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"Remember try to dispose of Suzuya Juuzou. He is your highest priority target. If you kill him, then you could go after Kuroiwa Iwao and Shinohara Yukinori. This last one, Chino Mutsumi, Itori would take care of him, as he is significantly weaker than other ghoul investigators."

Zelilius nodded his head and set his mindset to kill Suzuya Juuzou at first because he couldn't be controlled so the only option was to kill him.

"Now tell me what do you think about them?"

Asked Lucien with curiosity. He believed that Holy Imperial Knight Zelilios already had some plan and also some opinion about four of them.

"If we go from weakest to strongest then that Chino Mutsumi is weakest and he doesn't need to be prioritized. He is probably someone who spent his entire life in the CCG and climbed through the ranks after several decades through hard work and not a personal strength. Compared to him, the rest of them are totally different cases."

Lucien nodded, as this was absolute truth. There always existed some people like Chino Mutsumi in the CCG. They were very weak in combat, but they had spent countless years in the CCG and were highly loyal to the Commission. This was the only reason why somebody like him was a.s.sociate Special Cla.s.s Ghoul Investigator, as even some First Cla.s.s Ghoul Investigators were stronger than people like them.

"Kuroiwa Iwao and Shinohara Yukinori. Both of them are Special Cla.s.s Ghoul Investigators, but that doesn't make them dangerous. What makes them dangerous is that they hold that armor-type quinque Arata that could drastically rise strength of the user. Both of them are experienced fighters and also leaders. If they are killed then the CCG would be greatly hurt. And lastly that mad kid, Suzuya Juuzou. Based on that he is greatly talented and has other strong sides, he would be useful for us. But sadly his mental state is messed due to all that torture by Big Madam, and thus can't be converted. The only option is to kill him to prevent future troubles."

Lucien was very satisfied after talking with Zelilius. It was clear that the Holy Imperial Knight N0.3 was very intelligent and knew what should be done. Lucien then sent him to the Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory, because he didn't want to have him attract attention. Who knows where are some agents of Vasuki or some spies of the Washuu Clan hiding.

There was also one person who should be on that list, Marude Itsuki. He was usually commander of the forces of CCG and almost never partic.i.p.ated in direct fights. As he was always barricaded in the various command centers, it would be troublesome to kill someone like him, who is very well protected.

Lucien ordered Zelilius to attack when they would be fighting with Owl. Then Itori would also join and together with Zelilius they would strike when enemies would be preoccupied with the Owl, Yoshimura.


December 12, 0 ASBI

Time went by and now only one week remained before 11th Ward Battle and Cochlea Raid. Lucien was currently in the 24th Ward talking with Eto about preparations.

"CCG started suppressing the local ghouls of the 11th Ward. Thanks to this we have managed to obtain more manpower and new ghouls joined the Aoigiri Tree. Soon we would attack all ghoul investigators in retaliation, which would lead the CCG's local branch to launch the war against us."

CCG started suppressing the local ghouls because somebody was too hard to control. They were wreaking havoc here and there, killing many people in the process. Even Rize lived here, six months before the Steel Beam Incident, but after she killed and eaten too many people, many ghoul investigators moved in.

"Oh, I must inform you that my reinforcements arrived. During the 11th Ward Battle Special Cla.s.s Ghoul Investigators, Shinohara Yukinori and Kuroiwa Iwao would die with ease."

Hearing this Eto grew happier as two loyal supporters of the CCG would die. She didn't care about how many people died. The only thing which mattered for her was the destruction of the Washuu Clan and Vasuki. Then she started pa.s.sionately kissing Lucien on his lips without a stop for several minutes until Lucien left.

After he left, Eto muttered something in a very weak voice, that didn't go unnoticed by Lucien as his reflexes were many times stronger.

"Soon, you will be mine, my love."


Helter Skelter Bar, 14th Ward

"Here are the targets for the 11th Ward Battle. I have ordered Holy Imperial Knight Zelilios to protect you all time, but he also has his duties. You have only one target, a.s.sociate Special Cla.s.s Ghoul Investigator, Chino Mutsumi, after that you would go and help Zelilios in completing his won a.s.signments."

Explained Lucien situation to Itori. He was aware of her need to help him, but due to her own weaker strength, Lucien didn't let her join his battles with the Washuu Clan. Now they were fighting just Commission of Counter Ghoul, which was significantly weaker than the Washuu Clan so it was okay.

"Oki, Oki, dear. You know that I am very happy that I can help you at least with this. In the future when I got strong I would be able to help you much more."

Said Itori and Lucien smiled at this and stroked her orange hair.

Lucien spent entire night here with Itori as the talked about various things, mainly Lucien telling her interesting information about multiverse and others. As proper gentleman Lucien wanted their first time to be a memorable moment, so he planned it on 24th of December, Christmas Eve. At Christmas, there was a somewhat magical atmosphere and romantic time. So Lucien thought this would be a perfect opportunity and also it would be nice to go to some mountain resort, where everything is covered in snow. He very enjoyed that environment.

Now only less than a week remained till the 11th Ward Battle which would be a major event, as many of important characters in the CCG would die and also Cochlea would be breached and many ghouls would escape the prison.

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