• I Don't Trust My Twin Sister

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I Don't Trust My Twin Sister summary:

It is a real pleasure when you have an opportunity to read and interesting and exciting novel. Unfortunately, different readers have different tastes, and not all books are of the same quality. The market, however, is huge. There are millions of books available for sale, so a potential reader has many opportunities. But it can also be quite hard to make the right selection when you have so ma.s.sive amount of books. It is important when you know where to start.

That's why this short review is created. You can read some basic details on the I Don't Trust My Sister novel. The book hides some exciting twist and turns, so you will most likely enjoy reading. It is also compatible with the modern world, and it is one more advantage when it comes to young readers.

The novel begins with the richest women as the main character in the book. She posses almost everything she can. It includes fortune and beauty. Her name is Laurentia Aztana. She is as pretty as she is rich, so she is probably one of the most beautiful women out there. Many would believe that she is happy too, thanks to these qualities.

However, the truth is on the opposite side. The fortune and beauty do not always mean happiness, and Laurentia is very well aware of that fact. The family is the main problem in her life. Her sister Erusia has simulated a serious illness with a very evil intention. She wants to purchase the entire fortune of her sister and has cooperated with Laurentia's fiance regarding that matter. Erusia is a bad sister, but Laurentia has not known her plans for a long time.

Still, she realized everything at one moment, and she started planning how to prevent evil plans of her sister. It is a clear family betrayal, so Laurentia comes back to some old memories with her sister. Sometimes, it is hard to accept the truth, but it is necessary in this case. She completely loses the trust in her fiance and Erusia. That's the moment when she says everything to the sister. Erusia is surprised too because she did not know that her sister knows.

However, it is the end of the plot, and Laurentia succeeds to protect the fortune. Furthermore, she is now planning to introduce various changes in her life. She has everything she needs. She is rich and pretty, so she does not need corrupt people close to her. No matter if they are part of her family or not. Only the personality is important and nothing else. In the end, Laurentia wants to find a perfect marriage partner, and you can find out more about that if you purchase this book.

It contains seven interesting chapters, so you will definitely enjoy reading if you are a fan of such genres. The book has gained some positive reviews, so it is a good recommendation too. You can check all the further available details on the Internet.

I Don't Trust My Twin Sister Chapters

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Chapter 10 Jul-28-20
Chapter 9 Jul-28-20
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Chapter 7 Jun-07-19
Chapter 6 Jun-07-19
Chapter 5 May-17-19
Chapter 4 May-10-19
Chapter 3 May-03-19
Chapter 2 May-03-19
Chapter 1 May-03-19
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