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  • Rebirth Of The Wolfish Silkpants Bottom

  • Author(s): 泡麵香腸君
  • GENRES: Drama - Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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Rebirth Of The Wolfish Silkpants Bottom summary:

[The gong (seme) and shou (uke) have no blood relation, are also not in the same household register, do not share a father nor a mother, this is a serious declaration. ] In this life, Shu Ning was a joke, even to his death. Treated as a stepping stone by his biological mother, opening a path for his younger brother, only to realise all this when dying. The Shu Ning who was thirsting for maternal love was always extremely hardworking, acting as a well-behaved child in front of his father, while fighting with his elder brother, although his IQ was not high, he still played dirty tricks to the utmost. Constantly being aroused by his mother’s warm feelings, the more he obstructed his elder brother, the more brave he got. When he met with a mishap, his mother took his younger brother and escaped to a faraway place, leaving Shu Ning alone to bear the crime and get thrown into jail. Love is more solid than gold, his lover decided to embrace another man. Attaching a great importance to friendship, not only did they take the time to visit Shu Ning in jail and laugh at him, they even rubbed salt in the wound. His most loved and respected mother did not even bother to show her face. However, when he closed his eyes, his elder brother came. Truth was, it was Shu Heng who had arranged for him to be able to live comfortably in prison. If he hadn’t followed them, and was a clever little brother, would it all have changed? In the blink of an eye, Shu Ning returned to the time where he was a junior high school student. Two-faced, controlling elder brother gong X Clever and cute little wolf shou Elder brother thinks that younger brother is very cute, very adorable, very soft, how could he be this close to the ideal? Younger brother is thinking, hahaha&h.e.l.lip; &h.e.l.lip; that elder brother with facial nerve paralysis could blush? What happened to your cold and handsome image? Becoming foolish with just one kiss? What happened to your mysophobia? I’m just sitting in your lap, and your whole body stiffened up? ╮(╯▽╰)╭ To prevent his elder brother from thinking that Shu Ning was after the company, Shu Ning relied on memories from his previous life to earn a bit of money, becoming financially independent while being a silkpants, also slowly raising that soft and immature elder brother, Shu Ning felt that these days were just too comfortable, however&h.e.l.lip; &h.e.l.lip; Why is elder brother becoming more and more strange? What is this sleeping together for warmth? What is this good morning and good night kiss? Do you really take me for a brat? Σ( ° △ °|||)︴

Rebirth Of The Wolfish Silkpants Bottom Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 151 Oct-24-18
Chapter 150 Oct-24-18
Chapter 149 Oct-23-18
Chapter 148 Oct-22-18
Chapter 147 Oct-21-18
Chapter 146 Oct-21-18
Chapter 145 Oct-21-18
Chapter 144 Oct-20-18
Chapter 143 Oct-17-18
Chapter 142 Oct-17-18
Chapter 141 Oct-15-18
Chapter 140 Oct-14-18
Chapter 139 Oct-14-18
Chapter 138 Oct-14-18
Chapter 137 Oct-13-18
Chapter 136 Oct-12-18
Chapter 135 Oct-12-18
Chapter 134 Oct-12-18
Chapter 133 Oct-11-18
Chapter 132 Oct-11-18
Chapter 131 Oct-10-18
Chapter 130 Oct-09-18
Chapter 129 Oct-08-18
Chapter 128 Oct-07-18
Chapter 127 Oct-06-18
Chapter 126 Oct-05-18
Chapter 125 Oct-04-18
Chapter 124 Oct-02-18
Chapter 123 Oct-01-18
Chapter 122 Oct-01-18
Chapter 121 Sep-28-18
Chapter 120 Sep-27-18
Chapter 119 Sep-27-18
Chapter 118 Sep-27-18
Chapter 117 Sep-25-18
Chapter 116 Sep-23-18
Chapter 115 Sep-19-18
Chapter 114 Sep-19-18
Chapter 113 Sep-18-18
Chapter 112 Sep-17-18
Chapter 111 Sep-13-18
Chapter 110 Sep-11-18
Chapter 109 Sep-11-18
Chapter 108 Sep-09-18
Chapter 107 Sep-08-18
Chapter 106 Sep-06-18
Chapter 105 Sep-05-18
Chapter 104 Sep-04-18
Chapter 103 Sep-02-18
Chapter 102 Aug-31-18
Chapter 101 Aug-27-18
Chapter 100 Aug-26-18
Chapter 99 Aug-26-18
Chapter 98 Aug-25-18
Chapter 97 Aug-24-18
Chapter 96 Aug-23-18
Chapter 95 Aug-22-18
Chapter 94 Aug-20-18
Chapter 93 Aug-19-18
Chapter 92 Aug-18-18
Chapter 91 Aug-17-18
Chapter 90 Aug-12-18
Chapter 89 Aug-10-18
Chapter 88 Aug-09-18
Chapter 87 Aug-09-18
Chapter 86 Aug-05-18
Chapter 86 Aug-05-18
Chapter 85 Aug-04-18
Chapter 84 Aug-01-18
Chapter 83 Jul-31-18
Chapter 82 Jul-26-18
Chapter 81 Jul-24-18
Chapter 80 Jul-23-18
Chapter 79 Jul-22-18
Chapter 78 Jul-21-18
Chapter 77 Jul-19-18
Chapter 76 Jul-16-18
Chapter 75 Jul-15-18
Chapter 74 Jul-13-18
Chapter 73 Jul-11-18
Chapter 72 Jul-04-18
Chapter 71 Jul-02-18
Chapter 70 Jun-28-18
Chapter 69 Jun-26-18
Chapter 68 Jun-25-18
Chapter 67 Jun-23-18
Chapter 66 Jun-21-18
Chapter 65 Jun-19-18
Chapter 64 Jun-17-18
Chapter 63 Jun-15-18
Chapter 62 Jun-12-18
Chapter 61 Jun-07-18
Chapter 60 Jun-05-18
Chapter 59 Jun-03-18
Chapter 58 May-30-18
Chapter 57 May-28-18
Chapter 56 May-27-18
Chapter 55 May-25-18
Chapter 54 May-24-18
Chapter 53 May-23-18
Chapter 52 May-23-18
Chapter 51 May-21-18
Chapter 50 May-20-18
Chapter 49 May-20-18
Chapter 48 May-19-18
Chapter 47 May-18-18
Chapter 46 May-16-18
Chapter 45 May-15-18
Chapter 44 May-15-18
Chapter 43 May-14-18
Chapter 42 May-13-18
Chapter 41 May-13-18
Chapter 40 May-13-18
Chapter 39 May-12-18
Chapter 38 May-11-18
Chapter 37 May-10-18
Chapter 36 May-09-18
Chapter 35 May-08-18
Chapter 34 May-07-18
Chapter 33 May-05-18
Chapter 32 May-04-18
Chapter 31 May-03-18
Chapter 30 May-02-18
Chapter 29 Apr-29-18
Chapter 28 Apr-28-18
Chapter 27 Apr-26-18
Chapter 26 Apr-26-18
Chapter 25 May-09-18
Chapter 24 Apr-26-18
Chapter 23 Apr-26-18
Chapter 22 Apr-24-18
Chapter 21 May-09-18
Chapter 20 Apr-24-18
Chapter 19 Apr-24-18
Chapter 18 Apr-24-18
Chapter 17 Apr-24-18
Chapter 16 Apr-24-18
Chapter 15 Apr-24-18
Chapter 14 Apr-24-18
Chapter 13 Apr-24-18
Chapter 12 May-09-18
Chapter 11 Apr-24-18
Chapter 10 May-09-18
Chapter 9 Apr-16-18
Chapter 8 Apr-16-18
Chapter 7 Apr-16-18
Chapter 6 Apr-16-18
Chapter 5 Apr-16-18
Chapter 4 May-09-18
Chapter 3 Feb-16-18
Chapter 2 Feb-16-18
Chapter 1 May-09-18


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