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Chapter 1314- Slaying Yin Huo


Yin Huo’s attacks were really fierce. He knocked Gan Jiang aside and landed on Overlord Armor. A huge chunk of my health was lost and now I was at 20%. I retreated and shouted, “Who will help me tank a little?”

Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian charged over and pincered him. They used their bodies to block his attacks but who knew that the Lord Boss’s attacks were so strong that he pushed them aside with one sweep? In terms of strength, even G.o.d grade players couldn’t compare to them.


At that moment, a person flashed over. It was Q-Sword, before he arrived his blade gathered a Black Dragon Break light and he hit the Boss. He then used Wind Dragon Grab and then Six Directional Thunder. Instantly he s.n.a.t.c.hed the boss’s aggro.

“Kong, you despicable bug, you are asking to die!”

Yin Huo hollered in rage. He was planning to lead for Azure but he didn’t expect to get trapped. Till now he didn’t even kill one of us and he couldn’t heal at all. Instead, we dealt so much damage to him. Q-Sword blocked for less than 10 seconds and handed the aggro back to me. His defence was obviously not as high as mine.

Not only Q-Sword, but the other top Hero Mound players were also here. Tang Qi waved his trigram and stunned Yin Huo for two seconds. While buying time, he also broke one of his Whirlwind slashes. This fellow was smart and chose such a good time.

Not long later, Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Simple, Bai Li Ruo Feng etc were here. All the G.o.d grade players in china were pretty much gathered here. I locked Yin Huo’s aggro and used Star Shield, Frost Armor, Wall of Douqi to block the damage. All the mages used their spells and rained down, the Archers like Dancing Forest, Bai Li Ruo Feng, Dawn, Lian Po etc fired such that his health started to drop. In just 20 minutes we could finish this arrogant fellow.


“Be careful!”

When the Boss battle was reaching its intense moments, Lin Wan Er shouted, “The main ship is moving over, that… Sky Blade Dalun is charging over. What should we do?”

Q-Sword said hurriedly, “Tang Gu lead the Hero Mount brothers to block him. We need to separate Yin Huo and him, we can’t let them gather if not it would be hard!”

Tang Gu was shocked, “What happens if I die?”

“Revive and then fight again, what are you afraid of?”

“Okay, Guild Leader is wise!” He had no choice but to go.

Fang Ge Que raised Heaven Arrogance Staff to cast his spells while looking into the distance, “Not good, not only Dalun is coming, that… Qin Ge is coming too!”

“d.a.m.n it!”

I frowned, “Who blocks her, she knows how to fly, it must be a player with G.o.d Form.”

Fang Ge Que said loudly, “Ah Jing, You and Xuanyuan Feng, Lu Chun Yang lead our brothers to block her. Split them up, don’t let the few big bosses meet if not we won’t be able to hold on!”


Enchanted Painting used G.o.d Form and flew over.


The war became h.e.l.l right away. Dalun held his Seven Kill Sword and slashed out blade wins into the crowd. Hero Mound players were ripped to pieces. Tang Gu held his spear and retreated with low health, his face turned green, “d.a.m.n, what attack is that, how can someone even play?”

Jian Feng Han used Sword Rush+Double Hit and then shouted, “Don’t be Foolish, Goodbye Tears, help Hero Mound and control the Boss, defend the coast!”

Don’t be Foolish rode his horse over, “I was waiting for that!”

Simple turned around, “Don’t die, you are Vanguard’s top cavalry!”

Don’t be foolish teared up, “Deputy guild leader I know you love me, actually, I…”

“Shut up…” Simple shuddered and her spell casts messed up too.


Three Lords descended at once and that messed up the chinese players on the sh.o.r.e. Dalun’s attack had super strong AOE, each swing dealt a sword storm that dealt huge damage to players around. Yin Huo was attracted by a bunch of us and we had to kill one of them or it would be tough!

At this point, Qin Ge’s zither sound spread from above!


The zither turned into a holy storm that exploded in the crowd beside me. One strike, Who’s Blue etc healers were insta killed.

“Not good!” Q-Sword tanked a hit and said, “Healers spread out, her ranged techniques lock onto the ranged players!”

Yin Huo waved his axe and used Whirlwind Slash to knock Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian away. Then he slashed at Lin Wan Er. Lin Wan Er’s dagger attacks were too sharp and the damage on him was definitely top 5 so she easily drew aggro.

But our Beautiful deputy guild leader wasn’t so easy to kill. She raised her umbrella and sparks flew. She was probably the only a.s.sa.s.sin on the server that could tank a hit from Yin Huo and not die. The other a.s.sa.s.sins hid far away and no one wanted to draw rage from Yin Huo.

Qin Ge’s voice spread from the sky, “Yin Huo you dummy, you didn’t get Lady Pearl’s orders and attack. You disturbed our plan. Azure will punish you but you can’t die now. I will buff you, don’t die, if not Azure will enter the 18 levels of h.e.l.l to refine your soul and make you die a tragic death.”

Another zither and it was a buff for him. All of a sudden his body increased by at least 20%. He hollered and raised his axe to attack me!



He actually dealt so much damage? Then if he hit Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian they might get insta killed.

I hurriedly said, “Who has large scale skills, don’t hold back. He has 24% health, kill him if not we won’t have a chance!”

Q-Sword nodded and his ring spun. Ripples spread out and buffed the attacks of everyone by 80%. Jian Feng Han also punched the ground and it shook. Red light descended on all of us. This was Holy Decree and all our stats increased by 10% if we were within 1000 yards of him, lasting for 20 minutes!

It was time to use all our skills, everyone used their prized skills and our buffs stacked one layer after another. No one expected each other to improve so much. My shields alone stacked to 5 layers, d.a.m.n this time I didn’t need to fear anything!

In truth there was another reason why we didn’t hold back.

The Hybrid Demon attack clashed with the country war and this had never happened. Moreover, they only attacked Tian Ling City so what did that mean? It meant that America, Russia and them had an agreement. Moreover, the players there pushed Azure. Since Clear Black Eyes, Sky Rose, Drunk Maple wants to use the Hybrid Demon Territory to destroy China, then we had to work together and use all our strength to fight against the enemy. This battle was really important, either we were kings or we ended up as losers!


“Hong hong hong…”

Shockwaves exploded around. We not only had 3 big Bosses, the ground had many level 8 and 9 Hybrid Demons and players. All of a sudden our defences were riddled in holes. Many players died in a blink of an eye and the ocean water was dyed red.

Yin Huo hollered and his health started to drop. Very quickly he was left with 7%.

“Yin Huo!”

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Qin Ge wanted to help but Enchanted Painting and Xuanyuan Feng held her back and she could only use her tunes to heal him. One zither healed 3 million health but my Wind Carrying Slash did 10 million damage. Even if his health recovery was close to a G.o.d it was useless. It was still falling.

“Go all out!” Fang Ge Que shouted, “Don’t let the bosses work together, we have to kill Yin Huo first or it will be tough.”

Everyone nodded. Ye Lai and Misty Clouds had rushed over too and they joined in.


Finally, after a cry, a bell rang in the sky--


System Notification: Congratulations player Xiao Yao Zi Zai for successfully killing Lord Boss-- Yin Huo, obtained rewards: level +4, charm +200, gold +1000000!


Very good, I was level 253 and I was just one step away from 255.

Yin Huo dropped a bunch and I looked at Fang Ge Que, “You are from Heaven Planning Hall so you decide?”

He nodded, “Thanks.”

He walked forwards and saw the equipment. Surprise entered his face and he grabbed an axe, “Epic Weapon, how should we split it?”

Q-Sword said, “Based on damage?”

Jian Feng Han frowned, “That isn’t really good. I support using strength, give it to the strongest Berserker. This is the country war let’s not care so much. Who can use this the most should take it.”

Fang Ge Que looked at me, “Xiao Yao what do you think?”

I took in a deep breath, “I support Jian Feng Han, give it to who can use it best!”

Fang Ge Que was a frank person too and he just tossed it to Ye Lai, “China’s top Berserker is you, this axe is yours.”

Ye Lai was delighted, “What happened, how did I just get a treasure right away…”

I, “Quick split the gear and then kill Dalun!”

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