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My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him summary:

Going back to high school, and meeting your crush once again, XiaYao this time has decided to choose an entirely different route. {A little preview} Before rebirth— Xia Yao: I like you. Zhou Du: What did you say? After rebirth— Zhou Du: I like you. Xia Yao: I only see you as a cla.s.smate. Zhou Du: ……【But that’s not what your diary said!】 Also known as 《A love affair triggered by a diary》 ————- A car accident made Xia Yao return to his third year of high school, he finally has the opportunity to make up for everything he regrets. The mistakes that have been made can now be mended. So when Xia Yao once again meets Zhou Du, the target of his unrequited love, he decides to choose a completely different route. If you don’t love me, then I’m willing to set you free. However, things seem to turn out completely different than what Xia Yao expected. Refined writing style, dramatic plot and vivid characters. This story is melodramatic, tyrannical and heart wrenching yet so sweet that it brings a dead man back. The returned Xia Yao who thought too much with little to no honest communication causes many contradictions and misunderstandings. Fortunately, the day when misunderstandings cause them to separate paves the way to a sweeter future.

My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 53 Feb-19-19
Chapter 52 Feb-16-19
Chapter 51 Feb-13-19
Chapter 50 Feb-10-19
Chapter 49 Feb-07-19
Chapter 48 Feb-05-19
Chapter 47 Jan-31-19
Chapter 46 Jan-20-19
Chapter 45 Jan-17-19
Chapter 44 Jan-14-19
Chapter 43 Jan-14-19
Chapter 42 Jan-14-19
Chapter 41 Jan-14-19
Chapter 40 Jan-14-19
Chapter 39 Jan-14-19
Chapter 38 Jan-14-19
Chapter 37 Nov-24-18
Chapter 36 Nov-09-18
Chapter 35 Nov-09-18
Chapter 34 Oct-14-18
Chapter 33 Oct-05-18
Chapter 32 Sep-28-18
Chapter 31 Sep-24-18
Chapter 30 Sep-01-18
Chapter 29 Aug-15-18
Chapter 28 Aug-11-18
Chapter 27 Aug-07-18
Chapter 26 Aug-03-18
Chapter 25 Jul-29-18
Chapter 24 Jul-24-18
Chapter 23 Jul-19-18
Chapter 22 Jul-15-18
Chapter 21 Jul-05-18
Chapter 20 Jun-21-18
Chapter 19 Mar-04-18
Chapter 18 Feb-26-18
Chapter 17 Jan-13-18
Chapter 16 Dec-20-17
Chapter 15 Dec-20-17
Chapter 14 Dec-20-17
Chapter 13 Nov-27-17
Chapter 12 Nov-27-17
Chapter 11 Nov-27-17
Chapter 10 Nov-27-17
Chapter 9 Nov-27-17
Chapter 8 Nov-27-17
Chapter 7 Nov-27-17
Chapter 6 Nov-27-17
Chapter 5 Nov-27-17
Chapter 4 Nov-27-17
Chapter 3 Nov-27-17
Chapter 2 Nov-27-17
Chapter 1 Nov-27-17
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