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Chapter 584 A Nightmare

Gu Yan actually knew that since Mo Xiangyan fell from a high place, fracture was a minor injury. However, knowing it intellectually didn’t mean that she could accepted it emotionally. Although she knew she should be grateful that Mo Xiangyan just broke his arm, when she thought of the pain he was going to endure, it was tearing her heart out.

Seeing that the ward was right in front of her, Gu Yan worried that Mo Xiangyan would be even more uncomfortable to see her appearance, so she went to the bathroom to wash her face first, so that her eyes did not look so swollen. And then she stood at the door to tidy up her mood before she opened the door of the ward.

It should be that the anesthetic was still working. Mo Xiangyan still lay there quietly, with eyes closed. What he looked like deeply hurt Gu Yan’s heart. He was the one Gu Yan loved so much, but now he was lying on this cold hospital bed because of her mistake.

Gu Yan sat down on the stool in front of the bed and gently grasped Mo Xiangyan’s another arm. Mo Xiangyan’s hand was always warm, but now it was cold. The thick needle was stuck into Mo Xiangyan’s slender arm. Gu Yan wrapped Mo Xiangyan’s small hand with her palm, trying to pa.s.s her own temperature to him.

Mo Yichen stood behind Gu Yan. He put his hand on her shoulder, and gently pressed her shoulder to give her a little strength. Gu Yan felt that she was about to cry, and she raised her head slightly. Mo Xiangyan might wake up at any time, so she didn’t want to face him with tears.

Gu Yan suppressed the tears that had reached her eye socket and forced herself to be strong. When she turned her gaze back to Mo Xiangyan, she saw Mo Xiangyan’s eyelashes trembling slightly. And after shaking a few times, his eyes opened.

“Dad, Aunt Yan.” Mo Xiangyan’s voice was hoa.r.s.e. This voice sounded like a natural sound to Gu Yan and Mo Yichen. At least, he knew her. Although the doctor said he was okay, she must personally confirm it.

Mo Xiangyan just woke up and felt that he just had a complicated dream, in which there were loud voices, including the call of his father, and the cry of Aunt Yan. Mo Xiangyan wanted to move his body, but he found that his whole body was sore. Then he was sure that it was not a dream at all. He indeed experienced a nightmare.

“Tell Aunt Yan, where do you feel uncomfortable?” Gu Yan’s voice was also a little hoa.r.s.e because of crying too much, but she didn’t care about herself at all. She was afraid that other parts of Mo Xiangyan’s body were uncomfortable.

Although Mo Xiangyan was sometimes naughty, he was essentially a caring child. After looking at Gu Yan’s appearance and Mo Yichen’s silence, he knew how much they worried about him just now.

Although he was very uncomfortable now, how could he tell Mo Yichen and Gu Yan? He just shook his head strenuously and told them that he was okay. For fear that Gu Yan would ask again, he changed the subject.

“Aunt Yan, I’m so thirsty and want to drink water.” Not just because of changing the subject, Mo Xiangyan was indeed thirsty, and he was parched. After hearing him saying that he was thirsty, Gu Yan quickly stood up to find water.

When Mo Yichen saw that Gu Yan was fl.u.s.tered, he reached out and pressed her on the seat.

“I’m going to buy it. You accompany Xiangyan well.” After saying this, he looked at Mo Xiangyan. Mo Xiangyan nodded to his father with great effort, indicating that he was okay. Then Mo Yichen turned and walked out of the ward.

Only Gu Yan and Mo Xiangyan were left in the ward. Gu Yan still clenched Mo Xiangyan’s palm. When Mo Xiangyan felt the power from his palm, he knew that Gu Yan was indeed terrified. He wanted to ease the atmosphere, but he didn’t know where to start. His hand felt pain, but he did not stop Gu Yan.

“Aunt Yan, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt at all.” Mo Xiangyan also made great effort to squeeze the hand that was holding him. Gu Yan felt the power of Mo Xiangyan, but when she looked at the sweat on his forehead, she felt sad. Why was his son so sensible? On the contrary, he worried about her.

What she did was not as good as Mo Xiangyan. Gu Yan reflected on herself. She knew that the more she was like this, the more Mo Xiangyan thought, so she forced herself to swallow the bitterness in her heart, and smiled at Mo Xiangyan. Although she knew that smiling must be uglier than crying, but she still had to smile.

Mo Yichen walked around the hospital for a long time before finding a vending machine. He bought a few bottles of water, and then went to the nurses’ station to ask for a pack of cotton swabs. Mo Yichen really felt the inconvenience in this place, and made up his mind to send Mo Xiangyan home as soon as possible whatever the cost.

This was not a trivial matter after all. It was related to the future of Mo Xiangyan. He just didn’t know whether Mo Xiangyan could withstand the long-distance travel. Alas, this trip was really terrible.

Although Mo Yichen had a strong sense of direction, he still went around in this hospital for a long time before returning to Mo Xiangyan’s ward. The atmosphere at this time was much better than just now. Gu Yan had already tidied up her mood and discussed some relaxing topics with Mo Xiangyan. She let Mo Xiangyan just listen to her. He would say a few words when he was happy, even if his voice was as slight as a mosquito.

Seeing Mo Yichen coming back, Gu Yan stopped talking, reached out and took the water and cotton swabs in Mo Yichen’s hand. She soaked the cotton swab, and gently smeared Mo Xiangyan’s cracked lips. It was not until his mouth gradually had color that Gu Yan put the water gla.s.s beside his mouth.

Mo Xiangyan was really thirsty, so he took a few big sips from the gla.s.s. Until he drank half of the bottle, his thirst was quenched.

Seeing that his father and Aunt Yan both watched him near the bed and the atmosphere between the three was not as active as before, Mo Xiangyan felt a little uncomfortable, and he blamed himself for being careless.

“Dad, Aunt Yan, I want to go home.” Mo Xiangyan looked at Mo Yichen and Gu Yan, and expressed his wish. It was natural for people to feel distressed when they met with accidents in a foreign country, not to mention Mo Xiangyan, a child. In the cold hospital, only Gu Yan and Mo Yichen were familiar with him.

This feeling was uncomfortable, and Mo Xiangyan just wanted to go home.

Mo Yichen also had the same idea, but he didn’t know whether Mo Xiangyan’s current physical condition allowed him to travel long distances. Mo Yichen nodded to Mo Xiangyan, “I have to ask the doctor about this, but I will do my best. Don’t worry about it, okay?”

When Mo Xiangyan heard Mo Yichen agreeing to his request, he was greatly relieved. When the anesthetic effect disappeared, Mo Xiangyan felt the pain from his arm. The sweat dripped from his forehead, but he still refrained from crying out.

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