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15th December, 0 ASBI

Even though it was already December, there wasn't even snow or anything out there. Only coldness and sometimes it would rain. Maybe those all talks about global warming weren't false after all. Today was already 15th of Demeber, only four days remained till the 11th Ward Battle and start of the grand plan.

Today Lucien took Zelilios and both of them went to Ateiku and also then they would go visit 11th Ward. Zelilios wanted to see the place where would be the 11th Ward Battle taking the place because after that he could decide the most perfect strategy.

Both of them were clothed in pitch black suits and wearing black long coats and hats. Zelilios was following after Lucien and guarding him every second, as it was his responsibility as Holy Imperial Knight.


Anteiku Coffee, 20th Ward

Lucien and Zelilios arrived at the Anteiku after a short time, as Lucien teleported both of them to near back alley. With this, they could go more unnoticed by the Washuu Clan and also Vasuki.

After they entered the coffee, Lucien noticed that it was almost empty and only people here were waiters and one a very few customers. Because it was before noon, around ten hours after morning, even Touka was missing before she was still visiting a school.

Lucien now noticed knew a face, Irimi Kaya. Because he wasn't visiting the Anteiku often, and only visited for special occasions, he never saw it until now. She was a woman with long, dark hair with long, parted locks in the front. At first glance, she seemed to be a rather solemn and taciturn woman. Even Lucien must admit that she was a hot woman and very beautiful.

Besides her, there was also Nishio Nishiki surprisingly, and of course Old man Yoshimura. Lucien sat down at a table that was near the window and Zelilius stood behind him, as loyal guardian. This was because he was formally a guard for Crown Prince, and without consent, he could's sit down as he was still performing his duty.

"You can sit down Zelilios, now there isn't any danger here, as this could be considered as a relatively safe place. Sit down and enjoy a coffee. They are making a very good one."

Soon there came person to their table and that person was Nishiki. He had a weird expression on his face as he remembered how Lucien knocked him out or somebody told him that. To this Lucien smiled and decided to provoke him a little, because it would be fun to watch the show. Nishiki was a hot-blooded person a bit and he was easily angered.

"Hoi, you are already healed."

To this sentence, his eyebrows twitched in anger as he was visibly going to explode. Nishiki was also a prideful person because for a ghoul young as him, he was a relatively strong person. He could get over fact that Touka has beaten him once and Lucien knocked him out in one punch.

"Shut up you f.u.c.ker. If it weren't for that sneak attack I could have easily beaten you."

He was considered a prodigy and genius, but he has a very insensitive att.i.tude and abrasive language. The moment he said that Zelilios shot at him, knocked him down on the table and pressed kagune dagger to his neck.

"Insolence. For insulting the Crown Prince I should separate your head from the rest."

Said Zelilios with bloodl.u.s.t, as this caught attention from Irimi Kaya and also Kaneki Ken came here and looked with shock at the situation that happened. They saw Nishiki who had kagune dagger pressed against his neck by a strange man, that was releasing extremely dangerous aura. Kaneki did's know how dangerous that man was as his instincts weren't that developed. But Irimi knew, she knew that he was far more dangerous than most ghouls she encountered in her entire life.

"Mr. Aeon, could your friend please release Nishiki? I would personally make sure that he would control his speech properly next time."

Said Old man Yoshimura as he appeared out of nowhere and looked at Lucien, who nodded his head. Then Zelilios released Nishiki who was panting for breath, as Zelilios almost strangled him out of anger. Then he sat down beside Lucien and kept watching trees behind the window.

"Two espressos, please. Large ones."

Said Lucien to Yoshimura who nodded and went to prepare the coffee. Soon they coffees were delivered by Yoshimura who sat beside them and started talking with Lucien about recent developments.

"Washuu Clan and Vasuki lost a huge part of their manpower so they are severely injured now. I don't know to what extent but I have managed to kill one Grand Elder of the Washuu Clan and several of their Elders. I won't talk about agents of the Vasuki as that's meaningless."

Old man Yoshimura smiled lightly hearing this, as he was also happy that the Washuu Clan and Vasuki lost many of their people, as they were always behind that endless circle of killing.

"Soon, a huge war would erupt and everyone would fight for survival. Be careful and also gave good advice to your employees. Chaotic times are going to descent, but soon at least the Washuu Clan won't be a problem anymore. I just need a few years until everything is ready."

Said Lucien. He was planning to firstly weaken the Washuu Clan for some time, before going for some time, before everything on the Blood Island would be ready, Then he would deliver his final push. Now he calculated it at four years. After four years, there would be no more Washuu Clan and no more Vasuki. Then it would be on other people to create the fate of this world as nothing would be Lucien's problem after he left this world together with his race for the G.o.d-Devil Plane.

"Some of us waited for decades for this happen. I think four years isn't that bad. When the Washuu Clan is gone, there could be co-existence between our two races."

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