Chu Wang Fei summary:

She, the prime minister’s daughter, was timid and cowardly. Because her engagement fell through, and her reputation was ruined, she was pressured to spill her own blood in the palace hall! Once again opening her eyes, the cowardice had vanished, replaced by coldness, causing others to be intimidated at first glance. Yet no one realized, she was not her.
He, the current dynasty’s Chu w.a.n.g, served the country and brought peace and stability. Peerless and magnificent, all the girls under the Heavens eagerly pursued him! He helped her break off her engagement in the palace hall, but she avoided him at a great distance. He set his mind to pursue her, but she didn’t intend to love him.
At home, the turbulent currents of government affairs surged violently, disputes from every country continued to spring up everywhere. The stunning her who had been reborn, and how she didn’t bat an eyelid to resolve that terrifying carnage; her name had shaken the whole world!
When the dust had settled, and the song and dance had ceased, who could hold hands with her and look upon this thousand-year golden age, this flourishing ten thousand miles? Nowadays in this land under the Heavens, everyone spoke of how Chu w.a.n.g was cunning and two-faced, he desired the whole world, and was someone they seriously could not provoke. Yet the one they could not provoke even more was his w.a.n.g Fei – Yun Qian Meng! Anyone who provoked Chu w.a.n.g Fei, must surely be prepared to lose their necks!
A breathtaking rebirth, a thrilling marriage, in the blink of an eye the once weak woman had become the honorable Chu w.a.n.g Fei!
w.a.n.g Fei: In the palace chambers, between the feasts, smiles are hiding daggers, with layers and layers of plots and machinations; those who hurt my flesh and blood will have to pay the price.
Chu w.a.n.g: In these troubled times, carrying the fire beacon, over thousands of miles of fortresses and mountains, I have traveled to the distance to these border stations; if you dare to hurt my wife I will take your life.
w.a.n.g Fei: In another country, in a foreign land, will his thoughts stay pure? The princess of another nation is gracefull and beautiful, will “a pair of people for one life” change?
Chu w.a.n.g: Returning home, difficult problems arise. As green hills extend into the distance, beautiful flowers and tender feelings grow deeply; dealing with the ruler and his ministers is harder than rising into Heaven.
That night, all the monarchs struggled for power, smoke rising all around; that night, the husband and wife were separated, neither humble nor haughty; that night, the land was in great disorder, lying corpses filled the plains; that night, whose heart was confused, whose family was broken, whose country was lost?
In the chaos of war, during their separation, separated by thousands of miles of unmoving mountains and rivers, the gentleman’s heart and the wife’s heart never changed. In the lonely city without aid, hand in hand as before, they advanced together while chatting lightly about this West Chu country.
(WN Synopsis from 12superlatives)
Yun Fu’s young mistress is weak and cowardly. After having her engagement broken off within the Jin Luan Dian, she kills herself by hitting her head upon a pillar.
When she wakes up, she is no longer feeble and is now cold and aloof making people terrified of her upon sight. She walks unhurriedly into the b.l.o.o.d.y hall and her chilly voice slowly resounds, “Then we can comply to Chen w.a.n.g’s wishes.”
Everybody knows that the young mistress’s personality has taken a drastic turn after the events within the palace but none of them could ever guess that her spirit has been replaced.
A foreign environment where everybody has sinister and ulterior motives, where plots and schemes plague the families, where disputes permeate government affairs; she who has been raised in a boudoir seems harmless enough.
What happens if she is no longer soft and timid? What if, in between a single smile, she can raise forth wind and rain reeking of blood and terror?

Chu Wang Fei Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 135 Part2 Dec-18-17
Chapter 135 Part1 Dec-18-17
Chapter 134 Part1 Dec-18-17
Chapter 133 Part2 Dec-18-17
Chapter 133 Part1 Nov-19-17
Chapter 132 Part2 Nov-12-17
Chapter 132 Part1 Nov-12-17
Chapter 131 Part2 Oct-30-17
Chapter 131 Part1 Oct-30-17
Chapter 130 Part2 Oct-30-17
Chapter 130 Part1 Oct-24-17
Chapter 129 Part2 Oct-15-17
Chapter 129 Part1 Oct-15-17
Chapter 128 Part2 Oct-15-17
Chapter 128 Part1 Sep-24-17
Chapter 127 Part2 Sep-18-17
Chapter 127 Part1 Sep-13-17
Chapter 126 Part2 Sep-05-17
Chapter 126 Part1 Aug-31-17
Chapter 126.1 Aug-31-17
Chapter 125Part2 Aug-30-17
Chapter 125Part1 Aug-30-17
Chapter 124 Part2 Aug-28-17
Chapter 124 Part1 Aug-28-17
Chapter 125.2 Aug-27-17
Chapter 124.2 Aug-27-17
Chapter 123 Part2 Aug-23-17
Chapter 123 Part1 Aug-23-17
Chapter 122 Part2 Aug-20-17
Chapter 122 Part1 Aug-20-17
Chapter 121 Part2 Aug-18-17
Chapter 121 Part1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 120 Part2 Aug-15-17
Chapter 119 Part1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 118 Part3 Aug-18-17
Chapter 118.2 Aug-14-17
Chapter 118 Part1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 117 Part3 Aug-18-17
Chapter 117 Part2 Aug-18-17
Chapter 117 Part1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 116 Part2 Aug-18-17
Chapter 116 Part1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 115 Part2 Aug-18-17
Chapter 115 Part1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 114.2 Aug-14-17
Chapter 114 Part1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 113.2 Aug-14-17
Chapter 113.1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 112.2 Aug-14-17
Chapter 112.1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 111.2 Aug-14-17
Chapter 111.1 Aug-18-17
Chapter 110 Part2 Aug-18-17
Chapter 110.1 Aug-14-17
Chapter 109.2 Aug-14-17
Chapter 109 Part1 May-02-17
Chapter 108 Part2 Apr-29-17
Chapter 108.1 Apr-25-17
Chapter 107.2 Apr-22-17
Chapter 107.1 Apr-20-17
Chapter 106.2 Apr-15-17
Chapter 106.1 Apr-14-17
Chapter 105.2 Apr-08-17
Chapter 105.1 Apr-06-17
Chapter 104.2 Apr-01-17
Chapter 104.1 Mar-30-17
Chapter 103.2 Mar-26-17
Chapter 103.1 Mar-25-17
Chapter 102.2 Mar-25-17
Chapter 102.1 Mar-21-17
Chapter 101.2 Mar-20-17
Chapter 101 Mar-18-17
Chapter 100.2 Mar-17-17
Chapter 100.1 Mar-14-17
Chapter 99 Mar-11-17
Chapter 98.2 Mar-10-17
Chapter 98.1 Mar-10-17
Chapter 97.2 Mar-09-17
Chapter 97.1 Mar-07-17
Chapter 96.2 Mar-02-17
Chapter 96.1 Feb-28-17
Chapter 95.2 Feb-25-17
Chapter 95.1 Feb-23-17
Chapter 94.2 Feb-21-17
Chapter 94.1 Feb-18-17
Chapter 93.2 Feb-14-17
Chapter 93.1 Feb-11-17
Chapter 92.2 Feb-09-17
Chapter 92.1 Feb-07-17
Chapter 91.2 Feb-02-17
Chapter 90.2 Jan-29-17
Chapter 90.1 Jan-28-17
Chapter 89 Jan-25-17
Chapter 88.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 88.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 87.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 87.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 86.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 86.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter​ ​85.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 85.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 83.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 83.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 82.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 82.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 81.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 81.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 80.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 80.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 79.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 79.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 78.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 78.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 77.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 77.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 76.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 76.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 75.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 75.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 74.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 74.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 72 Jan-25-17
Chapter 71 Jan-25-17
Chapter 70 Jan-25-17
Chapter 69 Jan-25-17
Chapter 68 Jan-25-17
Chapter 67.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 67.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 66 Jan-25-17
Chapter 65 Jan-25-17
Chapter 64 Jan-25-17
Chapter 63 Jan-25-17
Chapter 62 Jan-25-17
Chapter 60 Jan-25-17
Chapter 59 Jan-25-17
Chapter 58.3 Jan-25-17
Chapter 58.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 58.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 57.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 57.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 56 Jan-25-17
Chapter 55.5 Jan-25-17
Chapter 55.4 Jan-25-17
Chapter 55.3 Jan-25-17
Chapter 55.2 Jan-25-17
Chapter 55.1 Jan-25-17
Chapter 54 Jan-25-17
Chapter 53 Jan-25-17
Chapter 52 Jan-25-17
Chapter 51 Jan-25-17
Chapter 50 Jan-25-17
Chapter 49 Jan-25-17
Chapter 48 Jan-25-17
Chapter 47 Jan-25-17
Chapter 46 Jan-25-17
Chapter 45 Jan-25-17
Chapter 44: Cold Jan-25-17
Chapter 43 Jan-25-17
Chapter 40 Jan-25-17
Chapter 37 Jan-25-17
Chapter 36 Jan-25-17
Chapter 35 Jan-25-17
Chapter 34 Jan-25-17
Chapter 33 Jan-25-17
Chapter 32 Jan-25-17
Chapter 31 Jan-25-17
Chapter 30 Jan-25-17
Chapter 29 Jan-25-17
Chapter 27 Jan-25-17
Chapter 26 Jan-25-17
Chapter 25 Jan-25-17
Chapter 23 Jan-25-17
Chapter 22 Jan-25-17
Chapter 21 Jan-25-17
Chapter 20 Jan-25-17
Chapter 19 Jan-25-17
Chapter 18 Jan-25-17
Chapter 17 Jan-25-17
Chapter 16 May-24-17
Chapter 14 May-24-17
Chapter 13– What May-24-17
Chapter 12 May-24-17
Chapter 10 May-24-17
Chapter 9 May-24-17
Chapter 8 May-24-17
Chapter 7 May-24-17
Chapter 6 May-24-17
Chapter 5 May-24-17
Chapter 4 May-24-17
Chapter 3 May-24-17
Chapter 2 May-24-17
Chapter 1 May-24-17


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