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Surges gym was pretty much destroyed at this point in time. It will be repaired soon since they have such great technology and super powered pokemon to help out. But he wasn't very pleased. No one likes to be forced to drink the medicine they make other drink.

He still gave us our badges since there was a judge watching everything. We however didn't get a TM from him. He did say he would take it a bit easier on other peoples Pokémon from now on though. Usually he does so much damage they have to be hospitalized like his are now.

With not much else to do we decided to head up to saffron city. Luna wanted me to hit Sabrina with my ole razzle dazzle. This would be a perfect way to help Sabrina at the moment.

Sabrina has developed powerful psychic power at a young age but with her trying to perfect them her mind kind of split into two one being a cold woman's who just wanted power and the other being a small child who only wanted to have fun.

This led to her powers manifesting a small doll like child in her image who likes to kidnap people to play in her dollhouse. So what her mind needs at the moment is a powerful jolt to snap her back into a real person.

So lunas perfect plan is for me to beat up her Pokémon with my own psychic Pokémon then daze her with my s.e.x appeal.

So we heading north to the bustling city of saffron and made our way to the gym.

The gym was dark and a bit creepy there was no judge which we found quite odd. We walked right on inside.

Soon we found the reason why there was no judge. Sitting on a dark candlelit throne was the adult Sabrina looking quite s.e.xy in a tight red top and leggings with long black hair. Next to her was the smaller Sabrina playing with a doll sized person in a doll house. Sabrina looked at us in mild confusion as her psychic powers didn't inform her that we would be coming.

You'd have to have much more training to be able to predict anything more than maybe brock coming in this group.

I feel a nudge to my side and look over to see Luna grinning at me. "Start hitting her with the allure." She whispers. Well it's solid advice so I activate the special skills that have earned me so many women before. I slowly crank up the power as i watch the cold woman for any signs of a change. She has some amazing mental prowess for being self taught and holds off for quite a bit. But it's not enough. My allure just goes higher and higher and soon I hear a voice from behind me which is a dangerous place. "I'm straight I'm straight I'm straight." As Brock chants his mantra. "You better be or I'd have to kick your a.s.s." I tell him in my strangely enchanting voice which breaks Sabrinas facade making her start to blush. Brock just chants harder and flees the room. Rias, Luna and Hinata are also blushing and fidgeting.

I turn back to Sabrina. "I'm actually here for a Pokémon battle if you don't mind?"

She nods before calling out her only Pokémon which happens to be a kadabra.

"Well this must be fate." I say and toss out alakazam.

She blushes even more and looks at the floating Pokémon bending his spoons.

"Yes fate." She says before looking back at me.

It's a different look. I can't really place my finger on it. Seems like a look of someone who needs help. But it's gone in a flash.

I just give her another smile. Before the battle in the arena starts. It's not a very big battle it's more of a battle of powerful minds. Sadly kadabra is not up to par with a fully grown alakazam in the mental prowess battle. The s.p.a.ce around them warps and bends due to psychic powers but the one who is struggling is kadabra who is sweating and squinting trying to hold its ground. Out of all my Pokémon I'd say that alakazam is the strongest. It beats out even blastoise. Not because of its sheer psychic powers but also it's intelligence. Over 5000 IQ and the processing speed faster than a super computer. It learns things instantly. It knows how to speak English and other languages mentally the only thing is he's still lazy. Lazy to the point it doesn't even use muscles to move anymore it uses psychic power for everything.

Soon kadabra is overpowered and crushed to the ground. I look over at Sabrina and hit we with the full power of allure knocking her into a daze. This has the desired effects of making her mind break free with emotions and her smaller body who had being watching in curiosity snaps back into her mind causing her to pa.s.s out.

The mini judge who was being used to play in the doll house quickly goes back to normal size before fleeing in terror.

I check over Sabrina and use some of my medical ninjutsu to ease the pressure on her brain. Brains are complex things and you must be careful when dealing with them. Right now the best treatment would be proper rest. When you overstimulate your mind like that for so long it can lead to some pretty bad problems. She however got lucky and just devolped a split personality. Thought I don't know if that's lucky or not.

"You should probably let her rest in the kingdoms infirmary for a while considering the judge we let lose might have gone to officer Jenny since she has indeed been kidnapping people and using them as playthings." Luna points out.

Yeah there was that whole kidnapping thing going on wasn't there. I quickly put her into the kingdom to recover and we flee the area but not before taking some gym badges.

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