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Chapter 585 I Will Take Care of Everything

Gu Yan looked at Mo Xiangyan and knew that he was beginning to feel pain, but he kept gritting his teeth and didn’t shout his pain out. The more forbearing he was, the more distressed Gu Yan was. He wanted to go home, so did she.

Mo Yichen left the room after hearing Mo Xiangyan’s request and went to the doctor’s office to inquire about the situation. This doctor was older than Mo Yichen. He frowned after hearing Mo Yichen’s intention. After the patient was injured, he usually wanted to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time, and was discharged after confirming that he was completely healed. However, the Chinese man wanted to go home as soon as possible.

The doctor felt very puzzled, but he still gave his own professional advice. After all, no law stipulated that the patient could not go home after an operation, right? As for the physical condition, in fact, the doctor personally thought that it was fine to take a plane right after the operation. At best, he would have difficulty in moving after the plaster was fixated.

The doctor told Mo Yichen the truth. After listening to the doctor’s words, Mo Yichen had his own ideas. Since it didn’t bring about healthy risk, he should arrange for Mo Xiangyan to return to China for treatment as soon as possible. After all, he could receive the treatment with combination of the traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in China. This was more conducive to the recovery of Mo Xiangyan.

Mo Yichen made up his mind. After thanking the doctor, he walked out of the doctor’s office and stood in the corridor pacing back and forth. How did they go back? Mo Yichen dialed the number of the a.s.sistant and asked him to help contact a helicopter bound for Fiji. Tomorrow when Mo Xiangyan’s condition stabilized, they would return home immediately.

“Is there anything else?” Since the a.s.sistant keeping saying some nonsense without hanging up the phone, Mo Yichen was very puzzled. He admired the a.s.sistant’s straightforwardness and decisiveness. Now the a.s.sistant didn’t get straight to the point, which made Mo Yichen upset.

“President Mo, if you have time, please come back to the company as soon as possible. I will arrange the helicopter as soon as possible.” Although the a.s.sistant felt that he wasn’t loyal as he didn’t directly tell Mo Yichen the truth, the situation was so pressing that he didn’t know what to do. He reminded Mo Yichen. As to whether Mo Yichen could understand what he meant, this was Mo Yichen’s own business.

Although Mo Yichen felt that the a.s.sistant talked incoherently, he did not question closely. After all, the top priority was Mo Xiangyan’s business. Since the a.s.sistant would arrange it, he would no longer worry about it. Then he entered Mo Xiangyan’s ward and stayed quietly with the mother and son.

Mo Xiangyan’s pain should be continuous. Gu Yan was next to him, and she was telling him a story softly. Her voice was gentle, and there was a kind of soothing magic power.

Mo Yichen sat down next to Gu Yan. Now the night had enveloped the entire city. But the whole family didn’t eat food. Gu Yan had no appet.i.te, but Mo Xiangyan had to eat something. Mo Yichen thought of this. Then he went out to buy food for them after sitting for a little while.

There were many shops that sold food nearby, but now it was a bit late, and many shops were closed. Mo Yichen quickened his pace and kept searching in the dark. He finally found a porridge shop in the corner. He ordered three bowls of plain porridge and a few side dishes. Because he was afraid that the porridge would be cold, he returned to the ward at once after buying them.

When Mo Yichen arrived in the ward, he was already sweating. The weather was already hot, and he ran so fast. When he arrived in the ward, the porridge was not only hot, but also wasn’t spilled at all.

Mo Yichen opened the bag and took a portion of porridge to Gu Yan. When Gu Yan was about to refuse, she saw Mo Yichen’s firm eyes and haggard face. Then she couldn’t reject it.

Gu Yan picked up the porridge bowl and forced herself to eat. She didn’t have the appet.i.te, but she still had to force herself to eat food, which made her feel uncomfortable, let alone in such a situation.

Mo Yichen picked up a bowl of porridge, and sat next to Mo Xiangyan. He scooped up a spoonful of porridge, and fed it to Mo Xiangyan after making it cooler. Although Mo Xiangyan was physically uncomfortable, he knew that he would not have energy if he didn’t eat it. Therefore, he still forced himself to eat, and after the warm porridge flew into his stomach, he felt the whole body was warm. It seemed that he was not as uncomfortable as he was just now.

“I have contacted the helicopter. If Xiangyan’s body can withstand the long journey, let’s return home in these two days.” Mo Yichen did not tell Gu Yan about the strangeness of his a.s.sistant, because Gu Yan had been worried about the company.

But today, Mo Yichen was restless in his heart. Did the company get into trouble that he didn’t know? Or did his uncle do something that shouldn’t be done?

Mo Yichen subconsciously was unwilling to accept the fact that his uncle betrayed him. Forget it. During these two days, he could temporarily forget it. After handling Mo Xiangyan’s matter, he would go back to the company and have a look. Gu Yan could rest a.s.sured, and he could deal with the incompetent people around him.

Thinking about this, he turned his mind back to the ward. Hearing the news that they could go home soon, Mo Xiangyan was in a good mood and had a better appet.i.te. He ate a whole bowl of porridge. Gu Yan finally showed her first sincere smile today.

Finally, this ward was no longer cold. It became a little bit noisy.

After Mo Yichen ate something, Gu Yan went to clean up the leftovers. There was only one hospital bed in the ward. Mo Yichen meant to let Gu Yan go back to the hotel, but how could she be willing? If she couldn’t see Mo Xiangyan, she wouldn’t fall asleep.

Mo Yichen saw that Gu Yan had rejected him, so he no longer forced her. After all, they had experienced too many things on this day. Everyone was exhausted physically and mentally. Mo Yichen also understood Gu Yan’s feeling, and she just needed to endure one night. Besides, he was here, and he could take care of any situation.

Besides, how could Mo Yichen let Gu Yan go back to the hotel by herself? Then he stopped insisting.

There was still a sofa in the ward. Although it was not big, it was enough for Gu Yan. They didn’t bring any toiletries. It was very late now, so most shops must be closed. Gu Yan went to the bathroom to wash her face. When she came out, she saw Mo Xiangyan was already asleep.

Mo Xiangyan was small. When he was lying on the hospital bed that Gu Yan deemed narrow, he looked smaller. His fringe was soaked in sweat, so it was sticked to Mo Xiangyan’s forehead. Gu Yan walked up and brushed the hair on his forehead to the sides. She reached out, touched his forehead, and made sure that he did not have a fever. Then she breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, Mo Yichen walked to Gu Yan’s side. When he saw her haggard look, he couldn’t help but feel a little distressed. He also brushed the hair on her forehead back her ears.

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