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Chapter 583 Silver Lining

The hospital was far from here, and it took them a long time to arrive. When they arrived at the hospital, someone asked Mo Yichen to pay the bill. Although Mo Yichen was worried about Gu Yan, he was still afraid of delaying Mo Xiangyan’s treatment. Then he walked away. Mo Xiangyan was sent to the operating room.

Gu Yan was at the door of the operating room, staring blankly at the lights in the operating room. The medical staff went in and out, but no one told her what was going on. It was obviously noisy, but Gu Yan couldn’t hear any sound in her ears. She just stood blankly, and her hands wrapped around her chest.

Gu Yan didn’t notice that she was shaking at all. It was scared of losing Mo Xiangyan. Although Gu Yan left Mo Xiangyan before, she at least knew that Mo Xiangyan was healthy and grew up happily. Even if she couldn’t be with him, it was her greatest happiness to know that he was growing up healthily.

But now…

If it was because of her own appearance that caused harm to Mo Xiangyan, Gu Yan would rather keep watching Mo Xiangyan from a distance. As long as he was healthy, she was willing to endure any hardship.

Oh. It was really her fault. If she hadn’t walked away today, how could Mo Xiangyan fall down? Now annoyance and regret had occupied Gu Yan’s whole mind. Like an unclosed faucet, tears kept streaming down.

Mo Yichen saw this scene when he came over after paying the fee. Looking at the lonely and trembling figure of Gu Yan, Mo Yichen was really heartbroken. Thinking that Mo Xiangyan was still undergoing surgery and his life was uncertain, Mo Yichen also wanted to cry.

Today, his gaze had been following Gu Yan. He completely forgot that there was a long staircase in front of him. He didn’t hold Mo Xiangyan’s hand tightly, so Xiangyan slipped and fell down.

Mo Yichen didn’t want to think back to the time when he watched Mo Xiangyan quickly rolling down the stairs but couldn’t grasp him. He didn’t want to experience the kind of fear again in his life.

Mo Yichen patted his head. Now he shouldn’t think about these things anymore. The top priority was to comfort Gu Yan, and then he should guard the operating room.

Mo Yichen stepped forward, hugged Gu Yan in his arms and gently patted her back. Gu Yan now completely found her support. She leaned on Mo Yichen’s shoulder and wept loudly.

Mo Yichen had never seen Gu Yan look so strange, and he just patted her shoulder gently.

“Okay, okay, stop crying. It must be fine.” Mo Yichen comforted her while patting her. Gu Yan just cried and couldn’t listen to what Mo Yichen said.

“What should I do? What should I do? I’m to blame. I’m to blame.” Gu Yan couldn’t listen to Mo Yichen’s words. She just kept blaming herself. And tears of Gu Yan wet Mo Yichen’s half of clothes.

Mo Yichen was also anxious in his heart, but he couldn’t show it because he was the pillar of Gu Yan. If he was as anxious as Gu Yan, Gu Yan would definitely be desperate.

Mo Yichen held Gu Yan until she calmed down and quietly buried in his arms. Mo Yichen helped her to sit on a chair, and they just sat here, looking at the lights in the operating room together.

After a time, the lights in the operating room finally went out, and the door of the operating room opened quickly. Gu Yan was weak now and didn’t have the energy to step forward. She just leaned on the chair, waiting for the doctor to announce Mo Xiangyan’s situation.

Mo Yichen was also afraid that the news from the doctor’s mouth was what he didn’t want and didn’t dare to listen to. He summoned his courage in his seat, stood up and walked towards the man in the white coat.

“Doctor, how is it going?” Mo Yichen tried to communicate with the doctor in English, because English was the main language of Fiji, but he was not sure whether the doctor could understand it.

“His arm gets a fracture. It has been set now. The child is born with strong self-recovery, and he can recover soon. There are no major problems in other aspects. Don’t worry.” It seemed that he was used to the anxious appearance of the parents. The doctor also added a sentence to comfort the anxious young couple in front of him.

Mo Yichen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although fracture was not a small problem, compared to other diseases that might harm lives, this was already the silver lining.

Next, the doctor explained some precautions to Mo Yichen. Mo Yichen listened carefully and kept them in his heart. After all, this matter was related to Mo Xiangyan’s future and health, so Mo Yichen did not dare to be careless.

After the doctor finished speaking, Mo Yichen sincerely thanked him and finally felt relieved.

Gu Yan didn’t dare to listen to what the doctor was saying. She only felt that currently, the time was going too slow, as if the pa.s.sage of time was slowed down. She lowered her head, not daring to see everything in front of her.

Mo Yichen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at Gu Yan who buried her head on her chest, he knew that she must be very nervous now.

Mo Yichen stepped forward, gently held Gu Yan’s shoulders, and straightened her body bit by bit. “It’s okay. The doctor said it’s okay. If he is taken good care of, he will recover soon. Xiangyan is so healthy that he will get well soon. You can rest a.s.sured.” Mo Yichen didn’t dare to tell Gu Yan about the fracture of Mo Xiangyan. He wanted her to calm down first.

Hearing the news that Mo Xiangyan was okay, Gu Yan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he was fine. Fortunately, it was okay. If there was something wrong with Mo Xiangyan, how could she live? Gu Yan was finally relieved. She just swore secretly that in the future, she would keep an eye on Mo Xiangyan, and this situation would never happen again.

Gu Yan began to shed tears again at this time, but she did so because of happiness. Crying with joy was another feeling. Gu Yan usually did not believe in Buddhism, but at this time, she chanted Amitabha in her heart, thanking the Buddha for blessing.

Sure enough, when a woman had a child, she had pain points and weaknesses, although in many cases, the child was also her armor.

Mo Xiangyan hadn’t come out of the operating room yet, but someone informed Mo Yichen and Gu Yan to go to the general ward and wait, and they would transfer Mo Xiangyan there soon.

As Gu Yan walked to the ward, her footsteps were finally not as heavy as before, but she still did not dare to recall the appearance of Mo Xiangyan just now. His eyes closed and his small face was pale. Mo Xiangyan’s appearance was like a blunt knife, hurting Gu Yan.

Since Mo Yichen saw that Gu Yan’s state had recovered a little, he slowly told her about Mo Xiangyan’s broken arm.

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