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  • Demon Boss In The Human World [Entertainment Circle]

  • Author(s): 即墨遥
  • GENRES: Supernatural
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • View : 64,634
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Demon Boss In The Human World [Entertainment Circle] summary:

The general of the demon world possessed the body of a third-rate small time celebrity. This was the story of him coming over, determined to make preparations for the demon world’s invasion of the human world, but he accidentally got mixed in with the entertainment circle instead. From endless scandals to endless gossiping, and from a n.o.body to a hot topic, the third-rate star had became the most eye-catching male G.o.d in the entertainment industry with a leap. The reporters were tirelessly unearthing the ‘story’ behind him! The object of their gossip had expressed that he had a pair of very strong thighs, and anyone could feel free to hug them! Please, come and hug them! Gu Yan says: Stupid humans, what I want to conquer is the human world. Domineering and ruthless villain boss bottom x Cheating protagonist type beautiful and aloof dominant top. Tags: Mary sue indulgence, strong bottom x strong top, love and hate relationship, not all about the entertainment circle

Demon Boss In The Human World [Entertainment Circle] Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 94 Mar-07-19
Chapter 93 Mar-04-19
Chapter 92 Mar-01-19
Chapter 91 Feb-26-19
Chapter 90 Feb-23-19
Chapter 89 Feb-20-19
Chapter 88 Feb-17-19
Chapter 87 Feb-14-19
Chapter 86 Feb-11-19
Chapter 85 Feb-08-19
Chapter 84 Feb-05-19
Chapter 83 Feb-04-19
Chapter 82 Feb-03-19
Chapter 81 Feb-02-19
Chapter 80 Feb-01-19
Chapter 79 Jan-31-19
Chapter 78 Jan-30-19
Chapter 77 Jan-29-19
Chapter 76 Jan-28-19
Chapter 75 Jan-27-19
Chapter 74 Jan-26-19
Chapter 73 Jan-25-19
Chapter 72 Jan-24-19
Chapter 71 Jan-23-19
Chapter 70 Jan-22-19
Chapter 69 Jan-21-19
Chapter 68 Jan-20-19
Chapter 67 Jan-19-19
Chapter 66 Jan-18-19
Chapter 65 Jan-17-19
Chapter 64 Jan-16-19
Chapter 63 Jan-15-19
Chapter 62 Jan-14-19
Chapter 61 Jan-13-19
Chapter 60 Jan-12-19
Chapter 59 Jan-11-19
Chapter 58 Jan-10-19
Chapter 57 Jan-09-19
Chapter 56 Jan-08-19
Chapter 55 Jan-07-19
Chapter 54 Jan-06-19
Chapter 53 Jan-05-19
Chapter 52 Jan-04-19
Chapter 51 Jan-03-19
Chapter 50 Jan-02-19
Chapter 49 Jan-01-19
Chapter 48 Dec-31-18
Chapter 47 Dec-30-18
Chapter 46 Dec-29-18
Chapter 45 Dec-28-18
Chapter 44 Dec-27-18
Chapter 43 Dec-26-18
Chapter 42 Dec-25-18
Chapter 41 Dec-23-18
Chapter 40 Dec-23-18
Chapter 39 Dec-22-18
Chapter 38 Dec-21-18
Chapter 37 Dec-20-18
Chapter 36 Dec-19-18
Chapter 35 Dec-18-18
Chapter 34 Dec-17-18
Chapter 33 Dec-16-18
Chapter 32 Dec-15-18
Chapter 31 Dec-14-18
Chapter 30 Dec-10-18
Chapter 29 Dec-08-18
Chapter 28 Dec-08-18
Chapter 27 Dec-06-18
Chapter 26 Dec-06-18
Chapter 25 Dec-04-18
Chapter 24 Dec-03-18
Chapter 23 Dec-02-18
Chapter 22 Dec-01-18
Chapter 21 Nov-30-18
Chapter 20 Nov-29-18
Chapter 19 Nov-27-18
Chapter 18 Nov-26-18
Chapter 17 Nov-24-18
Chapter 16 Nov-23-18
Chapter 15 Nov-22-18
Chapter 14 Nov-21-18
Chapter 13 Nov-20-18
Chapter 12 Nov-19-18
Chapter 11 Nov-18-18
Chapter 10 Nov-17-18
Chapter 9 Nov-15-18
Chapter 8 Nov-14-18
Chapter 7 Nov-13-18
Chapter 6 Nov-12-18
Chapter 5 Nov-10-18
Chapter 4 Nov-09-18
Chapter 3 Nov-08-18
Chapter 2 Nov-07-18
Chapter 1 Oct-28-18


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