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Destined Marriage with Fragrance summary:

She is a quiet and gentle business woman, Bai Yifan. Due to a strange bracelet, she crossed to a different world and become a wealthy woman – Murong Shu Qing. The past unruly temper disappeared and replaced with a fresh elegance, calm and quiet temperament. He is the country’s general with a ma.s.sive army – Xuan Yuan Yi. Wild and domineering att.i.tude makes the country’s princess go crazy for him. He is tied for marriage with Murong Shu Qing but he came to break off their engagement. After Bai Yifan takes over, her elegant temperament attracts his heart and soul. He won the symbol of the magpie bridge during the Qixi Festival and vows to marry her. He is the indifferent and natural killer – Mo Sheng. During his escape, he met Shu Qing and ended up being saved. This seemingly delicate lady brings him an extraordinary life experience. The next time they met again, he lives to protect her. He is the country’s prestigious emperor – Tian Cheng. Meeting coincidentally, he fell in love at first sight with Murong Shu Qing. He was interested in her temperament and ability in business. He vows to seize her in any ways possible. Shu Qing and Xuan Yuan Yi work together to face their enemies but they were no match to Tian Cheng’s cup of poison wine. Can the days be saved with the elegance of a woman? Can they bring a genuine happy ending to the Legend of Niu Long and Zhi Nu?

Destined Marriage with Fragrance Chapters

Time uploaded
Side Story Part2 Jul-20-18
Side Story Part1 Jul-18-18
Chapter 151 Jul-11-18
Chapter 150 Jul-09-18
Chapter 149 Jul-06-18
Chapter 148 Jul-04-18
Chapter 147 Jul-02-18
Chapter 146 Jun-29-18
Chapter 145 Jun-29-18
Chapter 144 Jun-25-18
Chapter 143 Jun-22-18
Chapter 142 Jun-20-18
Chapter 141 Jun-18-18
Chapter 140 Jun-15-18
Chapter 139 Jun-13-18
Chapter 138 Jun-11-18
Chapter 137 Jun-08-18
Chapter 136 Jun-06-18
Chapter 135 Jun-04-18
Chapter 134 Jun-01-18
Chapter 133 May-30-18
Chapter 132 May-28-18
Chapter 131 May-25-18
Chapter 130 May-23-18
Chapter 129 May-21-18
Chapter 128 May-18-18
Chapter 127 May-16-18
Chapter 126 May-14-18
Chapter 125 May-11-18
Chapter 124 May-09-18
Chapter 123 May-07-18
Chapter 122 May-09-18
Chapter 121 May-02-18
Chapter 120 Apr-30-18
Chapter 119 Apr-27-18
Chapter 118 Apr-25-18
Chapter 117 Apr-23-18
Chapter 116 Apr-20-18
Chapter 115 Apr-18-18
Chapter 114 Apr-16-18
Chapter 113 Apr-13-18
Chapter 112 Apr-11-18
Chapter 111 Apr-11-18
Chapter 110 Apr-06-18
Chapter 109 Apr-04-18
Chapter 108 Apr-02-18
Chapter 107 Mar-30-18
Chapter 106 Mar-28-18
Chapter 105 Mar-26-18
Chapter 104 Mar-23-18
Chapter 103 Mar-21-18
Chapter 102 Apr-10-18
Chapter 101 Apr-10-18
Chapter 100 Mar-14-18
Chapter 99 Mar-12-18
Chapter 98 Mar-09-18
Chapter 97 Mar-07-18
Chapter 96 Mar-05-18
Chapter 95 Apr-10-18
Chapter 94 Feb-28-18
Chapter 93 Feb-26-18
Chapter 92 Feb-23-18
Chapter 91 Feb-21-18
Chapter 90 Feb-19-18
Chapter 89 Feb-16-18
Chapter 88 Feb-14-18
Chapter 87 Feb-12-18
Chapter 86 Feb-10-18
Chapter 85 Feb-07-18
Chapter 84 Feb-05-18
Chapter 83 Feb-02-18
Chapter 82 Jan-31-18
Chapter 81 Apr-10-18
Chapter 80 Jan-26-18
Chapter 79 Jan-24-18
Chapter 78 Jan-22-18
Chapter 77 Jan-19-18
Chapter 76 Apr-10-18
Chapter 75 Jan-15-18
Chapter 74 Jan-12-18
Chapter 73 Jan-10-18
Chapter 72 Apr-10-18
Chapter 71 Jan-05-18
Chapter 70 Jan-03-18
Chapter 69 Jan-03-18
Chapter 68 Jan-03-18
Chapter 67 Dec-27-17
Chapter 66 Dec-25-17
Chapter 65 Dec-22-17
Chapter 64 Dec-20-17
Chapter 63 Dec-18-17
Chapter 62 Dec-15-17
Chapter 61 Dec-13-17
Chapter 60 Dec-11-17
Chapter 59 Dec-08-17
Chapter 58 Dec-07-17
Chapter 57 Dec-06-17
Chapter 56 Dec-04-17
Chapter 55 Dec-01-17
Chapter 54 Nov-29-17
Chapter 53 Nov-27-17
Chapter 52 Nov-26-17
Chapter 51 Dec-02-17
Chapter 50 Nov-22-17
Chapter 49 Nov-20-17
Chapter 48 Nov-21-17
Chapter 47 Nov-17-17
Chapter 46 Nov-15-17
Chapter 45 Nov-21-17
Chapter 44 Nov-21-17
Chapter 43.2 Nov-10-17
Chapter 43.1 Nov-10-17
Chapter 43 Nov-21-17
Chapter 42 Nov-21-17
Chapter 41 Nov-07-17
Chapter 40 Nov-05-17
Chapter 39 Nov-03-17
Chapter 38 Nov-01-17
Chapter 37 Oct-30-17
Chapter 36 Oct-27-17
Chapter 35.2 Oct-25-17
Chapter 35 Oct-25-17
Chapter 34.2 Oct-23-17
Chapter 34 Oct-23-17
Chapter 33 Oct-20-17
Chapter 32.2 Oct-18-17
Chapter 32 Oct-18-17
Chapter 31 Oct-17-17
Chapter 30 Oct-17-17
Chapter 29 Oct-13-17
Chapter 28 Oct-12-17
Chapter 27 Oct-09-17
Chapter 26 Oct-06-17
Chapter 25 Oct-04-17
Chapter 24 Oct-02-17
Chapter 23 Sep-29-17
Chapter 22 Sep-27-17
Chapter 21 Sep-25-17
Chapter 20 Sep-22-17
Chapter 19 Sep-20-17
Chapter 18 Sep-18-17
Chapter 17 Sep-15-17
Chapter 16 Sep-13-17
Chapter 15 Sep-11-17
Chapter 14 Sep-09-17
Chapter 13 Sep-07-17
Chapter 12 Sep-05-17
Chapter 11 Sep-02-17
Chapter 10 Aug-31-17
Chapter 9 Aug-29-17
Chapter 8 Aug-29-17
Chapter 7 Aug-29-17
Chapter 6 Aug-29-17
Chapter 5 Aug-29-17
Chapter 4 Aug-29-17
Chapter 3 Aug-29-17
Chapter 2 Aug-29-17
Chapter 1 Sep-18-17


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