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Arriving at the vermillion city gym it was about to be a fun experience.

We all registered at the receptionist who looked at us in pity. Surge was known to be extra cruel to his opponents so lots of new trainers quit after they fought him and never returned.

In his words it was better to show people how the world really was than to coddle them and let them win badges easily.

Walking in to the large clean arena we spot the man himself making some of the volunteers he recruited scrub the floor.

Spotting us he broke out into a wide smile. "Some new brats have come to challenge me. Well I suppose this won't take long. Say how many badges if any do you lot have?" He says with a smirk.

I just look at him and smile. "Only one but your about to be in for a really rough day."

"Oh I like your confidence kid."

The judge walks out onto the stage as the guys who were cleaning quickly clear the way.

"This is an official gym battle leader surge will only be using a single Pokémon the challenger is allowed three is everyone okay with these rules?" The judge says as me and surge step into our designated spots.

"I'd advise you use three." I tell the man pulling out an orange Pokéball with a fang sticker on it.

"No need kid." He tossed out a pokeball and a chubby raichu pops out.

"Your loss then." I toss mine and a bigger than normal dragonite flies out.

Surge looks at it with a serious face. "You said you only have a single badge right?"

"Well yeah but I went and raised my Pokémon by some fierce battles in the mountain areas near here." His face looks even more grim.

"Begin!" The judge shouts.

"Dragonite hyperbeam!" I say making the mans eyes widen.

"Raichu dodge!" But it's far too late as a blast of white energy smashes into the orange electric mouse.

There's a loud explosion as the arena shakes and dust flies everywhere. In the pit is a bruised and batter looking Raichu no longer conscious.

"Raichu is no longer able to battle the winner is Ryan from pallet town." The judge declares.

"Just to let you know the Dragonite is my weakest Pokémon I have." I tell the man who is rushing to aid his Pokémon.

I'm given a badge by the judge as surge rushes off to heal his battered Pokémon.

"There will be a 15 minute rest period in between battles please decide who is going next." The judge says.

Brock won't be partic.i.p.ating in this event as he doesn't care about badges and legally isn't allowed to partic.i.p.ate being a gym leader himself.

Rias will be going next for intimidation purposes.

She steps into the arena.

"Leader surge has decided to use three Pokémon from this point on." The judge says as I snort in laughter.

Surge looks at the beautiful Rias with a serious gaze. "Did you also train with that guy in the mountains?" She just nods before tossing out her Pokémon along with surge.

"Go Charizard/Magneton!" He sees the huge fire dragon pop out tail blazing ready for battle.

"s.h.i.t!" He quickly tries to recall his Pokémon.

"Use fire blast!" Charizard inhales then a scorching burst of flame sprays from its mouth making the magnet Pokémon across from it turn red hot.

"Stop Stop! I admit defeat!" He shouts quickly trying to rescue his Pokémon.

There's a blast of water from the side as my blastoise sprays out water quickly cooling off the superheated Pokémon saving it from a molten fate.

"Leader surge has admitted defeat the challenger wins." The judge shouts raising a flag. Two down two to go.

Surge looks over at our group. "You guys are a little too strong to only have a single badge. Did the league send you?" He asks seriously.

"Nope we seriously only have a single badge and we just decided to visit you since we heard such great things about how you treat people here." Luna says with a winning smile.

He doesn't look pleased.

"Don't worry how about I use a Raichu to fight with your Raichu that way you can't cry about type advantage." Luna says in a teasing voice.

"You think you can beat me in my own element little girl?" He says stepping up to the challenge.

"Yes." Luna walks to the arena.

The judge hearing all of this makes some changes. "The next battle will be Raichu vs Raichu am I correct?" They both agree.

There is another flash of light as the two Raichu enter the field. Lunas Raichu has quite a few inches in height and body ma.s.s.

"Raichu use mega punch!" Surge shouts not willing to lose without a fight.

"Raichu double edge!" Luna counters with a more devastating move. There's a huge boom in the middle of the arena as the attacks meet head on and surges Raichu is blasted out of the arena with lunas only being pushed back with minor injuries.

"Surges Raichu is unable to battle the challenger wins this match." The judge shouts once more.

Man that Raichu is just taking an absolute beating today.

The final challenger is the innocent looking Hinata. However if you judge her that way it's a fatal error.

She steps into the arena after the healing time is over and tosses out her pokeball there's a loud rumble as a ma.s.sive venusaur is released.

Seeing that the Pokémon is a big slow gra.s.s type surge regains a bit of his confidence. He quickly tosses out an electrode.

"Venusaur use vine whip." She says as some super fast vine quickly whip out and start slamming into the electrode.

"Electrode self destruct!" Surge is determined to win against atleast one pokemon.

Sadly it wasn't going to be this one. As soon as electrode explodes and the smoke clear Venusaur hardly has any damage done to it. Just to kick him while he is down.

"Venusaur use recover." Hinata says in her kindest voice. There's a flash of light and Venusaur is back to full health.

Surge grits his teeth. "Magneton go! Use Thunderbolt." The magnet Pokémon is summoned once more against a huge opponent and quickly starts firing off electric shocks.

"Venusaur solar beam." The giant plant Pokémon quickly starts absorbing energy.

"Magneton hit it with everything you've got!" Surge roars as the Pokémon who is firing off electric blasts and magnet bombs doing very little damage.

There's a blinding flash of golden light fired off from the plant on the back of Venusaur carving a huge crater through the destroyed arena floor smashing right into the magnet Pokémon smashing him into a far off wall. "Magneton is unable to fight please choose your last Pokémon." The judge says raising a red flag.

"Raichu cmon we got to beat atleast one opponent!" Surge shouts summoning his last Pokémon.

However the words from Hinata cut those hopes short. "Venusaur use earthquake." The big green Pokémon raises up its leg and stomps down there's a ripple across the arena as it's torn apart the Raichu is smashed by a wave of earth and quickly called back by surge who also has to dodge the wave of destruction.

After a few seconds of destruction everything is calm and destroyed. It was a clean sweep surge didn't even beat a single Pokémon and had his whole team wiped out. His arena was destroyed and his confidence also took a hit. His Pokémon were all in need of much more serious medical care. And worst of all he lost so bad in front of all the rookies in his own element.

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