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  • Fox Demon Cultivation Manual

  • Author(s): Feng Ge Qie Xing - 风歌且行
  • GENRES: Updating
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  • LAST UPDATED : 24-Nov-2019 05:28
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Fox Demon Cultivation Manual summary:

By some freak coincidence, Song Ci mistakenly consumed the blood of the Demon King, causing himself to become a demon too. A weak scholar…… forced to suffer in silence. What was even more tragic was that no matter where he went, demons would attack him from all directions braying for his blood, or they would squeeze his neck while interrogating him about his relationship with the Demon King. As such, Song Ci became an anti-fan of the Demon King. Regardless of who praised the Demon King, he would be the first to stand out and refute them. Song Ci fled for his life as he searched for the gate leading to the Demon Realm. Along the way, he clung on to the thigh of an influential man, and went to great pains to persuade him to slay the Demon King together with him and restore peace to the human world. Song Ci, “Sooner or later, I will skin the Demon King, rip the tendons off him, and drink his blood!” Rong Bai (smiling), “I admire the way you think.” Who knew that, after entering the demon realm — Tens of thousands of monsters bowed their heads and kowtowed to this thigh beside him and shouted “Long live the Demon King!” Song Ci was stunned. Rong Bai (smiling), “What did you say you were going to do when you came to the Demon Realm?” Song Ci, “It, it’s all a misunderstanding……”

Fox Demon Cultivation Manual Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 48 Nov-24-19
Chapter 47 Nov-24-19
Chapter 46 Nov-17-19
Chapter 45 Nov-14-19
Chapter 44 Nov-14-19
Chapter 43 Nov-14-19
Chapter 42 Nov-14-19
Chapter 41 Nov-14-19
Chapter 40 Nov-14-19
Chapter 39 Nov-14-19
Chapter 38 Nov-14-19
Chapter 37 Nov-14-19
Chapter 36 Oct-13-19
Chapter 35 Oct-10-19
Chapter 34 Oct-10-19
Chapter 33 Oct-10-19
Chapter 32 Oct-10-19
Chapter 31 Oct-10-19
Chapter 30 Oct-10-19
Chapter 29 Oct-10-19
Chapter 28 Oct-10-19
Chapter 27 Oct-10-19
Chapter 26 Oct-10-19
Chapter 25 Oct-10-19
Chapter 24 Oct-10-19
Chapter 23 Sep-01-19
Chapter 22 Sep-01-19
Chapter 21 Sep-01-19
Chapter 20 Sep-01-19
Chapter 19 Sep-01-19
Chapter 18 Aug-11-19
Chapter 17 Aug-04-19
Chapter 16 Aug-04-19
Chapter 15 Jul-25-19
Chapter 14 Jul-18-19
Chapter 13 Jul-12-19
Chapter 12 Jul-12-19
Chapter 11 Jul-12-19
Chapter 10 Jun-22-19
Chapter 9 Jun-22-19
Chapter 8 Jun-22-19
Chapter 7 Jun-22-19
Chapter 6 Jun-22-19
Chapter 5 May-16-19
Chapter 4 May-11-19
Chapter 3 May-11-19
Chapter 2 Apr-29-19
Chapter 1 Apr-29-19


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