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  • Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You

  • Author(s): Shy Maple Leaf
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Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You summary:

After years of longing, Mu Chenyan was finally going to marry the man of her dreams — Yuan Xuan. However, on her wedding day, the tragic death of Shu Qinger, her well-known romantic compet.i.tor led to Mu Chenyan’s prison sentence. Two years later, Mu Chenyan was released from prison due to insufficient evidence, but she ended in another “prison” — the Yuan household. However, she was no longer the naive girl who would let anyone have their way with her… Her days in the prison had left their marks and a pa.s.sion for revenge was now ignited in her. Even as Yuan Xuan tried to regain her love, she has now built a wall to guard her heart, cutting off all advances from him. The question remains — who killed Shu Qinger? Who are the people on her side, and those who are on the devil’s? Love and hate intertwined, with Yuan Xuan’s love and protectiveness over Mu Chenyan remaining unchanged…

Mr. Yuan's Dilemma: Can't Help Falling In Love With You Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 208 Jun-10-19
Chapter 207 Jun-04-19
Chapter 206 Jun-04-19
Chapter 205 Jun-04-19
Chapter 204 Jun-04-19
Chapter 203 Jun-02-19
Chapter 202 Jun-01-19
Chapter 201 Jun-01-19
Chapter 200 May-31-19
Chapter 199 May-31-19
Chapter 198 May-31-19
Chapter 197 May-31-19
Chapter 196 May-31-19
Chapter 195 May-31-19
Chapter 194 May-31-19
Chapter 193 May-30-19
Chapter 192 May-30-19
Chapter 191 May-29-19
Chapter 190 May-29-19
Chapter 189 May-28-19
Chapter 188 May-28-19
Chapter 187 May-27-19
Chapter 186 May-27-19
Chapter 185 May-26-19
Chapter 184 May-26-19
Chapter 183 May-25-19
Chapter 182 May-25-19
Chapter 181 May-25-19
Chapter 180 May-24-19
Chapter 179 May-23-19
Chapter 178 May-23-19
Chapter 177 May-22-19
Chapter 176 May-22-19
Chapter 175 May-21-19
Chapter 174 May-21-19
Chapter 173 May-21-19
Chapter 172 May-20-19
Chapter 171 May-20-19
Chapter 170 May-19-19
Chapter 169 May-18-19
Chapter 168 May-18-19
Chapter 167 May-17-19
Chapter 166 May-17-19
Chapter 165 May-16-19
Chapter 164 May-16-19
Chapter 163 May-15-19
Chapter 162 May-15-19
Chapter 161 May-14-19
Chapter 160 May-14-19
Chapter 159 May-13-19
Chapter 158 May-13-19
Chapter 157 May-12-19
Chapter 156 May-12-19
Chapter 155 May-11-19
Chapter 154 May-11-19
Chapter 153 May-11-19
Chapter 152 May-11-19
Chapter 151 May-11-19
Chapter 150 May-11-19
Chapter 149 May-11-19
Chapter 148 May-11-19
Chapter 147 May-11-19
Chapter 146 May-11-19
Chapter 145 May-11-19
Chapter 144 May-08-19
Chapter 143 May-08-19
Chapter 142 May-07-19
Chapter 141 May-07-19
Chapter 140 May-07-19
Chapter 139 May-07-19
Chapter 138 May-05-19
Chapter 137 May-05-19
Chapter 136 May-05-19
Chapter 135 May-04-19
Ch 134 May-03-19
Ch 133 May-03-19
Chapter 132 May-03-19
Chapter 131 May-03-19
Chapter 130 May-03-19
Chapter 129 May-03-19
Ch 128 May-03-19
Ch 127 May-02-19
Ch 126 May-02-19
Ch 125 May-01-19
Ch 124 May-01-19
Ch 123 Apr-30-19
Ch 119 Apr-29-19
Ch 116 Apr-28-19
Ch 115 Apr-28-19
Ch 114 Apr-28-19
Chapter 47 Apr-28-19


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