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I awoke to the sound of banging.

As did Ruby,

Adam- "What the- oh right camp half-blood"

???-" wake up Chiron wants to meet you now"

I groaned as I got out of bed, getting ready before I put on my clothes and walked out.

Walking around I met up with Rose Chiron Mr. D and two familiar people one I knew was Percy Jackson, the other, was the one which made my eyes widen if not slightly, Peter, parker, he looked like an extremely young Tobey Maguire."

Awe, c.r.a.p.

Chiron- "Adam, Rose, these are the other newcomers that had just come, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Parker these two are the other newcomers I've told you about."


Percy- "Hey"

Rose- "h.e.l.lo, "

Adam- "Yo"

we shook hands and I noticed the look peter gave a rose. I snuck a hand around the rose waist and stuck her to my side

Adam- "Shes, mine get your own."

Rose blushed at my possessive tone while Peter blushed in embarra.s.sment, Percy snickered at peters embarra.s.sment Peter glared at him in response.

Chiron- "This is the camps director Mr. d"

Kayla - " I like your shirt."

He turned to her with a raised eyebrow.

Me. D- "Thank you, and you are?"

Kayl "Kayla duragi"

Mr. D-" well it's a pleasure to meet you miss durami."

Kayl "Duragi."

Mr. D- "Yeah, yeah."

She frowned.

Adam- "ah, you must be wine dude correct?"

He raised another eyebrow.

Mr. D- "Very astute of you Mr. Block."

Adam- "Thank you, Mr. d.i.c.k"

His eyebrow twitched as I smirked.

Me. D- "I don't like you"

I snorted.

Adam-"You missed the part where that's my problem."

Percy and Rose snickered while Peter had a faint smile on his face

Chiron himself looks amused.

Rose shook her head.

Mr. D glared at me.

After the greetings, Chiron gave us, Peter and Percy to Annabeth who showed us around the camp.

Percy never took his eyes off of her as we walked through the camp.

Amusedly, Ruby was not keen to be stared at for a long time and would glare at the campers occasionally, telling them to back off.

I do remember, Chiron also taking interest in the majestic bird, wondering where I had got it from I told him it was a gift from my father, to which his gaze grew thoughtful.

Annabeth was...interesting to say the least as she was questioning on things her gaze went to ruby who was perched onto my shoulders repeatedly.

before she ended up starting asking questions early I chuckled softly as it reminded me of my friend Hermione and thought if those to get a chance to meet, they would be the best of friends.

Peter, my G.o.d it was awesome to have Tobey Maguire around even if he was a young middle school kid, he was a nice kid, and a bit nerdy at times. but we're talking about me here that's kind of hypocritical. I wonder if him being here would change anything, most likely yeah, but I also wonder who his G.o.dly parent could be, maybe Athena it will be funny when he becomes spiderman considering the fact that she hates spiders I wonder how that will go.

Anyway, a lot of things happened during our tour.
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we met Clarisse the daughter of areas herself

She managed to get Judo flipped by rose who was not in a mood to deal with bullying today which kind of shocked them I don't know why I mean she doesn't look petty at all.

The games to which of course with Luke running in with the flag.

The monster that had invaded the camp.

and of course, the claiming which was a shocking turn of events. Peter was claimed as a son of Athena as ai guessed.

And Percy was the son of Poseidon, but everyone stared at us in confusion and disbelief, well more at me than Rose but still.

Chiron got his composure together a

Chiron- "All hail Rose Potter Master of death Son of the cosmic G.o.ddess of life and destruction and flame and Poseidon the G.o.d of the sea and champion of hecate."

Another gasp we're heard and people turned to look at me withwide eyes and confusion

Chiron gaped unable to believe what he was seeing.

Chiron-"...The h.e.l.l? this is impossible!"

Curiously my eyes moved upward only to see the visage itself my eyes turned to confusion.

A bright platinum star floated inches from my head before it instantly caught fire burning like a hearth before it turned pitch black

Chiron- "All hail Adam Black, Son of the one above all-father of the universe, Grandson of Hestia G.o.ddess of the hearth, and Amaterasu the Shinto G.o.ddess of the sun"

My eyes widened


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