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"Lu Lijun! what're you doing?"
"Shhh! Let me see where that b.a.s.t.a.r.d touched you," he tucked the loose hair strand behind her earlobe, "n.o.body is allowed to touch my wife."
"Dare to say it again and in no time you will see yourself on that bed under me...and I'll make sure, you won't be able to rest for even a single moment, till the morning.”
__ __
At the age of twenty, Jiang Yuyan married her love Lu Qiang, an heir to one of the most powerful business families in the capital. Tragically, a few months later, an unfortunate incident cost her husband's life.
A series of unfathomable incidents compelled Jiang Yuyan to marry her brother-in-law Lu Lijun, who's younger than her. Her new marriage meant nothing to her more than just an act to protect the people she cared about.
She planned to leave the Lu family after Lu Lijun became independent and spend the rest of her life with the memories of Lu Qiang which she treasured for all those years, but that turned out to be her wishful thinking.
Her brother-in-law, Lu Lijun, realizes that he is in love with her and wants her to be his wife.
What will unfold when he confessed his feelings to her, knowing that she will never accept him?
Will he be able to make her fall in love with him? Will her heart come alive again?

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Chapter 1194 Oct-11-21
Chapter 1193 Oct-11-21
Chapter 1192 Oct-10-21
Chapter 1191 Oct-10-21
Chapter 1190 Oct-07-21
Chapter 1189 Oct-06-21
Chapter 1188 Oct-06-21
Chapter 1187 Oct-06-21
Chapter 1186 Oct-06-21
Chapter 1185 Oct-02-21
Chapter 1184 Oct-01-21
Chapter 1183 Oct-01-21
Chapter 1182 Sep-28-21
Chapter 1181 Sep-27-21
Chapter 1180 Sep-25-21
Chapter 1179 Sep-23-21
Chapter 1178 Sep-22-21
Chapter 1177 Sep-20-21
Chapter 1176 Sep-20-21
Chapter 1175 Sep-20-21
Chapter 1174 Sep-19-21
Chapter 1173 Sep-18-21
Chapter 1172 Sep-15-21
Chapter 1171 Sep-14-21
Chapter 1170 Sep-14-21
Chapter 1169 Sep-12-21
Chapter 1168 Sep-12-21
Chapter 1167 Sep-10-21
Chapter 1166 Sep-10-21
Chapter 1165 Sep-10-21
Chapter 1164 Sep-10-21
Chapter 1163 Sep-10-21
Chapter 1162 Sep-07-21
Chapter 1161 Sep-05-21
Chapter 1160 Sep-04-21
Chapter 1159 Sep-02-21
Chapter 1158 Sep-02-21
Chapter 1155 Kid? Aug-30-21
Chapter 1112 - Bet Jul-15-21
Chapter 597 Baby? Dec-30-20
Chapter 204 Kiss.. Dec-30-20
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