Grasping Evil summary:

“If I grasp the evil, there will be no Immortals in the heaven! If I grasp the heaven, there will be no Evil on this earth!
This is the beginning of an ancient story from the Rain Immortal World. My life, like a b.u.t.terfly is to decapitate the world’s reincarnation cycle.
Looking back at the drifting smoke of mortal life, and faintly smiling at the Sun and the Moon… All for you, I will rampage this Rain Immortal World!

The Dao of the Heaven has three cycles and cultivation has three steps. Two words, truth and false, from the beginning to end.
First step, seven ranks of cultivation:
Vein Opening, Harmonious Spirit, Gold Core, Nascent Soul, Spirit Severing, Void Refinement, Void Fragmentation.
Bao’s Sypnosis:
It starts in a grim world where all cultivators are greedy beasts doing inconceivable acts to reach the apex. This is the story of Ning Fan, a mortal wanting to become an Immortal to rule over his own destiny with the art of dual cultivation.
The writing is great, and it goes really deep with its cultivation and daoism. It starts slow, and eventually manifests into one of the most exciting adventure you will see. Do beware, this is not a nice universe, and the MC is not a merciful person.

Grasping Evil Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 123 Part2 Nov-10-18
Chapter 123 Part1 Nov-06-18
Chapter 122 Nov-02-18
Chapter 121 Oct-30-18
Chapter 120 Part2 Oct-25-18
Chapter 120 Part1 Oct-22-18
Chapter 119 Part2 Oct-19-18
Chapter 119 Part1 Oct-17-18
Chapter 118 Part2 Oct-15-18
Chapter 118 Part1 Oct-12-18
Chapter 117 Part2 Oct-10-18
Chapter 117 Part1 Oct-08-18
Chapter 116 Part2 Oct-03-18
Chapter 116 Part1 Sep-29-18
Chapter 115 Part2 Sep-25-18
Chapter 115 Part1 Sep-23-18
Chapter 114 Part2 Sep-18-18
Chapter 114 Part1 Sep-13-18
Chapter 113 Part 2 Sep-10-18
Chapter 113 Part1 Sep-09-18
Chapter 112 Part2 Aug-29-18
Chapter 112 Part1 Aug-25-18
Chapter 111 Part2 Aug-21-18
Chapter 111 Part1 Aug-20-18
Chapter 110 Part2 Aug-15-18
Chapter 110 Part1 Aug-13-18
Chapter 109 Part2 Aug-06-18
Chapter 109 Part1 Aug-05-18
Chapter 109 Part1 Aug-05-18
Chapter 108 Part2 Aug-03-18
Chapter 108 Part1 Jul-31-18
Chapter 107 Part2 Jul-29-18
Chapter 107 Part1 Jul-28-18
Chapter 106 Part2 Jul-20-18
Chapter 106 Part1 Jul-19-18
Chapter 105 Part2 Jul-17-18
Chapter 105 Part1 Jul-13-18
Chapter 104 Part2 Jul-05-18
Chapter 104 Part1 Jun-30-18
Chapter 103 Part2 Jun-25-18
Chapter 103 Part1 Jun-22-18
Chapter 102 Part2 Jun-16-18
Chapter 102 Part1 Jun-14-18
Chapter 101 Part2 Jun-10-18
Chapter 101 Jun-07-18
Chapter 100 May-30-18
Chapter 99 May-28-18
Chapter 98 May-25-18
Chapter 97 May-23-18
Chapter 96 May-18-18
Chapter 95 May-16-18
Chapter 94 Part2 May-12-18
Chapter 94 Part1 May-12-18
Chapter 932 May-05-18
Chapter 93 May-03-18
Chapter 92 Apr-28-18
Chapter 91 Part2 Apr-27-18
Chapter 91 Apr-26-18
Chapter 861 Apr-25-18
Chapter 90 Apr-25-18
Chapter 89 Apr-25-18
Chapter 88 Apr-25-18
Chapter 87 Apr-25-18
Chapter 86 Part2 Apr-25-18
Chapter 85 Apr-25-18
Chapter 84 Apr-25-18
Chapter 83 Apr-25-18
Chapter 82 Apr-25-18
Chapter 81 Apr-25-18
Chapter 80 Apr-25-18
Chapter 79 Apr-06-18
Chapter 78 Apr-05-18
Chapter 77 Apr-04-18
Chapter 76 Apr-03-18
Chapter 75 Apr-02-18
Chapter 74 Jan-31-18
Chapter 73 Jan-27-18
Chapter 72 Jan-26-18
Chapter 71 Part2 Jan-25-18
Chapter 71(2) Jan-25-18
Chapter 71 Part1 Jan-24-18
Chapter 71(1) Jan-23-18
Chapter 70 Jan-21-18
Chapter 69 (2) Jan-19-18
Chapter 69 Jan-18-18
Chapter 69 (1) Jan-18-18
Chapter 68 Jan-14-18
Chapter 67 Jan-13-18
Chapter 66 Jan-11-18
Chapter 65 Jan-10-18
Chapter 64 Jan-08-18
Chapter 63 Jan-05-18
Chapter 62 Jan-04-18
Chapter 61 Jan-03-18
Chapter 60 Dec-22-17
Chapter 59 Dec-21-17
Chapter 58 Dec-20-17
Chapter 57 Dec-20-17
Chapter 56 Dec-15-17
Chapter 54 Dec-13-17
Chapter 53 Dec-08-17
Chapter 51 Dec-06-17
Chapter 50 Nov-30-17
Chapter 49 Nov-29-17
Chapter 48 Nov-24-17
Chapter 47 Nov-23-17
Chapter 46 Nov-22-17
Chapter 45 Nov-17-17
Chapter 44 Nov-17-17
Chapter 43 Nov-15-17
Chapter 42 Nov-15-17
Chapter 37 Nov-15-17
1 Nov-15-17
Chapter 42 Nov-08-17
Chapter 41 Nov-08-17
Chapter 40 Nov-08-17
Chapter 39 May-12-17
Chapter 38 May-08-17
Chapter 37 Apr-30-17
Chapter 36 Apr-23-17
Chapter 35 Apr-13-17
Chapter 34 Apr-10-17
Chapter 33 Apr-08-17
32 Mar-03-17
31 Mar-01-17
30 Feb-27-17
Chapter 29 Feb-27-17
Chapter 28 Feb-27-17
Chapter 27 Feb-27-17
Chapter 26 Feb-27-17
25 Feb-27-17
Chapter 24 Feb-27-17
23 Feb-27-17
Chapter 22 Feb-27-17
Chapter 21 Feb-27-17
Chapter 20 Feb-27-17
19 Feb-27-17
Chapter 18 Feb-27-17
Chapter 17 Feb-27-17
Chapter 16 Feb-27-17
Chapter 15 Feb-27-17
Chapter 14 Feb-27-17
Chapter 13 Feb-27-17
Chapter 12 Feb-27-17
Chapter 11 Feb-27-17
Chapter 10 Feb-27-17
Chapter 9 Feb-27-17
Chapter 8 Feb-27-17
Chapter 7 Feb-27-17
Chapter 6 Feb-27-17
Chapter 5 Feb-27-17
Chapter 4 Feb-27-17
Chapter 3 Feb-27-17
Chapter 2 Feb-27-17
Chapter 1 Feb-27-17
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