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Chapter 401 - The Drunk Lu Manman (7)

Lu Manman gritted her teeth.

"I've been very busy recently."

"I can tell." Mo Yuanxiu approached her and smelled an obvious alcohol smell on her. "You drank?"

"I drank a little."

"Don't get drunk." With that, Mo Yuanxiu left her side.

She watched as he left.

They were neither close nor distant.

It was faintly discernible.

Why did this man always let her have her way? She had no idea what he was thinking!

Lu Manman pursed her lips and strode away.

Her phone suddenly rang. She looked at the caller ID. "Miss Tang, you're here?"

"Yes, I'm at the lobby of the Weiss Hotel. Should I go straight upstairs?"

"Come up. I'll wait for you at the elevator."

"Alright." Tang Yaoyao was very polite.

Lu Manman hung up and waited at the elevator.

The elevator opened.

Tang Yaoyao came out and greeted Lu Manman. "h.e.l.lo, President Lu."

Lu Man smiled. "Let's go. My colleague is in the private room. You can leave after singing three songs as a guest. You don't have to accompany me to drink."

"Alright." Tang Yaoyao nodded.

The two of them walked side by side along the corridor.

In the distance, Ye Heng, that fool, walked over lazily.

He had originally planned to open the private room and enter, but when he suddenly looked over, he saw Lu Manman walking with a rather pure and pretty woman.

Sometimes, men would be suddenly attracted to the opposite s.e.x, especially those who were very good-looking.

Ye Heng took a few steps forward and walked toward Lu Manman.

Lu Manman raised her brows slightly. "Young Master Ye, you came to the wrong room."

"I know." Ye Heng smiled. "Your friend?"

He looked at Tang Yaoyao.

Tang Yaoyao lowered her head shyly.

It turned out that in this life, their first meeting was because of her?!

She did not know if this was considered an ill-fated relationship between them.

Lu Manman said, "Yes, she's my friend, Tang Yaoyao."

"Her name is familiar," Ye Heng said.

Of course, it was written beside his name in their previous lives.

"h.e.l.lo, I'm Tang Yaoyao from Dongfang Le Media. I'm currently the spokesperson for Lu Firm." Tang Yaoyao introduced herself politely.

Perhaps it was an artist's instinct. For the sake of fame, they would always sell themselves nonstop.

Furthermore, since he was someone Lu Manman knew and was familiar with, he definitely was not someone with a small background. She might have created a business opportunity for herself.

Ye Heng quickly said, "My name is Ye Heng. Everyone likes to call me Young Master Ye."

"h.e.l.lo, Young Master Ye." Tang Yaoyao smiled.

Ye Heng found Tang Yaoyao quite pleasing to the eye.

And she was an artist.

He smiled evilly. "I still have something on. Let's meet again if we're fated."

Tang Yaoyao smiled and nodded.

Lu Manman looked at Ye Heng's back as he left and said bluntly, "He's the young master of Wen City's Treasure Dragon Hall, Ye Heng."

"Treasure Dragon Hall?" Tang Yaoyao looked a little surprised as if she did not quite understand.

"You'll know what it does in the future," Lu Manman said.

Tang Yaoyao nodded.

Actually, she wasn't too sure why Director Lu would suddenly explain Ye Heng's background to her.

"Let's go in."

Lu Manman pushed open the door to the private room.

The people inside were already drinking crazily.. They were drinking happily in twos and threes.

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