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No, the Shinto pathenon is not in this fanfic, sorry to disappoint ya. I just liked how that sounded, lets get on with the story shall we? oh and by the way, props to the people who had made it all the way without dropping.

Back to the story.

After that fiasco, the environment had changed, after the children were informed. The people we now looking at us with wearily looks, most likely not knowing how to respond or react die to fear of what our parents- grandparents would do to them.

Peter was feeling conflicted about the whole scenario, on one hand he is happy he had finally found family and that he has siblings, on the other hand he is kind of angry that his mother had completely abandoned him, but that wavered a little once he was told of the reason, his anger was turned on Zeus instead .

Percy was kind of the same as cannon, confused excited, chil? it was amusing to say the least.

He was happy that he had a sibling, even though it's half.

Rose as to be expected was very happy she had a sibling, considering once she immediately realized this she brung him into a bone crushing hug.She dodnt care at all who was her father when she had met him she kicked him in the b.a.l.l.s and got his a.s.s kicked by her mother.

I laughed when she told me this

back with the hug.

I was not jealous, I was not.

Rose smiled knowingly at me and brought me into a hug as well, I feel a little better.

Annabeth was showing around her knew sibling to his new living s.p.a.ce, and cabin feeling well it seemed like she didn't really care as much, most likely because they have so much, in all honestly if I didn't figure out how exactly they were born which I still find weird to this day, I would have thought of her to be a wh.o.r.e.

Anyway, since my father doesn't have a cabin, and I found out hestia does have one and even Artemis, though they were both empty and never been used due to the fact that they were never supposed to have children.
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Back to what I was doing currently, I went to relocate my stuff to my cabin where I was about to lay down and go to sleep when I felt my mind being penetrated.

After awhile, The same presence appeared a few meters to the left of me I turned and saw her staring at me with a slightly stunned look.

Adam- "Yeah, sorry about that, ." I apologized, looking at her, "I don't like people entering my mind, with out me knowing, I'm guessing your hestia?" man she really does look like an adorable kid, an adorable kid that had her hand caught in a. cookie jar.

She stared at me for a moment before she pouted, "I wanted to surprise you, I was kind of shocked that you came and knew before I told you, but as It turned out you didn't need me to tell you huh my grandson is so smart"

Adam- " Yup, my father told me though, I would figure it out eventually, anyway he sent me to help you, and now I would gladly, you are the only person other than Rhea's in the greek pathenon I respect."

She blushed.

Adam- "Anyway how is zeus, and what I mean by that is how is he taking It , not very well?"

She sighed.

Hesti"Oh like you won't believe."

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