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  • Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner

  • Author(s): Yi Xi Xi - 艾兮兮
  • GENRES: Fantasy - Supernatural
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  •   novelonlinefull.com rate : 4.65/ 5 - 31 votes

Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner summary:

In the previous life, she was a swindling charlatan who had neither learning nor skills and was beaten to death. Upon opening her eyes again, she had returned to when she was five years old. An impact from a clay Buddha opened her divine eyes, gave her photographic memory, astonishing talent, ability to view another’s past, able to sever the ties of disaster and fortune of life and death, a heaven defying rejuvenation technique, and a technique to recognize treasures. In the last life, her family became ruined and she ended up a homeless wanderer. In this life, she will defy heaven to change her fate and take back her happiness. In the last life, she had nothing, had no education nor skills, was despised by others, and was looked at with indifference. In this life, she exerts herself to become a real master of metaphysics, stands in the summit of the world, became a legend in the business world, sought after in the political circle, and a VIP of the underworld…… Those who owe her, all will be given one’s due! He, like a deity who shows disdain for the world not only treats her with familiarity but also guards her like a loyal dog. Her life became an unprecedented and unique existence.

Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 59 Jan-02-19
Chapter 58 Dec-01-18
Chapter 57 Nov-12-18
Chapter 56 Nov-12-18
Chapter 55 Oct-02-18
Chapter 54 Sep-21-18
Chapter 53 Sep-03-18
Chapter 52 Aug-26-18
Chapter 51 Aug-11-18
Chapter 50 Jul-30-18
Chapter 49 Jul-22-18
Chapter 48 Jul-15-18
Chapter 47 Jul-09-18
Chapter 46 Jul-09-18
Chapter 45 Jul-02-18
Chapter 44 Jul-02-18
Chapter 43 Jun-25-18
Chapter 42 Jun-17-18
Chapter 41 Jun-17-18
Chapter 40 Jun-10-18
Chapter 39 Jun-10-18
Chapter 38 Jun-02-18
Chapter 37 May-27-18
Chapter 36 May-27-18
Chapter 35 May-18-18
Chapter 34 May-18-18
Chapter 33 May-10-18
Chapter 32 May-10-18
Chapter 31 May-02-18
Chapter 30 Apr-25-18
Chapter 29 Apr-25-18
Chapter 28 Apr-25-18
Chapter 27 Apr-25-18
Chapter 26 Apr-07-18
Chapter 25 Apr-01-18
Chapter 24 Mar-26-18
Chapter 23 Mar-26-18
Chapter 22 Mar-17-18
Chapter 21 Mar-11-18
Chapter 20 Mar-11-18
Chapter 19 Mar-04-18
Chapter 18 Feb-25-18
Chapter 17 Feb-17-18
Chapter 16 Feb-17-18
Chapter 15 Feb-03-18
Chapter 14 Jan-27-18
Chapter 13 Jan-19-18
Chapter 12 Jan-19-18
Chapter 11 Jan-13-18
Chapter 10 Jan-06-18
Chapter 9 Jan-01-18
Chapter 8 Dec-29-17
Chapter 7 Dec-29-17
Chapter 6 Dec-29-17
Chapter 5 Dec-29-17
Chapter 4 Dec-29-17
Chapter 3 Dec-29-17
Chapter 2 Dec-29-17
Chapter 1 Dec-29-17


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