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  • Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here

  • Author(s): 凤梨糕
  • GENRES: Action - Adventure - Historical - Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 18-Jul-2019 08:52
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Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here summary:

The night before her wedding, Bai Weiwei was brought to death by her own white lotus sister. Thus the unwilling resentment before her death led to her triggering the Male G.o.d system. “Beep— Does Host want to accomplish the desire to resurrect and counterattack these sc.u.mbags and from then on move towards the peak of your life? If so please bind with this system for you to abuse the sc.u.mbags to warm your bed and find the love of your life!” In order to go back to fight for her life, Bai Weiwei that has lived a dog life will even pretend to be cute and look poor. The mighty CEO missed her, the black belly Emperor embellished his harem for her. The misogynist general had a deep love for her, even the Supreme Immortal defied the heavens and sacrificed his life for her. All types of strong and powerful Male G.o.ds come at her. Wait a minute, are you saying that all these Male G.o.ds are actually one person? This novel is 1v1, the male lead is one person from start to finish and the female lead isn’t aware of the situation. *** After signing the share transfer of the Bai company, Bai Weiwei who have congenital heart disease got betrayed by her adopted sister she always loved together with her trusted bodyguard. Shocked, betrayed, and worry for her father made her unwilling to die, and her resentment actually let her bind with a quick transmigration system. Completing the task means that she will be able to increase the number of days she can live, and she will be able to get revenge on her white lotus sister and the unconscionable b.a.s.t.a.r.d bodyguard. CEO, Emperor, General… Supreme Immortal? All of them turn to a love-sick waste who bowed before her skirt. Just… why is this unlucky star of a wooden fiance is trying so hard to chase her? Stop sucking my life force already! Our marriage is only for business! I want to break the engagement! Ye Yuxuan: “I will never let go of you.”

Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 108 Jul-18-19
Chapter 107 Jul-18-19
Chapter 106 Jul-18-19
Chapter 105 Jul-18-19
Chapter 104 Jul-18-19
Chapter 103 Jul-18-19
Chapter 102 Jul-17-19
Chapter 101 Jul-17-19
Chapter 100 Jul-17-19
Chapter 99 Jul-17-19
Chapter 98 Jul-17-19
Chapter 97 Jul-17-19
Chapter 96 Jul-17-19
Chapter 95 Jul-17-19
Chapter 94 Jul-17-19
Chapter 93 Jul-17-19
Chapter 92 Jul-11-19
Chapter 91 Jul-11-19
Chapter 90 Jul-09-19
Chapter 89 Jul-09-19
Chapter 88 Jul-05-19
Chapter 87 Jul-04-19
Chapter 86 Jul-04-19
Chapter 85 Jul-03-19
Chapter 84 Jul-03-19
Chapter 83 Jul-03-19
Chapter 82 Jul-02-19
Chapter 81 Jul-02-19
Chapter 80 Jun-29-19
Chapter 79 Jun-29-19
Chapter 78 Jun-27-19
Chapter 77 Jun-27-19
Chapter 76 Jun-27-19
Chapter 75 Jun-22-19
Chapter 74 Jun-22-19
Chapter 73 Jun-22-19
Chapter 72 Jun-16-19
Chapter 71 Jun-16-19
Chapter 70 Jun-16-19
Chapter 69 Jun-16-19
Chapter 68 Jun-16-19
Chapter 67 Jun-06-19
Chapter 66 Jun-06-19
Chapter 65 Jun-06-19
Chapter 64 Jun-06-19
Chapter 63 Jun-01-19
Chapter 62 Jun-01-19
Chapter 61 May-27-19
Chapter 60 May-27-19
Chapter 59 May-27-19
Chapter 58 May-27-19
Chapter 57 May-27-19
Chapter 56 May-27-19
Chapter 55 May-27-19
Chapter 54 May-12-19
Chapter 53 May-10-19
Chapter 52 May-08-19
Chapter 51 May-06-19
Chapter 50 May-05-19
Chapter 49 May-03-19
Chapter 48 May-01-19
Chapter 47 Apr-29-19
Chapter 46 Apr-29-19
Chapter 45 Apr-29-19
Chapter 44 Apr-29-19
Chapter 43 Apr-29-19
Chapter 42 Apr-29-19
Chapter 41 Apr-29-19
Chapter 40 Apr-29-19
Chapter 39 Apr-29-19
Chapter 38 Apr-29-19
Chapter 37 Apr-29-19
Chapter 36 Apr-29-19
Chapter 35 Apr-29-19
Chapter 34 Apr-29-19
Chapter 33 Apr-29-19
Chapter 32 Apr-29-19
Chapter 31 Apr-29-19
Chapter 30 Apr-29-19
Chapter 29 Apr-29-19
Chapter 28 Apr-29-19
Chapter 27 Apr-29-19
Chapter 26 Apr-29-19
Chapter 25 Apr-29-19
Chapter 24 Apr-29-19
Chapter 23 Apr-29-19
Chapter 22 Apr-29-19
Chapter 21 Apr-29-19
Chapter 20 Apr-29-19
Chapter 19 Apr-29-19
Chapter 18 Apr-29-19
Chapter 17 Apr-29-19
Chapter 16 Apr-29-19
Chapter 15 Apr-29-19
Chapter 14 Apr-29-19
Chapter 13 Apr-29-19
Chapter 12 Apr-29-19
Chapter 11 Apr-29-19
Chapter 10 Apr-29-19
Chapter 9 Apr-29-19
Chapter 8 Apr-29-19
Chapter 7 Apr-29-19
Chapter 6 Apr-29-19
Chapter 5 Apr-29-19
Chapter 4 Apr-29-19
Chapter 3 Apr-29-19
Chapter 2 Apr-29-19
Chapter 1 Apr-29-19


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