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Since I didn't feel like having officers swarm all over me I used one of my other bodies to change some memories around. Making it so Sabrina basically quit and would be going on vacation do to health issues. Magic so so convenient. There was already another gym up and ready to go in the town. It was a fighting gym. A bunch of karate people loved their training fighting Pokémon for fun but were run out of business due to Sabrina.

This gave them back their jobs and let them run a gym so there wouldn't be any kind of problems in obtaining badges for people to go to the Pokémon league.

On the way back to cerulean, Sabrina woke up in the medical area.

She was confused about everything but took it in stride. She would be staying in the medical area for a few days and have a full checkup. Probably by tsunade.

As for the rest of us once we hit cerulean city we headed straight for the gym. The results were to be expected. One after another we destroyed the sensational sisters whose strongest Pokémon happened to be a starmie.

The only one who might have struggled would have been Rias but she had a full blown adult scizor and for those of you who don't know how strong and fast a scizor is let's me tell you they are super f.u.c.king fast.

It ended in the sisters absolute destruction.

I told them that if they were considering just handing out badges or giving up because they lost they should inform the Pokémon league to have someone else stand in as a gym leader.

They agreed it would probably be for the best since they only want to do water shows with their Pokémon instead of battling. Ah good old Pokémon thots wearing skimpy bathing suits and doing stuff live for people. I'm sure they have quite a few donators.

"So what now?" I ask Luna.

"We could go and relax on the SS Anne and have a small relaxing break for a while?" She says looking at the others who nod in approval.

Instead of having us ride our bikes back I stored them and then had alakazam teleport us to vermillion city. Much more effective to have a nice psychic Pokémon.

We made our way to the docks where the luxurious cruise liner was currently sitting and made our way on board showing off our tickets and getting access.

We had brought along swim suits and other stuff needed for our tiny vacation and were just going to relax.

The cruise ship was magnificent however any time I'm on some kind of big ship the only thing I can think about is all those ship movies I've watched back in the day where every single f.u.c.king one of them sinks. Rouge waves, ice burgs, ghosts? Who knows what could happen. But I'm always prepared.

Luckily none of that happens. We enjoy nice fine dining and music, some Pokémon battles between people riding on the ship. Delicious fruits and smoothies by the poolside where I work on my tan with the ladies. Sabrina joined us a bit later on to help her relax. She was quiet at first but eventually gave in to curiosity and started asking questions about us since her psychic powers didn't work on me at all.

You think it would be safe in a mind like mine to just browse around? No no no. I had tons of bodies constantly thinking and doing different things at different time rates every moment of the day. n.o.body wanted to be in this mind as even I had no idea what was going on. Sometimes I'd have to close down the link to get a bit of real rest and relaxation. As having so many bodies is stressful.

But for the most part I was truthful with the girl about everything since she would be tagging along with us and apparently a new waifu at some point according to Luna. Who was actually helping her learn more about psychic powers.

(A/N for those of you asking for more chapters and not knowing why I haven't been posting these past few days. I've actually been really really sick and still am I managed to get hit with a double whammy of an ear infection and strep throat all at once and have been down taking tons of medicine to fight off fevers and pain. There are literally zero f.u.c.king good things going on with my head right now and it's horrible. I have a ma.s.sive migraine from the ear infection along with a loud ringing in my ears that doesn't f.u.c.king help. A fever from h.e.l.l that also comes with a runny nose and then a swollen sore throat. I've been to the doctors and I'm on all sorts of pain killers and medicines to help me sleep but it's going to take a bit longer. So sorry if the chapters slow down for a bit. I've been sleeping a lot and most of the time I just sleep through the day and part of the night due to the medicine. Once I'm better the chapters should go back to normal but right now it's just so hard to think through migraines and pain killers.)

This vacation of luxury for our heroes would last about a month and they would enjoy ever second of it and get some sweet tans going.

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