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  • Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

  • Author(s): Qing Yu Jiang Hu - 轻语江湖
  • GENRES: Fantasy
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  •   novelonlinefull.com rate : 4.54/ 5 - 13 votes

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant summary:

In the City of Sin, there is a very strange restaurant. In this restaurant, the elves and dwarves must share a table, the orcs are strangely quiet (instead of being rowdy), dragons are only welcomed on the small square in front of the restaurant, and the demons must bring their own stool. But this strange restaurant with their strange rules continuously attracts a long queue of customers. “This place serves the best food! The chef of this restaurant is a genius!” Some of the guests in the restaurant left glowing reviews. But these guests have a word of warning for other guests, “And, no matter what you do, you should not attempt to kidnap the boss or try to ‘eat and run’, or you will die.” A cute lovely girl near the door, and demanded in her small voice, “You have eaten the food, now pay up, or I will beat you to death.” The five-meter tall dragon suddenly felt a chill running up its spine.

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 82 Jan-16-19
Chapter 81 Jan-16-19
Chapter 80 Dec-15-18
Chapter 79 Dec-15-18
Chapter 78 Dec-07-18
Chapter 77 Dec-07-18
Chapter 76 Nov-29-18
Chapter 75 Nov-29-18
Chapter 74 Nov-18-18
Chapter 73 Nov-18-18
Chapter 72 Nov-07-18
Chapter 71 Nov-07-18
Chapter 70 Oct-27-18
Chapter 69 Oct-27-18
Chapter 68 Oct-22-18
Chapter 67 Oct-02-18
Chapter 66 Sep-07-18
Chapter 65 Aug-14-18
Chapter 64 Jul-31-18
Chapter 63 Jul-31-18
Chapter 62 Apr-30-18
Chapter 61 Apr-29-18
Chapter 60 Apr-26-18
Chapter 59 Apr-26-18
Chapter 58 Apr-25-18
Chapter 57 Apr-24-18
Chapter 56 Apr-23-18
Chapter 55 Apr-19-18
Chapter 54 Apr-18-18
Chapter 53 Apr-17-18
Chapter 52 Apr-16-18
Chapter 51 Apr-22-18
Chapter 50 Apr-12-18
Chapter 49 Apr-12-18
Chapter 48 Apr-10-18
Chapter 47 Apr-09-18
Chapter 46 Apr-08-18
Chapter 45 Apr-05-18
Chapter 44 Apr-04-18
Chapter 43 Apr-03-18
Chapter 42 Apr-03-18
Chapter 41 Mar-31-18
Chapter 40 Mar-30-18
Chapter 39 Mar-29-18
Chapter 38 Mar-28-18
Chapter 37 Mar-28-18
Chapter 36 Mar-26-18
Chapter 35 Apr-22-18
Chapter 1.2 Mar-23-18
Chapter 34 Mar-23-18
Chapter 33 Mar-22-18
Chapter 32 Mar-21-18
Chapter 31 Mar-20-18
Chapter 30 Mar-19-18
Chapter 29 Mar-19-18
Chapter 28 Mar-18-18
Chapter 27 Apr-22-18
Chapter 26 Mar-16-18
Chapter 25 Apr-22-18
Chapter 24 Mar-14-18
Chapter 23 Mar-14-18
Chapter 22 Mar-13-18
Chapter 21 Mar-12-18
Chapter 20 Mar-11-18
Chapter 19 Mar-10-18
Chapter 18 Mar-09-18
Chapter 17 Mar-08-18
Chapter 16 Mar-08-18
Chapter 15 Mar-07-18
Chapter 14 Mar-06-18
Chapter 13 Mar-05-18
Chapter 12 Mar-04-18
Chapter 11 Mar-03-18
Chapter 10 Mar-02-18
Chapter 9 Mar-01-18
Chapter 8 Feb-28-18
Chapter 7 Feb-27-18
Chapter 6 Feb-26-18
Chapter 5 Feb-25-18
Chapter 4 Feb-24-18
Chapter 3 Feb-23-18
Chapter 1-2 Feb-23-18


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