will be hard, but surely Cao Yang will have his ways…"

The room was silent for a moment, then a loud, angry voice started: "Whether or not he has a way, what does that have to do with you!"

"It's a favor from the east warzone Commander's eldest son! Do you think you can simply ask for it?"

"You didn't even speak to me and went to Cao Yang directly on your own! How can you be so fearless!" Translated by The Novelst

"Do you know how many people can't even make it through the door, not even being able to lay eyes on the Cao Family!"

"Do you see the guards at the entrance! Do you think that just anybody can get into this courtyard? Do you think that anyone can simply get a favor from the Cao Family!"

"Do you think after you asked for this favor, and you're still not satisfied, that they would have to patch it up for you?"

"Why don't you take a look in the mirror! Who do you think you are!"

The room went silent again. She could imagine how embarra.s.sed He Lili was feeling.

Outside of the room, Xia Rou also felt very embarra.s.sed.

Every sentence out of Lady Fang's mouth was a slap to He Lili's face. At the same time it was also a slap to Xia Rou's face.

Suddenly she started to feel jealous of He Lili. She was jealous that He Lili had someone like Lady Fang to scold her. If there was someone in the past who had scolded her like that, maybe she would have realized her mistakes earlier.

But obviously, He Lili was still unable to recognize her own mistakes.

She continued to bite out: "Don't they have to consider you?"

"Me?" Lady Fang became even angrier. "What face do I have? I have lost all face because of you!"

"At least, the affection of many years…"

"You better keep your mouth shut!" Lady Fang flew into a rage.

"Affection? What affection! This is all in your head! I work for them and they give me a salary, what affection is there?"

The consequence of becoming so enraged was upon Lady Fang. She became weak and exhausted.

"You urgh… You better keep those thoughts to yourself! Those thoughts of yours… it's impossible!"

"I.. What have I thought about!" He Lili withdrew a little.

"You think others are stupid? Those thoughts of yours, you think others couldn't see right through you?" Lady Fang felt helpless and continued. "Why do you think I sent you to a boarding school for high school? It's because you kept following Cao Yang and Cao Bin around so much. The commander didn't like it so he gave me a warning. If I didn't send you to boarding school, I might even have lost my job…"

Obviously He Lili was shocked by this information.

Lady Fang went on: "You want to stay here. Of course Cao Yang could do that. How can that be considered difficult for Cao Yang? But he insisted on placing you in Fen City. Why? Why didn't you think further?" Her voice revealed how tired she was, all due to the worry about the troubles caused by her daughter who didn't recognize the immensity of heaven and earth.

The room rang with silence for another moment. Then He Lili's wailing sounded from the room.

"Why! Why!" She cried out, "Why can't I compare to other people! I have also graduated from a second tier university! You have been working hard with your own two hands, why can't we compare to others?"

"Why can that mistress' child act like a princess! Her mother doesn't even know how to work! She only knows how to become someone else's husband's lover! So embarra.s.sing!"

"Tell me, is she even the commander's child? If she is the commander's child, then I'm convinced, then I can accept my fate!"

Lady Fang scolded her: "What nonsense are you speaking of!"

"Then tell me, is she? Or is she not!"

Lady Fang paused, then replied: "Of course she's not. If she was indeed his child, with his personality, he definitely would have taken her in earlier instead of waiting until now."

He Lili then stubbornly persisted: "Then why can she!"

"We have been working so hard trying to feed ourselves, but our lives can't even compare to a mistress' child! Why is she above us? She has no sense of shame!"

"Don't run your mouth like that!" Lady Fang scolded. "When did Xia Rou step above you! Everything is in your imagination!"

"How can you compare like that?" Lady Fang shouted. "Enough!"

Enough. Translated by The Novelst

Xia Rou didn't want to hear any more.

Mistress' child – this word was like a curse to her in the past.

Xia Rou took a deep breath and shook her head in a small motion, trying to shake off the sudden mood around her. She walked in large steps back to her own room, a bang sounding as the door shut.

All of a sudden, the room beside hers also went quiet. After a while, another bang sounded.


In the past, Xia Rou had always asked herself that same question.

Why did she have to marry an ordinary, white-collar man, and step back to the cla.s.s where the ordinary people lived?

Why couldn't she remain where she was?

She constantly asked herself "why" like she was possessed. She stubbornly insisted on getting engaged with someone that didn't suit her.

Big brother must have felt so helpless at that time.

His own marriage didn't go well either. It was just a year after his divorce, yet he still needed to worry about her marriage.

But once again he indulged her.

She could still remember him rubbing her head, speaking softly, Never mind… As long as big brother is here, I should be able to protect you…

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