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Chapter 1315- Unfair fight

After which was a five star G.o.d armor bracers which Jian Feng Han rolled for. There was also a five star G.o.d leather boots that added magic penetration which Mu Xuan got. The Lord grade boss was very generous and his items were at least five star G.o.d tier, it was far better than those Star Grade bosses.


Apart from that, Yin Huo dropped a general card, Fang Ge Que tossed it to me, “Xiao Yao you lead, lead us all to kill Dalun!”


I looked at the card and was shocked, this was a good thing---

General Card Yin Huo x2: Raise Attack by 200% and command effect by 60% (Team defence +120%, health increased by 30%), last for 120 minutes!

I used it right away and opened a party, allowing Fang Ge Que, Simple, Ye Lai etc to join in. Not long later, a 500 men party was formed. Moreover, the scary thing was that this party gathered over 80% of the chinese G.o.d grade players, it was the top party in the world.

Not far away were cries and furious hollers. Dalun charged around with his sword. One sword and many players and NPCs were crushed. Don’t be Foolish and Goodbye Tears were down to low health and could only flee. However, Dalun’s movement speed was too quick. He flashed in from of Don’t Be Foolish and shouted, “You brat, you attacked me so many times and want to escape?”

“I want to attack you, and I want to flee!”

Don’t be Foolish didn’t back down and thrust his spear at Dalun’s chest. He raised a shield and a golden light shone around. He was using his invincibility.

Dalun was furious and slashed with his Seven Kill Sword, stabbing Goodbye Tears that was behind Don’t be Foolish. He continued to chase Don’t be Foolish like he was waiting for the invincibility to run out.

“Save Don’t Be Foolish!” Fang Ge Que said loudly.

Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Mocha and I charged together. The four of us were the strongest armored players in China but we were still unable to save Don’t Be Foolish. The moment his invincibility disappeared, Dalun stabbed his chest. My Strength of a Thousand Men also landed on his chest and dealt an intense flame light--






The final strike was really bright, it was a star explosion hit, Dalun really was unlucky.

“You again Li Xiao Yao!”

Dalun’s face was really vicious and he laughed, “Azure can’t kill you, Sif can’t kill you, Pearl can’t kill you but today I will pluck your head off!”

I raised Star Shield to block two of his strikes. b.u.t.terfly shook and I knocked him back. Q-Sword and Mocha covered from left and ride to deal a series of skills. Jian Feng Han hollered, he used Exposed Point+Cold Wind Sweep and then used Flaming Ground to cause burn damage on the Boss.

At this point, Enchanted Painting warned, “Sister not good, two more Lords are coming, it is Sif and Kate!”

War G.o.ddess and Windrider were here which made one find it hard to breathe.


Our defence was about to shatter. Five bosses brought a huge army to pounce at us. In less than 30 minutes over 5 million chinese players were killed. This hadn’t happened in previous events. If this continued, everyone here will be washed in blood.

I told Q-Sword and Mocha to block the boss and I retreated by dozens of meters. I whistled for a war hawk knight and he cupped his fists, “The Executor, what orders do you have?”

I said, “The sh.o.r.eline is about to be lost, let all troops retreat. We have to move the Dragon Crystal Cannons back and place them on the Tian Ling City walls. Send His Majesty news for him to set up the city. Not long later the Hybrid Demons will descend, we have to win.”

“Yes The Executor!”

Rather than let the NPC troops to die here for nothing, why not let them remain and defend the city. I underestimated their attack and thought that they were probing and the main force were still players. But they surprised me. Even Sif, Pearl and Qin Ge were here. The Hybrid Demon Territory was going all out!

When I turned around to a.s.sist, there was a dragon roar. It was the dragonriders. One silver dragon from Dragon City dove down to find me and said respectfully, “Dragonrider Sir, Lady Frost told me to pa.s.s a message.”

“When is she coming?” I asked hurriedly.

“Lady Frost won’t be coming to Sea of No Return.”


I was shocked, “Frost doesn’t want to care about us?”

“No sir, Frost is leading the main force of Dragon City to Hybrid Demon Territory. Queen Zhi Shu, Lanais and Odelai all followed, Frost says…”

“What did she say?”

“She says she wants to challenge Azure now that she comprehended Star Power, she has to kill him and calm the entire north.”


So Frost was heading to find Azure. Actually, that was a good idea just that I was worried about her. She didn’t stand a chance previously when she fought Azure. Now that she was heading deep in, how would Azure not have any help. In terms of strength, she was still at a disadvantage but all I could do was pray that she would return peacefully.


His eyes flushed red, “We got the news that Azure has reopened the h.e.l.l crack and he is summoning the ten demons, I heard… Their strength exceeds demons. Frost is heading in to stop Azure and the ten demons, so that you don’t have to face them…”

My nose felt sour, “Okay, I understand. Go a.s.sist her she needs all the help she can get.”

He cupped his fist, “Yes, she said that if she doesn’t return… You are the head of Dragon City and told us to be loyal to you.”

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“Stop it, just go!” I shouted that out.


Looking at the Dragonrider leave, I was filled with emotions. What if Frost didn’t return? Opponents stronger than 10 lords and one Azure, how could Azure win?”

I felt heart pained but I couldn’t leave. This battlefield needed me, the entire Tian Ling City needed me. If I wasn’t here, no one would lead them and the battlefield would become really dangerous.


Behind me was a loud shriek, it was Sif, Sif was finally here.

Sif’s sword was covered with Destruction power and she killed through a bunch of Furance G.o.d Cavarlies. She slashed out cold sword energy and charged at Q-Sword’s back, “Die, kid!”

Q-Sword lost half his health and Dalun turned around to knock him back! Players couldn’t do anything, they didn’t have a chance to use invincibility at all. Sif raised her hand and a destructive red glow expanded and landed, dealing 100 yards of AOE damage. Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian etc retreated. Q-Sword was killed just like that! Before dying, he said, “Be careful, separate them two…”

Sif pushed forwards and a war shield appeared around her. Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian’s attacks couldn’t affect her real health. I used Double Hit+Seven Star Fragment Slash on her body and said loudly, “Fang Ge, Jian Feng Han, find a chance to draw Dalun away, we will drag Sif!”

Everything wasn’t smooth. Sif charged about and killed Old K. He didn’t even have a chance to use his skills and was just insta killed.


Dalun lowered his sword and used its tip to attack Jian Feng Han’s lower body and to knock him back.

A smile appeared on Sif’s face and thrust her sword forwards.

“Heal Jian Feng Han, quick!”

It was too late when I shouted and Jian Feng Han’s chest was pierced by Sif. Blood flowed and he looked up helplessly before closing his eyes. What solution did they have? Sif and Dalun had a combo that couldn’t be stopped. The key was that the moment Sif’s War Protection was activated, we could only lower the durability and not deal actual damage. This meant that stuns and speed reductions couldn’t work, this was why we were failing.

“Boss we can’t split them up, how?” Mocha asked helplessly.

I attacked Sif while saying, “Maintain our strength, find a chance to leave, I will drag them here!”

“What do you want to do Xiao Yao!?” Fang Ge Que said fiercely.

“Use Overlord Rebirth!” I smiled, “d.a.m.n, if I don’t use it what can we do? We have no choice, someone has to sacrifice and block their attacks.”

Fang Ge Que held his Heaven Arrogance Staff and his face was in pain, “This… d.a.m.n!”

This was the first time people saw him curse. As the top person, the most scholarly and polite person he actually cursed, how helpless was he!


Right, this was an unfair fight but it was one that we had to go through to become king.

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